Motorola Announces ‘Project Ara’, a DIY Smartphone


The team behind MiKandi has backgrounds in software development and deployment, product design, and a decade in hardware manufacturing. So when Motorola announced Project Ara, a DIY smartphone that sounds a lot like Phonebloks, we got a little tingly in the pants. While we’re not drawing up a blueprint to pornify Ara, we’re stoked at the possibility of third-party engineers and designers taking a stab at mobile hardware.

From Phandroid:

According to Motorola, each device will come with an endoskeleton or “endo” that holds all the different components together (see above image). And really, skies the limit when it comes to the modules that can be attached to an endo. Hardware keyboard, faster processor, bigger battery, or something different altogether (taser gun perhaps?). Anything you can dream up.

“We want to do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software,” writes Motorola, adding that it’s goal is “to give you the power to decide what your phone does, how it looks, where and what it’s made of, how much it costs, and how long you’ll keep it.”

If this interests you as much as it does us, Motorola would like to put you to work. Over the next 6 – 12 months, they’ll be doing research to shape the direction of Project Ara. You can help by collaborating on special missions. Sign up to become an Ara Scout here. You know we’ve already done it.

Infographic: The fall of Apple

The fine folks over at shared this infographic with us today highlighting the fall of Apple and rise of competitors. It’s interesting to see that Apple’s streak of bad luck may be changing with the help of subscriptions.

Subscriptions are something we think a lot about. After all, aside from ad revenue, that’s how the adult industry survives. And judging by the purchasing behavior and straight out requests from many of our customers and developers, it’s something you guys want in the MiKandi Adult App Store and Theater.

What do you think? Is Apple falling, and if so, can it recover?

The Fall of Apple

Created by

Playboy Launches Censored App for iPhone – This is an April Fool’s joke, right?

This is a joke, right? Someone please tell us Playboy hasn’t launched another censored app in the Apple iTunes App Store. We mean, they know Android is the dominating mobile OS, right? And that no one really reads Playboy for the articles, right? Right? Are we missing something here?

No boobs

No boobs

Maybe we are, because today Playboy announced the launch of it’s subscription based app in iTunes. The application is devoid of all the goodies that made Playboy great (i.e. soft pink parts), and fills it with fashion tips.



“It forces us to use our imagination to be a little bit more creative,” Playboy‘s Josh Schollmeyer, Director of Digital Content, told USA Today. You spelled BORING wrong, Josh.

On top of that, Playboy focused solely on iOS and completely ignores Android, the only mobile OS that actually lets them develop applications worthy to be called Playboy! REALLY?!

Nah, this has gotta be a joke. Well played, sirs. Well played.

well done

It’s still all about the apps. Hot porn apps if you ask us :)

MiKandi Adult App Star

After 3 years in the business, when it come to HTML5 vs Apps, it’s still all about the apps. Infamously, the adult industry has been cock-blocked from this massive shift to mobile. The result of all this censorship is a mash-up of WAP sites and dumbed-down mobile websites offering sub-optimal experiences for smartphone customers. When was the last time one of your friends recommended a mobile site? If you have a smartphone, it’s always, “Dude, you gotta check out this app”. Apps still promise more and deliver the best customer experience. Just recently the Wall Street Journal started a series called the Business of Apps and highlighted the surprising numbers behind apps. The article showcases a study from Flurry showing TV and web consumption staying the same, but app consumption increasing rapidly. No surprises here. We’re all multi-tasking on at least 3 devices these days, but the difference is that apps are always with us.

The mobile web may get there in the near future, but  who cares right now when your buddy is talking about all the awesome apps you have to try out. That’s why we’re so excited about 7000 adult apps in MiKandi today. As a next generation adult company, we’re working with thousands of horny hackers and entrepreneurs to finally bridge the huge gap between user expectations around mainstream mobile entertainment and what the adult industry provides.

Don’t get us wrong, as a porn app store , we look forward to the day of freedom when HTML5 and mobile web breaks down the walled gardens of censored apps. In fact, we’ve placed our bet on HTML5 with MiKandi Theater, a iPhone & iPad porn video on demand web app. It’s slick, fast & just works. We’re proud of it. But have you heard about our porn video theater in our native Android app store? Dude, you gotta check it out. It’s slicker, faster and without making any promises, will blow your mind.

Link Love: Android after Rubin

andy rubin

Godfather of Android, Andy Rubin

Android co-founder Andy Rubin steps down

News came this week from Google that Andy Rubin is leaving Android, the operating system he helped create. His replacement is Sundar Pichai, who oversees the Chrome web browser and applications like Google Drive and Gmail. The company states Rubin will begin “a new chapter” at the company. But many are left scratching their heads and wondering “Why?” and what will life be like for Android.

Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin steps down - Reuters

Andy Rubin and the Great Narrowing of Google - Wired

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After Rubin, what’s next for Android? - The Guardian

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How is Apple tackling user generated content?


Today, Market Watch published an article regarding apps that display user generated content and Apple’s still seemingly arbitrary app approval process. It’s like 2010 all over again! We can’t believe that, in 2013, developers still have questions that Apple doesn’t want to answer.

Same old, same old

Back in 2010, Apple infamously purged the Apple App Store of all “adult” apps. While it was pretty obvious to developers and customers that porn apps are not welcomed in the app store, no one expected Apple to lay down the ban hammer on bikini apps, CGI jiggling censored boob apps, and fart apps. Were the apps immature? Arguably. Adult? No way.

Link: Geekwire asks MiKandi Is the iBoobs app even porn?

Although we and many others felt Apple took it too far, we did appreciate that the company was finally making it a littler clearer about what kind of apps were allowed in their market. We invited developers to join MiKandi, the world’s first and largest app store for adults, and welcomed thousands of adult apps with open arms.

Tackling user generated content

This time around, it’s user generated content that’s rubbing the app store the wrong way. Earlier this year, Twitter’s video app, Vine, fell under fire when users began uploading short pornographic clips. As a result the app was slapped with a 17+ rating. Image sharing app, 500px, was initially banned from the Apple App Store before receiving a 17+ rating, and the Tumblr app, although not banned, also sports a 17+ rating. In all cases, Apple deemed it was simply too easy for users to upload and find adult content. To that end, Safari should get its own 17+ rating as well. It is quite possibly the easiest way to find porn on the iPhone. Well, save for a certain MiKandi Theater (accessible on iPhone and iPads!). But Apple show favoritism? Say it ain’t so!

What’s a developer to do?

If your app has user-generated content, what are your options? Unfortunately, when it comes to iPhone apps, we don’t have an answer. Everyone looks forward to Apple setting clearer guidelines around the apps they will accept and reject. Until then, developers who have been affected by Apple’s arbitrary policies are more than welcome to share their sexy apps in our market.  Register your free MiKandi Developer account today.

Amazon follows MiKandi’s footsteps, launches virtual currency

Amazon CoinsAmazon announced today its own virtual currency system called Amazon Coins. In true Amazon fashion, the company is going big by giving away “tens of millions of dollars” when the virtual currency launches in May. Amazon Coins can be used to buy apps, on in-app purchases, and games on the Kindle Fire. The coins will be available in the US only at first and will not be available for subscriptions. Customers who do not wish to buy apps with Amazon Coins can still purchase outright with credit cards.

We love virtual currency

MiKandi is happy to welcome Amazon to the virtual currency world. When we were rebuilding our app store 2 years ago, we thought long and hard about how to tackle payments. Being a tech company that sells adult content, many services were restricted. From newsletters to payment options, our usual course of action was to build it ourselves. On top of that, at the time it was very hard for developers to make money in the Android Market compared to iTunes. Something wasn’t working and we were dead set of figuring out what that was.

We came to the conclusion that we had to think about this problem differently. The question we found ourselves asking, often, is: How do you build an app store that exceeds the current options and really resonates with consumers? We looked to the gaming industry for leadership and discovered that consumers understand and accept points-based systems with rewards and purchases. From an app store’s point of view, virtual currency makes it easy to provide customers with outstanding customer service. Download an app you really don’t like? We can simply refund your MiKandi Gold for you to spend on something you do. No hassle, no delay. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. That, coupled with our industry leading customer service, has led to our remarkable chargeback rates, something that has plagued the adult industry since the advent of online purchases. Our chargeback rates are so low, we’d hazard a guess that it would make non-virtual currency supported app stores raise their eyebrows and stroke their chins.

Imitation is the best form of flattery

We have to ask, “What took you so long, Amazon?” When MiKandi launched MiKandi Gold, our virtual currency system for paid apps back in 2010, we were the first virtual currency powered mobile app store. A few months later, we launched full support of KandiBilling to Android developers, our in-app billing API, 1 day before Google Android. There’s something to be said for small teams- we move fast. Our mommies taught us to share our software, Amazon. Next time, ask us and we’ll let you play with our toys.


MiKandi Receives Nomination for 2013 XBIZ Awards

LOS ANGELES —, the World’s largest adult app market, has been named a nominee finalist for the adult industry awards event of the year, the 2013 XBIZ Awards, presented by Fleshlight, on Jan. 11 in Los Angeles. has received a nomination in the Mobile Company of the Year category.

Nominees for the 2013 XBIZ Awards were selected based on more than 4,500 pre-nominations submitted to XBIZ by members of the industry via, the industry’s top social network.

“We’re honored to be nominated and recognized for the work our team has accomplished in 2012”, said MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams. “We’ve had a phenomenal year launching our mobile VOD Theater, tripling our registered user base and increasing developer payouts month over month. We’re especially excited to be a part of this industry leading event, since so many XBIZ Award winning studios such as Hustler, Elegant Angel, Wasteland, Burning Angel, Gamma Entertainment, Cherry Media and Grooby Productions have joined our adult mobile platform.”

Tera Patrick is set to host the industry’s grandest gala of the year while Jessica Drake and Kirsten Price will welcome show guests as the official red carpet hosts. Nikki Benz has been tapped to host the backstage winner’s circle, while another pair of emerging adult film sensations will be named the official trophy girls in the coming weeks.

Glitz, glamour and the biggest personalities from the world of adult entertainment have made the XBIZ Awards the most prestigious symbol of industry success. The star-studded event attracts A-list movers and shakers, generating buzz throughout the business and media. With an expanded list of more than 160 award categories, the 2013 XBIZ Awards show is set to feature the most expansive array of honors in the show’s history.

The 2013 awards show will be the culmination of the XBIZ 360° events series scheduled for Jan. 9-12, featuring top business leaders and visionaries in an unprecedented line-up of world-class conferences dedicated to decoding the future of the multi-billion dollar adult industry.

For the complete list of nominee finalists, visit


About MiKandi, LLC

With over 3 million active users worldwide, MiKandi is the world’s leading mobile application market for adults. The MiKandi Market is free to download and currently supports Android devices only. The MiKandi Theater is available to customers on all touch devices, including iPhone and iPad. Adult studios and app developers can register a free MiKandi account at For more information, email:

About XBIZ

XBIZ™ is the world leader in adult industry news, providing late-breaking coverage of the industry at and in three trade publications — XBIZ World for the digital media market, XBIZ Premiere for the retail market and XBIZ Sensuals for the intimate products market. In addition, XBIZ hosts a series of annual trade events, which culminate with the annual XBIZ Awards, the biggest industry awards event of the year. XBIZ is frequently cited in the media for coverage of the rapidly evolving adult industry and has been published in CNN, Fox News, Newsweek, MSNBC, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, ABC, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety among others.

Introducing the MiKandi Adult Mobile Theater

MiKandi Officially Launches the New MiKandi Theater!

We’re excited to announce today that we have released a major update to the MiKandi Adult App Market. Now not only do you have access to the World’s hottest apps, but a premium adult video on demand experience.   Install today by going to on your mobile browser.  Stay tuned for more screenshots, how-to’s, tips and how you can earn free gold as we celebrate the launch!

Official Press Release



MiKandi unveils its Theater, bringing adult video to the mobile consumer

Seattle, WA – March 29, 2012 “Mobile video already accounts for half of mobile bandwidth without us. Imagine what will happen now that we’re live,” quipped MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams as he announced the launch of the MiKandi Theater. The MiKandi Theater, a one-stop video destination for mobile consumers, is available today to MiKandi’s 2 million adult consumers, with content from 12 studios. “Since day one, we’ve been committed to enabling adults to get what they want and when they want it. Our customers have been clamoring for an easy and intuitive way to access their favorite adult videos and we’re excited to answer their requests with the MiKandi Theater. This is the climax of phase one in our company’s history.”

Today’s launch marks the culmination of months of deep collaboration between the MiKandi team and its launch partners. Studios like Elegant Angel, Wasteland, PinkTV, Burning Angel, Gamma Entertainment, and others have created channels in the MiKandi Theater and filled them with hundreds of videos. The success of MiKandi’s virtual currency with consumers has given the adult studios the confidence that consumers will purchase and subscribe to their content on a regular basis. MiKandi’s 100% customer satisfaction rate ensures that the chargebacks and failed credit card transactions that normally plague the adult industry are removed from the equation. With the billing and distribution covered, studios are free to focus on what they do best – creating incredible content and lasting brands.

The $7.99 monthly channel subscription price is reminiscent of other innovators in the video content space. “When MiKandi approached us to discuss the Theater and showed us the purchasing activity for apps, we couldn’t have said yes fast enough. It’s not every day you get to be involved in the launch of the Netflix for porn,” said Colin Rowntree, founder of

MiKandi’s customer focus has served it well over its first few years of operation, ensuring that customers feel they’re being treated like adults. Whether it’s responding to every customer who contacts the company or having a generous policy towards refunds and credits, the MiKandi team has been laser-focused on delivering the kind of experience that just isn’t available for most consumers of adult content. “We think that the lack of trust in our industry is the single biggest obstacle to success, so we’ve built ourselves around delighting customers first and grown from there,” said Adams.

The MiKandi Theater is available today to everyone using the free MiKandi app, available at The MiKandi team is already working with other studios to expand the content offerings. Inquiries from adult studios can be directed to

About MiKandi, LLC: MiKandi (pronounced “my candy”) is the leading app market for adults. The company’s open view on censorship has resonated with thousands of app developers and continues to gain support from the Android user community. Android users can go to on their mobile browsers to download the store. Developers can register at


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Google Play enforces anti-adult policies, drives developers away

It’s long been known that “there’s a porn store on Android” and “folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.” (Steve Jobs) While that still rings true when it comes to porn apps, it appears we need to make an amendment.

Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone and download MiKandi, the porn store on Android.

Google Play: “We love boobies…. SYKE!”

Since the transition from Android Market to Google Play, Google has beefed up its policy around adult material, and has begun to drive developers of adult apps out of their market. Last week, the market banned the app Reddit is Fun for violating its content policy. Read more on Pulp Tech at ZDNet. We’ve reached out to the developer to ask him to share the app in MiKandi, where we will hug it and pet it and squeeze it and name it George, but we haven’t heard back. Andrew Shu, if you’re reading this- we want you!

While we’re sad to see Google Play follow Apple’s path, we understand why a mainstream market would want to keep adult material out. You don’t want a market that appeals to kids and adults. At least Google gives adults the option to get the apps they want by downloading them from third party sources (e.g. MiKandi, the world’s first and largest adult app market.)

[VIDEO] See our response video to Nixie Pixel – Do iPhone users get the shaft?

Focus is good

Joining the world’s first and largest adult app market has its perks. Developers in MiKandi report higher relevant downloads and installs in our market because our audience is specifically looking for adult apps.

In the past week, we’ve received many requests from developer driven out of Google Play to join our market. And we take them with open arms. It may be the other markets’ “moral responsibility” to keep porn off phones, but at MiKandi, it’s our responsibility to treat adults like adults.

If you’re a developer that has been affected by Google’s decision to purge Google Play of adult material, contact us today at