MiKandi App Permissions Explained


When you download any Android app, you must allow the app certain permissions before it can install on your device. Here is the list of permissions MiKandi asks for before you install, and why.

Your Personal Information (read sensitive log data)
This gives us access to MiKandi log data only. It does not give us access to log data of other apps. We retrieve this debug information so we can help improve the app, such as when the app crashes or other login problems.

Network Communication (full internet access)
MiKandi needs internet access to stream content and apps to you.

Storage (modify/delete SD card contents)
This allows you to manage (install/uninstall) free apps on your SD card though MiKandi.

Phone Calls (read phone state and identity)
MIKandi uses this permission to track different versions of Android, so that we can do a better job of serving you content that is optimized for your device.

System Tools (retreive running applications)
MiKandi uses this permission in order to install and manage applications that you download through MiKandi.

Network Communication (view network state)
This tells MiKandi if you are connected to the Internet via 3G or WIFI.

My Accounts (discover known accounts)
This allows MiKandi to securely store your account credentials on your device.

How to buy MiKandi Gold

What, why haven’t you bought your Gold yet?

As thousands of you have discovered, MiKandi Gold is an easy way to purchase the hottest apps for your Android device. Our Gold is a safe and secure payment method that guarantees that adults can get what they want on their phone.

For those of you who haven’t purchased Gold yet or are having trouble figuring out how to buy the gold, here’s a simple 4 step process:

  1. Open your MiKandi app and make sure you’re logged in (you’ve got to be a registered user if you’re going to buy apps)
  2. On the bottom navigation bar, click on the icon with the gold, lock and keys
  3. Select the amount of gold you’d like and click Buy Now.
  4. A secure web page for our billing provider, Zombaio, will open up and present you with a secure input screen for your credit card details. Once you click “complete this transaction” the page will close and your MiKandi account will now reflect the amount of gold you just purchased.

That’s it! Make sure that you’re inputting all of the correct information into the input boxes and not missing a field – everything is required. Sometimes our awesome fans are so eager to get Gold in their account they miss a field or two – don’t let that be you!

If you should run into any issues along the way, however, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Just email us and write “MiKandi Gold problem” in the subject line, we’ll get right back to you.


I’m a little nervous about paying for Gold…

We get it – some of you are a little wary of opening up your wallet  and sharing your credit card information with an adult app store. Maybe you’ve gotten burned in the past or you just don’t know what’s going to show up on your credit card bill. Let us put your minds at ease. Here are some important things to know about purchasing MiKandi Gold:

  1. This billing process is very secure and safe. Our billing partner, Zombaio, is a leading billing provider for our industry and utilizes SSL to make sure that you can conduct your transaction in the most secure manner possible. Your security is our top priority.
  2. Your credit card bill will show a non-descript business, along with the date and time of the transaction. Your privacy is very important to us and the billing line item will NOT mention MiKandi or adult apps or the app you’re planning on purchasing.
  3. Refunds for apps are easy and we answer your problems quickly. If you purchase an app that turns out to not work on your phone or isn’t what you expected, you can reach out to us and we’ll work with you and the developer to make sure you’re getting what you want. If they can’t address your issue, the Gold for the app will be refunded to your MiKandi account, to be used for other apps.
  4. We will only bill you for the amount you authorize when you complete the transaction and will always be clear about any recurring charges. We don’t offer any purchases that have recurring charges at the moment, but if we do, those recurring charges will ALWAYS require your explicit approval.
  5. Our main goal is to provide the best marketplace for you and to treat you like an adult. We pride ourselves on the fact that in our first three months with MiKandi Gold we’ve not had one single charge back by a consumer. Thousands of our consumers have bought Gold and loved it – we are positive you’ll love it too.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions about MiKandi Gold, we’ll update this and make sure you’re all getting the information you need.

Rate and review your MiKandi apps

In November, MiKandi launched the NEW MiKandi App Store.  The update included paid app support, the introduction of MiKandi Gold, and a sneak peek of the new MiKandi Theater.  But did you know that we also included the ability to rate and review apps?  Now you can leave your feedback on the apps you’ve downloaded or purchased.  And we encourage you to do just that!

Your reviews will help fellow MiKandi users find the very best apps or steer clear of buggy ones, as well as give developers valuable feedback on their applications.  Below are some guidelines to consider when you leave your review.

Rating and Reviews Etiquette

Communicate. There are many Android screens, and unfortunately fragmentation is a problem.  Before you rate an app poorly for not working on your device, try contacting the developer first.  He or she may not be aware that the app doesn’t work on your device and may be able to put in a quick fix for you.  You can find the developer’s email in the app’s detail screen in the app store.  Or shoot us an email at support@mikandi.com with the app name and the problem, and we’ll get you in contact with the developer.

Be constructive. “This sucks” or “nice” are not helpful reviews.  If the app is buggy, forces closed, or doesn’t do what the developer advertised, let the community know.  If the app is well designed, has premium content, or has awesome features, give the developer praise for his or her hard work.

Follow up. If your initial experience with the app wasn’t positive, and the developer fixed any issues or bugs you addressed, follow up with a new review.

Be respectful. MiKandi strives to maintain a troll-free community that  revolves around mutual respect and open communication.  So please… don’t be a douchebag.

Sideloading Redux

We’ve been getting a ton of emails from frustrated AT&T customers with Android phones.  In case you didn’t know, AT&T has blocked all non-Market apps on their Androids.  LAME!

But in the words of the New Boyz, folks are saying “You can’t tie me down” to AT&T and the Android Market (we need variety!).  A couple of months ago, the good folks at Android Central released the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine which allows you to sidestep AT&T’s restrictions… no rooting required!

Just this week, another sideload tutorial found its way into our inbox.  This time it’s specifically for the Dell Streak.  And, again, no rooting required! Its reversible and doesn’t affect your warranty.

From Android Headlines:

Here’s how to loosen AT&T’s stifling grip on your factory condition (build 6601) Dell Streak:

  1. Dial *#*#307#*#* on your Streak. Other than a quick flash on the screen, it will look like nothing has happened.
  2. Go to your app drawer/program menu and tap a new icon labeled EMList. If the icon is not there, turn off the Streak. It should be there when you turn it on again.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap app_security.
  4. Tap update unknown resource property to enable it.

That’s it!

To confirm that it worked, press the Home button followed by Menu -> Settings -> Applications. You should now see the “Unknown sources” option. Now you can download and install any 1.6-compatible app you find with ease!

To uninstall EMList, dial *#*#308#*#* on your Streak.

And there you have it!  Enjoy all of those juicy non-Market apps, you big app-playa, you.  ;)

Get MiKandi on your AT&T Android

Note: If you sideload the MiKandi App Store, you will also need to sideload any apps you find in the MiKandi App Store.

Attention AT&T Android owners: No longer do you have to shake your fists in the air and ask the Carrier gods, “Whyy?  Why have you crippled my Android?!”

No, AT&T has not answered your prayers.  But (inhale) Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine (exhale) has.  File this under: SAH-WEET!

From Android Central:

Or maybe *ahem* your phone doesn’t allow you to directly sideload apps, for whatever reason. And that’s where the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine comes in. We’ve rigged up a simple Windows program that allows you to install any .apk file (that’s the extension for an Android app) via your computer. It’s completely legit — nobody’s going to track you down and take away your phone — it’s completely free (and open source!)  and now you’re back on the same playing field as everybody else, no rooting necessary.

Wanna get MiKandi on your Backflip?

Holy tether, Batman!

Follow this link for instructions for getting around AT&T’s annoying non-market apps block.

Usual disclaimer applies:  If you damage/brick/etc your phone, you’re responsible, etc., yada yada, you know the drill.

See red, double your Android’s battery

Android engineer Jeff Sharkey has discovered that altering the color channels of your device can has a positive affect on your battery life.  Good news for folks that really like the color red.

From Slippery Brick:

Organic LED displays have separate pixel elements for each color channel so powering only one color can save a lot of power.

So what color would be best to use? Jeff hooked up an industrial power meter and found that powering only the red pixels could nearly double the battery life. Now that could come in very handy.

How to get 2.1 (Froyo) on your Droid

The fine folks at UnLockr posted a video with step by step instructions for getting Froyo on your Moto Droid.

Disclaimer: You take full responsibility for any damages that may occur if you choose to root your device, and so on and so forth.  You know the drill.

Click here to continue.

Poor battery life? User Error! User Error!

If you’re experiencing poor battery life on your Android, you may be the culprit.  Well, not YOU specifically.  More like your usage choices.  Read on.

From Androinica:

When asked about Android’s weak battery life at the Google Zeitgeist forum, Google co-founder Larry Page said that if anyone is not getting a full day’s worth of battery, there’s “something wrong.” Page then went on to suggest it’s probably user habits and third-party apps causing battery woes. “When there is software running in the background, that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly,” said Page.

Consumers have gotten used to the idea that backing out of an application kills it.  However, Android allows users to run multiple applications simultaneously, which means that unless you actively kill the app, it’s going to be running in the background and draining your battery until you do.

A helpful app feature is an EXIT function that completely closes the app upon exit.  If the apps on your device don’t have this feature, you can also install app killers.  We like Advanced Task Killer on the Android Market.  You can also disable GPS, and change your widget settings so that you’re not getting updates of every happening, headline, tweet, or updated feed.

How to install and register on MiKandi

Check out our latest instructional video. This video gives you step-by-step instructions for getting MiKandi on your Android device, plus introduces our BRAND SPANKING NEW User Web Portal!

Head over to mikandi.com for a looksee.