MiKandi Theater gains traction, expands offering to support HTML5

HTML5 Theater

MiKandi announced today that following initial success for the launch of its Theater, it has rolled out an HTML5 version of the MiKandi theater. By ensuring that consumers on iOS devices and PCs can access the thousands of hours of content in MiKandi’s mobile theater, the company expects to significantly expand its audience and increase the opportunity available to its studio partners.

“MiKandi’s Android customers are currently enjoying a diverse mix of the world’s best adult videos,” says MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams. “We are thrilled to extend the same experience to our fans using other devices. In particular, people with iOS devices have been asking for us to support them since we launched and we’re happy to finally satisfy their demands and give them the freedom of choice.”

MiKandi has a long history of championing freedom of choice for adults. In 2010, then Apple CEO Steve Jobs infamously instructed adults who wanted access to adult entertainment to “get an Android phone” where they could find the “porn store on Android”, an unnamed reference to MiKandi, the world’s first and largest adult app market. By bringing the MiKandi Theater to iPhone and iPad devices through HTML5, MiKandi is able to respect Apple’s app store rules while ensuring that adults can access the content that they desire.

With more than 2 million Android customers worldwide, MiKandi is the world’s leading destination for applications and videos for adults on mobile devices. In the 3 months since the company launched its theater thousands of customers have opted to purchase videos and subscribe to curated channels. With a simple to understand pricing model and exceptionally high quality video from over 15 studios, consumers are finding that MiKandi’s mobile solution is faster, more intuitive and more personalized than anything else available on the market.

“Adding to the choice of content we offer our customers is an ongoing focus for MiKandi,” Adams continues. “By forging new partnerships with leading adult studios, we can ensure that MiKandi truly has something for everyone.” The latest addition to MiKandi Theater, premium fetish site Bizarre Video, was announced just last month. Bizarre Video joins premier adult studios Elegant Angel, Gamma Entertainment, Wasteland, Pink TV, Burning Angel and more in providing the very best in mobile adult entertainment.

Coupled with MiKandi’s commitment to excellent customer service, the company ensures that customers feel they’re being treated like adults. Whether it’s responding to every customerMi who contacts the company or having a generous policy towards refunds and credits, the MiKandi team has been laser-focused on delivering the kind of experience that just isn’t available from other mobile adult entertainment providers.

The MiKandi Theater is available today to everyone using the free MiKandi app, available at http://m.mikandi.com. iPhone and iPad customers can access MiKandi Theater at http://mikandi.com/theater. The MiKandi team is already working with other studios to expand the content offerings. Inquiries from adult studios can be directed to studiopartner@mikandi.com.

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