New Phone – Motorola Charm

Talk about a serious case of the “If They Mated”.

Last week, Motorola unveiled their latest Android, the Moto Charm.  For those who look longingly at Android but are suffering from Crackberry addiction, this is the phone for you.

The Charm comes equipped with a compact 2.8″ screen, QWERY keyboard, and touchscreen.  It’s also powered by Android 2.1 as well as enhancements to MOTOBLUR.

What enhancements in particular?  Sync contacts, posts, messages, and photos, easy to manage streams (from FB, MySpace, Twitter, GMail, email accounts), and greater customization.  The Charm will be the first device in the US to have these MOTOBLUR enhancements, and will be available on the T-Mobile network “this summer”.