While Vine blocks porn, MiKandi gets VinePorn


As we all know, social media + porn = tru luv. Except in the case of Vine, Twitter’s popular video sharing app. Last week, Vine told porn “I’m just not that into you” when it updated its Terms of Use to prohibit adult content.

From Vine

For more than 99 percent of our users, this doesn’t really change anything. For the rest: we don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet –– we just prefer not to be the source of it.

Launched in 2012 and later acquired by Twitter for a reported $30 million, the app enables its users to create 6-second looping videos to share with followers. Not at all surprising, users immediately began sharing adult content. Given Twitter’s openness to adult content on its micro-blogging service, I’m sure many (myself included) hoped the micro-video service would follow suit.

The company came under fire last year when explicit material made its way onto the Editor’s Picks list. While not going as far as prohibiting nudity and sexual content, Vine began filtering sexually-related hashtags. Users who wanted adult content could still find it by following specific Vine accounts, particularly pornstars, who are true social media gurus. But even with filtering in place, creative hashtagging meant adult content was still making its way through to public feeds. After time, Vine had enough and updated its terms to prohibit all adult content throughout the network.

VinePorn Screenshot

Recently VinePorn, an adult app that specifically filters only porn in Vine, made it’s way into the MiKandi Adult App Store. The app collects the adult content on Vine that is usually filtered and unreachable. As of this morning, I was still able to view nude and sexually explicit content direct from performers through the app.

Vine asserts that this update only affects 1% of its users. Given that VinePorn’s development team, PornLockr, is part of that 1%, I reached out to them for comment. Here’s what PornLockr had to say.

What are your thoughts on the recent ban of adult material on Vine?

Twitter prohibited adult content on Vine, most likely as a way to remain in the app markets after getting branded with a 17+ age rating. Surprisingly, they noted that only 1% of users on Vine are posting content of an adult nature, I find this doubtful. It’s more likely they don’t really know exactly how much porn is on Vine considering it’s not always tagged and they’re probably relying on data collected by accounts being labeled as explicit. I’m sure it’s much higher than 1% and I know that people have a rising interest in watching short adult clips; users want to see quick sex videos during their busy days and they want to follow the activities of their favorite porn stars and cam girls.

How does this development affect your app, VinePorn?

There’s still a large amount of adult content being uploaded to Vine, regardless of the new policy, so we’ll continue consolidating links on VinePorn for users to easily access. We also plan to allow users to upload videos and GIFs to our servers with Vine and VinePorn accounts soon, so those turned away from Vine will have a service available to upload sex clips to a community more accepting of adult content.

I’ve noticed that a lot of users on Vine who upload adult content are quickly setting their accounts to private, I’m sure this will be the trend going forward; users screening followers to prevent their account from being reported and soon after suspended. So for those interested in a Vine alternative; VinePorn is available, accessible through the MiKandi store.

We’ll be posting updates regarding VinePorn features and development to http://vine.pornlockr.com

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Banned from Apple and Google, MiKandi Welcomes iBoobs

iBoobs Uncensored in the MiKandi App Market

Not too long ago, the interwebz was inundated with tech articles, blog posts, and comments around Apple’s not so transparent app approval process.  What ensued after was an aggressive app banishment of “explicit” content from Apple’s app store.   The aftermath left many developers without a happy home, the creative genius of the iBoobs’ team included. (Impatient? Get the app here now)

In a noble fashion, iBoobs bounced back (see what I did there?) by taking advantage of Android’s open OS and released an Android version of their popular app to give the people what they really wanted… the freedom to choose ‘awesome’ without limitation.

Cue Triumphant Anthem: *Eye of the Tiger* …slow fade, then… Stop.

Unfortunately this small victory was short-lived.  According to the developer, Mystic Game Development, the uncensored version was banned from the Android Market and the lite version was cut off from all Admob ad services.

Third Time’s a Charm

Enter MiKandi, the world’s first and only app store for adults, who today welcomed the controversial app with open arms. “The great thing about the Android OS is that even if you can’t get iBoobs from the Android Market, you can still get this and other uncensored adult apps through MiKandi,” says co-founder Jennifer McEwen.

Adds the Mystic Game Development team,

We’re very happy that there are alternatives to the very closed-minded app market and app stores of Google and Apple. We hate to see that both of those big companies deal with their developers in terribly bad ways. Working with the MiKandi team gives us freedom and appreciation. We don’t feel like just a number in the big pool of developers.

MiKandi’s uncensored approach has resonated strongly with developers and adult mobile users, now generating over 500,000 app downloads per month. This week, MiKandi released its Direct Inward Linking API enabling developers to drive new customers directly to their app detail pages within the app store. Want iBoobs? Click and ye shall find.


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