AT&T allows third party apps on select devices

AT&T Android customers, your cries have been heard! Last week we learned that AT&T opened the Infuse 4G to third party apps, and this week it appears the carrier has added more devices to its Unknown Sources OK roster. This mean those of you with an HTC Inspire 4G, Aria, or Samsung Captivate will be able to download the Amazon Appstore, and more importantly, the MiKandi App Market!

Back in March, asked MiKandi co-founders Jesse Adams and Jennifer McEwen for their thoughts on AT&T’s third party app restriction. Adams had this to say,

We’ve had a lot of problems with AT&T because they don’t allow third-party apps (outside of the Android Marketplace). We get a lot of complaints from customers who are thinking Android is awesome, it’s open, very cool, bought an Android just because they thought they could get adult apps, and they send us an email asking why it doesn’t work, and we have to let them know it’s because AT&T doesn’t allow it. So when Amazon has the exclusive on an app like Angry Birds Rio that everyone loves, AT&T is going to have to reconsider the blocking of third-party apps.

We’re very happy to see that AT&T is listening to their customers and is taking steps to offer customers more freedom and control over their devices. As McEwen puts it,

What’s important is that companies need to learn to treat customers as adults, and not restrict them out of fear of upsetting another group. That’s the approach we like to take with customers. We want to treat you as adults.

Much props to Android Central for breaking the news. Even bigger props to AT&T for treating its customers as adults!



  1. zamboura2 says:

    unfortunately this isn’t true i fear. i received my samsung captivate preloaded with android 2.2 about a week ago ( september 8, 2011) and i cannot install apps that aren’t in the android market. This is an issue at&t should REALLY work on.

  2. Hello!

    Try calling AT&T and let them know you want the Unknown Sources update for your Captivate. They should be able to send you the update OTA.

    Best of luck!

  3. zamboura2 says:

    Hello again,
    I contacted an AT&T rep through online chat, and was told there are NO OTA updates avaliable for this, but this will be fixed with 2.3 (gingerbread) is released. V.V not the respone I was hoping to hear, haha.

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