UPDATE: Status of Tits & Glass

well that escalated quickly

Two weeks ago, one of our senior developers picked up his Google Glass device, and after tinkering around with it and going over their developer policy with a magnifying glass, we announced we were going full speed ahead with a Google Glass porn app.

Yesterday morning, we announced it, after releasing it last week. Mere hours later, we voluntarily disabled updates to Glass users when we learned Google quietly dropped the ban hammer on adult content over the weekend. At this point, Google still has not reached out to notify us of the policy changes.

We may be a group of nerds and hackers, but we’re nice-guy nerds and hackers. From the get-go, we said we wanted to play within Google’s terms and help push this technology forward. We just think sexy glasses deserve sexy content.

We’ve been coding away and revised the app to meet Google’s new policies. While testing the updated the app, our developer discovered that Google dropped the API limit to 0 on his Glass user account. In non-nerd speak, that means we can’t push any updates to the app.

api quota

He called Google this afternoon to find out if we were officially blocked. Google representatives refused to answer any questions as to whether or not the API account was blocked. At the moment, however, our API limit remains stubbornly at zero.

So here’s where we are: we’ve kept true to our promise to adhere to Google’s Glass policies (as we always scrupulously comply with all of our legal obligations) and have updated our app to reflect that. We’re eagerly waiting to hear back from Google in regards to the status of our account. As soon as we know, you’ll know.

Best regards,

Jesse Adams
CEO, MiKandi

P.S. We still have our IAmA going on Reddit. If you want to ask MiKandi co-founder Jennifer McEwen any questions, send them over.

Tits and Glass UPDATE: Google Bans Glass Porn Apps

tits & glass

Wow, what a morning, folks. Really. We appreciate all the positive feedback on our adult Glass app, Tits & Glass.

Since we announced the availability of Tits & Glass this morning, nearly 10,000 unique vistors have visited TitsAndGlass.com, and a dozen Glass users have already signed up with our app. Not surprisingly, we’ve reached our API limits. Our previously approved request to up our limit was later denied today, so unfortunately, there’ll be no more updates to Tits & Glass until tomorrow.

UPDATE: By the end of the day June 3rd, over 61,000 unique visitors visited TitsAndGlass.com.

However, more importantly, and thus the purpose behind this blog post- MiKandi became aware today that Google changed its policy over the weekend to ban adult content on all Glassware.

When we received our Glass and started developing our app 2 weeks ago, we went through the policy very carefully to make sure we were developing the app within the terms. We double checked again last week when making the site live on the Internet and available for install for testing during last week’s announcement. We were not notified of any changes and still haven’t been notified by Google. We also double checked our emails to see if any notifications of policy changes were announced, but we haven’t found any such emails.

Although the app is still live and people are using it, at this point we must make changes to the app in order to comply with the new policies. Expect to see changes to the application tomorrow.

Best regards,

Jesse Adams

CEO, MiKandi

Press can reach us at info@mikandi.com with questions.
We also have an IAmA going on Reddit. If you have any questions, send them our way.

Android becomes more kick-ass with Aro

Local Paul Allen funded Startup Kiha has just launched their new software Aro, which currently runs on the Android OS.  Aro makes it easier and faster to take action on your phone. Check out the interview to learn more.  Android FTW.

Android Phone is For Porn

Over 30,000 views in one day! Didn’t expect Android to sound like Master Yoda…

GameCrush – Where Casual Gaming and Adult Dating Collide

GameCrush.com is a new social gaming site that allows gamers to pay a small fee to have hot girls play games with you.   Talk about two birds with one stone.  The combination is so obviously perfect for each other. Who cares about Lara Croft, I’m playing with someone hotter!  Gamers are called “Players” and the girls are called “Playdates”. Currently the site is integrated with XBox Live and some online casual games, such as Checkers and Tic-Tac-Toe.

What’s fun about this idea is that the game being played effectively becomes the icebreaker between two strangers on a date.  If only more adult dating and chatting sites hired gaming developers to think of interesting ways to incorporate gaming concepts into their adult services.   Playing erotic casual games with real models is much more interesting than the common “blah blah blah” instant messaging tools.  For example, have you ever been to a city that doesn’t allow food or alcohol to be served in a strip club? We have and it is super lame (yes Seattle, we’re talking about you).  You end up having filler conversations with your friends, when you really don’t feel like chatting.  Sure you’re there to sit and watch the entertainment, but having something else to do, such as having a cocktail or enjoying  a steak, transforms these adults clubs into fun hangout spots.  Just look at Vegas.  For that same reason, adding some type of social gaming element to an adult site would transform these services and give users more engaging ways to interact with the models, instead of just the uninspiring age/sex/location requests.  In a game, your interaction is not only required, but has a direct effect on what’s going to happen in the game.  It can give you the sense that you’re “touching” the person on the other side of the camera.  That type of exchange can be incredibly satisfying and feeds right into society’s craving for more reality… more “real” interaction.

Now take the mobile platform into consideration and imagine all the possibilities.   The phone is the ultimate social tool! It’s private and personal and with you all the time. The perfect platform to combine social gaming and private adult content.  The first obvious app that comes to mind would be a strip poker app where users pay to play with models. Or how about an adult sexting service that allows users to flirt anonymously through avatars and play games with each other to earn points to see private photos and video of other members? It’s casual, addictive, and sexy. Another great combination. Sign me up.

We love you for your big, bouncy…brains

Here’s one way to beat Apple’s purge of  “overtly sexual” apps.  After the “Poker vs Girls” App was rejected from iTunes, the folks over at Headlight Software, took some notes from Mattel and transformed their app from a big busty blonde barbie of an app into inspirational role models for all the little girls and dainty souls on iPhones looking for a serious game of poker….wait that doesn’t add up.

Either way, kudos to Headlight Software for having a great sense of humor over a frustrating situation.   Btw, MiKandi found your first version more inspirational.

From Krapps.com:

LMAO … indeed, nothing sexy about playing no limit Texas Hold’em Poker against fully dressed career women … who stay clothed no matter win, lose or draw. Choose from eight different professional females … a Doctor, Fighter Pilot, App Developer, Mathematician and more. And just to play it completely safe (never know with Apple’s arbitrary standards), Headlight Software chose to go the total no flesh route with a Burka-wearing female as their icon.

Apple rejects “Overtly Sexual” content from App Store

Adult app developers, in case you didn’t get the point that Apple doesn’t want you, they’ve just made another move to drive the point home.  Previously approved “sexy” apps in their 17+ category have been rejected and taken off the market in one fell swoop.  However, true to form, Apple has kept the Victoria’s Secret app on their market.

From Tech Crunch:

Apple may have just made a major change to the App Store that could render many developers’ applications worthless. We’ve just heard from Jon Atherton, the developer behind Wobble iBoobs, who says that he just received an Email from Apple indicating that his application was being removed from the App Store because of a new policy change: Apple has apparently decided “to remove any overtly sexual content from the App Store.”

Even developers who have complied with Apple’s stringent guidelines  have fared the same fate as Wobble iBoobs.  Says the developer of Featured Pinups,

The sad part is that this application didn’t really have anything obscene, it was just a simple application to showcase the featured pictures of the day of PinupLifestyle.com who hired me to build the application.

Comments have a good mix of supporters and opponents of Apple’s practices, but the overall attitude of the opponents is summarized quite well with one statement.

It might be THEIR platform, but it’s MY phone; I should be able to put whatever the hell I want on it.

So if you’ve been wondering if you can make money with an adult iPhone app on the App Store, the answer is a big fat NO.  Unless you like spending thousands of dollars developing an app (that is heavily censored, we might add) for 2 months, then waiting for 6-12 months for approval only to get rejected, we highly advise against it.

Don’t worry developers, MiKandi supports you and your sexy apps.  Come to the dark side.  We have cookies.

Google Releases Android SDK 2.1 – Can Handle Animated Wallpapers

Android 2.1 is a minor platform release deployable to Android-powered handsets starting in January 2010. This release includes new API changes and bug fixes. For information on changes, see the Framework API section.

For developers, the Android 2.1 platform is available as a downloadable component for the Android SDK. The downloadable platform includes a fully compliant Android library and system image, as well as a set of emulator skins, sample applications, and more. The downloadable platform includes no external libraries.

To get started developing or testing against the Android 2.1 platform, use the Android SDK and AVD Manager tool to download the platform into your Android SDK. For more information, see Adding SDK Components.

Go to:  http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-2.1.html

AVN Convention in Las Vegas


Calling all developers, publishers…sexy people!  Some of the MiKandi team will be flying down to the AVN convention in Las Vegas from the 7th-10th and we would love the opportunity to meet you in person.  We are here to support our developer community and so if you have any questions for us or want to discuss any business inquiries, please email us at developer@mikandi.com and include “AVN” in the subject line.  We would be more than happy to schedule some time during the show to meet.  Preferably over drinks.

Android Platforms

The Android Developer Blog posted a useful resource for tracking what versions of Android are in use. 

This page provides data about the relative number of active devices running a given version of the Android platform. This can help you understand the landscape of device distribution and decide how to prioritize the development of your application features for the devices currently in the hands of users.

Android Platform chart[2]

Android Platform Percentage of Devices
1.1 0.3%
1.5 27.7%
1.6 54.2%
2.0 2.9%
2.0.1 14.8%