Promote your adult apps in MiKandi

It’s been almost 4 years since MiKandi launched to the world the first app store for adults. Since then, we’ve grown to over 4 million users with over 8,00 adult apps, serving nearly every country on the planet. That’s a lot of apps for a lot of people.

Naturally, developers want and need tools to help their apps standout. Well, we’re here to help you get your quality adult app in front of our customers. Here’s how.

Direct Inward Link

Each app you publish in MiKandi has its own direct inward link. When your app is published, we’ll send you an email with your app’s link. It will look a little something like this:

If a visitor has MiKandi installed, this link will send them to your app’s screen in the MiKandi app store.

If a visitor doesn’t have MiKandi installed, it will prompt them to install MiKandi, then will take them to your app’s screen in MiKandi.

If a visitor isn’t on an Android, it will direct them to your app’s page on, where they can share the page on Twitter and Reddit.

These links are perfect for your website, blog, Tumblr, and Twitter. Be wary of Facebook as it’s the least adult-friendly social network. For an example of a developer who utilizes their direct inward links, check out @ChaturbateApps on Twitter.

Featured Apps

Every Monday, we update our Featured Apps list. Everyday, we search our adult app store for trending apps, popular apps, and fantastic new apps to put on our list. But some apps may fly under our radar. If you have a great app that you feel will resonate with our customers, send us an emailtweet, or leave us a post on our Facebook page. We’d love to take it out for a spin.

App of the Week

app of the week example

Past App of the Week

Our second weekly campaign is our App of the Week. Every Friday, we send a notification to our customers of the week’s great deal. Generally, we ask developers to offer their app at a discount during their weekly run. If your app meets our requirements for featuring, and  you’d like it to be considered for App of the Week, shoot us an email.

Adult App Reviews

adult app review

Adult App Review

On top of our Featured List and App of the Week, we regularly review apps on our Tumblr blog. We use Tumblr to communicate with our customers, while using this blog to communicate with our developers and press. Are you on Tumblr? Follow us and we’ll follow back! We’d be happy to let our customers know where to find their favorite adult app developers.

How to get featured

How do we determine what apps we want to promote? Below is a brief guideline of what we look for. If you feel your app is a good match, we want to hear about it.

1. Go native

MiKandi customers come here looking for adult mobile apps, not mobile sites. So we want to promote native adult-themed applications. However, you can build some pretty cool apps on HTML5, so we’re more than happy to consider an HTML5 based app. What we won’t consider is a mobile site wrapped in an APK that just directs users to a paysite.

2. Be Different

Think outside the content viewer box. True, a lot of apps we promote are video or photo viewers, but what really gets our attention is something a little different. Like Taint Wrangler and the Pyramid of Poon, Bang with Friends, iXtagram, Schoolgirl Run, or Strip Girl Crossing Cups.

3. Use our tools

MiKandi is building a community of adults enjoying a unique experience around adult mobile communication. There is no other market quite like it and your participation in the community only makes it stronger. The more you use the tools we provide (direct inward linking, MiKandi Gold, in-app billing API, Reporo adult ads, content packages), the stronger you make our family.

Got a media kit?

A media kit makes it that much easier to help us promote your app. If you’ve got a video, more screenshots, some press releases, and quotes, please forward it to us.  While you’re at it, add us to your media contact list and let us know whenever you release a new feature, release more apps, or have some big news. Got contracted to develop an app for a hot adult studio? Dude! We want to know!

What we’d love to see in your media kit

  • A safe-for-You-Tube video
  • Press release
  • Screenshots- both NSFW and SFW
  • Safe-for-Facebook images in 403×403 pixels and 843×403 pixels

Not a MiKandi Developer?

MiKandi is the app store that treats adults as adults, and we see ourselves as your partner. That’s why we’re continuously building tools to help you distribute and market the adult apps that your customers want. Can’t find a payment processor that will let you sell adult content? We built that. Want to send customers directly to your app in an app market? We built that. Want to up-sell content with in-app billing? We built that too.

Join our family at today. We look forward to seeing your adult apps in our app store!





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