How to buy MiKandi Gold

What, why haven’t you bought your Gold yet?

As thousands of you have discovered, MiKandi Gold is an easy way to purchase the hottest apps for your Android device. Our Gold is a safe and secure payment method that guarantees that adults can get what they want on their phone.

For those of you who haven’t purchased Gold yet or are having trouble figuring out how to buy the gold, here’s a simple 4 step process:

  1. Open your MiKandi app and make sure you’re logged in (you’ve got to be a registered user if you’re going to buy apps)
  2. On the bottom navigation bar, click on the icon with the gold, lock and keys
  3. Select the amount of gold you’d like and click Buy Now.
  4. A secure web page for our billing provider, Zombaio, will open up and present you with a secure input screen for your credit card details. Once you click “complete this transaction” the page will close and your MiKandi account will now reflect the amount of gold you just purchased.

That’s it! Make sure that you’re inputting all of the correct information into the input boxes and not missing a field – everything is required. Sometimes our awesome fans are so eager to get Gold in their account they miss a field or two – don’t let that be you!

If you should run into any issues along the way, however, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Just email us and write “MiKandi Gold problem” in the subject line, we’ll get right back to you.


I’m a little nervous about paying for Gold…

We get it – some of you are a little wary of opening up your wallet  and sharing your credit card information with an adult app store. Maybe you’ve gotten burned in the past or you just don’t know what’s going to show up on your credit card bill. Let us put your minds at ease. Here are some important things to know about purchasing MiKandi Gold:

  1. This billing process is very secure and safe. Our billing partner, Zombaio, is a leading billing provider for our industry and utilizes SSL to make sure that you can conduct your transaction in the most secure manner possible. Your security is our top priority.
  2. Your credit card bill will show a non-descript business, along with the date and time of the transaction. Your privacy is very important to us and the billing line item will NOT mention MiKandi or adult apps or the app you’re planning on purchasing.
  3. Refunds for apps are easy and we answer your problems quickly. If you purchase an app that turns out to not work on your phone or isn’t what you expected, you can reach out to us and we’ll work with you and the developer to make sure you’re getting what you want. If they can’t address your issue, the Gold for the app will be refunded to your MiKandi account, to be used for other apps.
  4. We will only bill you for the amount you authorize when you complete the transaction and will always be clear about any recurring charges. We don’t offer any purchases that have recurring charges at the moment, but if we do, those recurring charges will ALWAYS require your explicit approval.
  5. Our main goal is to provide the best marketplace for you and to treat you like an adult. We pride ourselves on the fact that in our first three months with MiKandi Gold we’ve not had one single charge back by a consumer. Thousands of our consumers have bought Gold and loved it – we are positive you’ll love it too.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions about MiKandi Gold, we’ll update this and make sure you’re all getting the information you need.

“Please, don’t neglect the ladies.”

Yesterday, we received this message from a lady MiKandian with a special request: Give the girls some lady porn! And we couldn’t agree more!

After browsing your site I noticed, as a hot female in my twenties, that there are NO MEN! If you bring out women you have to bring out the men! And I mean men alone. Masturbating or whatever. Maybe the app to play with his penis  and flip him over to get to his butt. I mean I (and many others) would like to see men in just the same apps you have created with women…. The guy who worked at the sex store I went into last told me while I was browsing the gay porn (and I watch it because I just like to get a good dose of MEN) told me that it’s mostly women that buy the gay porn! So please, don’t neglect the ladies…

While MiKandi does not develop the applications in our market (we’re merely the storefront for developers to publish and sell their apps), we do like to keep an open line of communication between our developers and our users.  Last August, we touched on this subject after comScore revealed interesting information on women’s online browsing behavior.  Namely, women enjoy porn.

Says MiKandi’s resident lady-perv, Jennifer McEwen:

A common misconception is that women don’t enjoy adult content, and we know this to be simply untrue.  Perhaps women enjoy the adult entertainment differently, such as erotica, male-only video, or deeper storylines, but that’s no reason to write women off as uninterested.

According to Theresa Flynt, VP of Marketing at Hustler, women make up for 56% of business at her company’s video stores.  “And the female audience is increasing,” she adds. “Women are buying more porn.”

Thanks to Violet Blue, an expert in the field of sex and technology, there are even books dedicated to helping women find great porn.  Violet Blue’s site is a hub of hot erotica, porn, sex positivity, and technology.

And if you still doubt that women will download a male-only app, then how about this?  The above sentiment has also been echoed by our gay MiKandians.  Where are the men?!  Did you know that niche, such as gay or fetish, content converts better than straight content?  Why?  Because the market is flooded with straight adult content, but quality gay or male-only content is harder to find.  So when one finds it, he or she is more likely to stay.

To start things off, here are two native apps featuring male-only content that deserve a look-see:

Hidden Gay Movies

Benny Morecock’s Shake and Wank

If you have a native app of male-only content (gay or solo), contact us at developer{at}mikandi{dot}com and we will spotlight your app in this blog.

If you have a male app that you’d like to share on MiKandi, register your free MiKandi developer account today!

New Wrangler Site Makes for a Cool Adult App

Check out the latest Wrangler website that allows you to control the movements of the character with your mouse button.  Now imagine this feature in an adult app, but using touch, accelerometer or voice recognition to manipulate the scene.  If only it was this easy to get people nekked.

Give the people what they want

Users send us a ton of app requests and while we don’t develop apps ourselves, we do pass your suggestions on to developers.  The feedback you’ve given us has helped us get a firm grasp on what you’re looking for when you browse MiKandi.   And that feedback is quite beneficial to new adult-content app developers. 

Here’s what users have to say:

Think outside the Mobile Site box.  The most common request we get by far is for NATIVE APPLICATIONS!  Users want more than optimized mobile browsing.  They want to harness the power of their phones for a richer, more exciting, and let’s face it, sexier, experience.  Think one-handed navigation by using a flick of the wrist.  Or accessing internal hardware such as GPS to find hotties in your neighborhood, and then “BUMP”ing your contact information to each other.   

Peacock.  So you’ve got an awesome app idea.  Dress it up.  In the mating world, we’ve gotta peacock to attract a mate.   Your app isn’t any different.  Give your app the proverbial ‘nails done and hair did’ treatment to attract users:  a splash page, hot and recognizable icon, sharp graphics, and high quality content.

Hook’em.  Once you’ve snagged their attention, keep it!  You can stock an app and see a steady number of installations, but the usage stats may not be as favorable.  Several studies show that app usage drops significantly just a couple of weeks after installation.  How do you keep our attention?  Update often.  Feature modes or content that can be unlocked with game play, virtual currency, or usage.  Introduce something new and unexpected to the user experience.  And above all: make it addictive.    Remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate to be crack cocaine addictive.  Tetris, anyone?

Don’t neglect the female consumer.  Developing an adult sex app?  According to Theresa Flynt, VP of Marketing at Hustler, women make up for 56% of business at her company’s video stores.  “And the female audience is increasing,” she adds. “Women are buying more porn.”

But it’s more than just nudie flix: women are a large force in social gaming.  And they’re loyal.  Some studies show that “85% of women use five or less [social] games regularly.”  And with social gaming comes virtual currency.  What do ya know?  Women love virtual currency too!  (Coming to MiKandi soon.)

Men will go where the women are.  You have a social networking app.  And it’s full of dudes.  Frustrated dudes.  Frustrated dudes that will uninstall your app and leave you a poor rating because it was a sausage fest.  If you attract more female users, you will have more happy male users.  Unless your social networking app is targeted to gay men.  If so, please disregard this last point, and keep up the good work!  ;)

Customer support.  At MiKandi, we don’t review apps.  Once you publish, your app is available within minutes on the marketplace.  We tell users to contact you if they have any questions or issues with your app.  Be accessible through your website, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, and for Pete’s sake, answer your emails!

Market your app.  MiKandi only looks good if our developers look good.  So when we see you’ve put a lot of thought into your app, we help you get the word out through  our Twitter account, Facebook page, website, and blog.  If you want more exposure, pimp out your app.   No one notices a wallflower afterall.

At MiKandi, we like to keep a close repertoire with our user and developer communities.  We’re always curious to know what you’re thinking, what you want, and what we can do for you.  So if you have more feedback, please add a comment or email us at

Developers, if you have press releases, video and screenshots for marketing campaigns, please send them to