MiKandi releases In-App Billing on Android

When Google announced on March 24 that they intend to launch full in-app billing support this week, we knew we wouldn’t be getting much sleep over the weekend. We’ve been chained to our desks, ‘coding like we’re dumb’, in an effort to beat Goliath to the punch.

We’re excited and relieved to announce that this morning MiKandi launched full in-app billing support for our registered developers. The API, which has been in beta since New Year’s, utilizes our virtual currency MiKandi Gold, and works on the device whether MiKandi is installed or not.

After the product went live, one of our developers had this to say:


In-app billing has been long anticipated by the Android developer community. Customers are voting with their dollars on other mobile platforms, indicating that in-app billing is crucial to an app developer’s quiver of revenue tools. As part of the launch, PinkTV is releasing its own app which integrates MiKandi’s latest API (Get the PinkTV VOD app today). Bryan Clinger of PinkTV shares,

At PinkTV, we’ve been very excited about in-app billing because we know that our customers want a taste before they buy. This allows us to enable taste tests in a seamless manner and MiKandi’s speed in launching this is impressive, considering how long it’s taken other app platform providers.

Industry analysts Juniper Research forecast that revenues from in-app/in-game purchases will overtake the traditional pay-per-download model as the primary source of monetization by 2013. “At MiKandi, we believe that our job is to make developers money and to make customers happy. In-app billing satisfies both of these goals, particularly in the adult space,” says MiKandi co-founder and president Jesse Adams.

With over 500,000 apps downloaded per month, MiKandi is confident that in-app billing will provide a substantial boost to the earnings power of its 1,300 developers. Existing MiKandi developers are invited to begin integrating the API immediately. New developers can register for a free MiKandi developer account at http://developer.mikandi.com.


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