Prevent Images from Loading on Mobile Devices

One of the challenges with responsive design is to display the proper image size for a given element size. Historically, we used breakpoints to achieve this. Unfortunately, when used incorrectly, breakpoints result in downloading all of the images, thus making the page load … [Read More...]


Important Security Update: Heartbleed Statement

On Monday April 7, a widespread and critical exploit in recent versions of OpenSSL affected many popular websites and services across the Internet. Dubbed ‘Heartbleed’, the vulnerability can allow remote hackers to access your passwords and other sensitive information even … [Read More...]


Google says “no” to sexy

Is it 2010? Because it feels like 2010. What with arbitrary app approvals, app purges, and moral responsibilities and such. Just before the weekend, Google sent out a notice via email and G+ to inform developers of updates to the Google Play Developer Program Policies. … [Read More...]

MiKandi featured on

This week started off on a great note- a terrific article on MiKandi on,  India's leading and most comprehensive online platform for startups and entrepreneurs. Obviously, we're flattered with the article and the fact that the author noted MiKandi's commitment … [Read More...]


While Vine blocks porn, MiKandi gets VinePorn

As we all know, social media + porn = tru luv. Except in the case of Vine, Twitter’s popular video sharing app. Last week, Vine told porn “I’m just not that into you” when it updated its Terms of Use to prohibit adult content. From Vine For more than 99 percent of our … [Read More...]


Link Love: Wearables SDK, Android/Windows tablet, Android versions

Wearable developer tools coming in two weeks Android makes its way into wearable tech with the announcement of a wearables SDK in the works. The software development kit will enable developers to create Android software for wearable hardware, and is slated for release in … [Read More...]

yandex kit

Link Love: Android myths, Yandex Kit

Debunking four myths about Android, Google, and open-source - You can take Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code today and make your own version of Android today. If you want to, you can even take a page from CyanogenMod's book and make an Android that works … [Read More...]

Google Glass Porn Presentation

[Read More...]


We’re Hiring! Join the MiKandi Team

Calling all Rockstar Devs MiKandi is looking for ambitious people that are interested in a challenging position and who are eager to learn. If you shudder at the thought of adjusting the border radius on the same button for the next 9 months, email us. We promise a career … [Read More...]


Glass and Sex – so many questions

Google Glass might be getting its second adult app by way of Sex with Glass. Conceived at the Wearable Tech Hackathon in London, the project promises to enable both dancers of the bedroom tango to record and stream their POV to each other. The video recorded will be … [Read More...]