Tits & Glass is back!

jay cinista tits and glass

And we’re back!

Earlier this month, MiKandi launched the world’s first Google Glass porn app, Tits & Glass. That very same day, we became aware that Google had recently revised their developer policies to prohibit adult content on the device. Long story short, we quickly disabled the app and have been working diligently to get a new app out that adheres to their updated policies.

Today, the wait is over. Introducing the NEW Tits & Glass!

new tits and glass

Tits & Glass Redux

Google’s latest revision to its Glass Platform Developer Policy spoils the fun by prohibiting “Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.”

Therefore, the biggest change to the Tits & Glass adult app is that Glass users are no longer allowed to share intimate racy experiences with other Glass users. We’ve added a feature to filter out pornographic material from appearing on the Glass app. But fret not. Although you can’t share your nude photos on the device itself, you can still share your sexy POV content on titsandglass.com. And because we don’t want you to get totally bored with your now-kinda-boring device, we partnered with top photographers around the globe to preload the app with irresistibly hot, *non-pornographic* photos of some of the world’s most beautiful models. You can access, vote, and comment on these photos through Glass. Yay!

glass cardSo to recap- While pornographic material will not be allowed or accessible on the Tits & Glass app, you can share and access sexy POV content on our website. To get the party started, we’ve preloaded the app with Glass-safe images.

Big thanks to our MiKandi Theater studio partners Burning Angel, Private Media Group, and Orgasms.xxx, the fine folks at Zen Garage and Jay Cinista at Gorgeous Killers, and the talented Alexander Tikhomirov!

Edit (additional note for clarity): The change in our app only affects the roughly 2,000 developers outside of Google who have Google Glass. We’re optimistic that once Glass is available to consumers, Google will open the device to allow third party Glassware that are not subject to the same adult content restrictions. If and when that day comes, we will happily update our app so adult Glass users can get the sexy content they want.

MiKandi on 3.8 Million Devices


We’re happy to announce today that MiKandi, the world’s leading adult app store and mobile streaming subscription service for adult entertainment, is now installed on 3.8 million devices worldwide, with 1 million registered customers.

Launched late 2009, our first-of-its-kind app store was met with tremendous support from Android users and developers who needed an adult-friendly app store to distribute their applications. In less than one week, MiKandi was downloaded over 80,000 times. That number jumped to 2 million by the beginning of 2012 with the launch of MiKandi Theater, the subscription-based mobile streaming service of adult content. By July of that year, we launched the HTML5 version of MiKandi Theater for all smartphones and tablets, including iPad, iPhone, and Windows Phone. MiKandi Theater is currently available worldwide to any adult with a connected mobile device.

The fact that we grew to this size organically, without any advertising dollars, is especially inspiring for us. It goes to show what happens when you focus on offering great customer service and treating adults like adults. We’re thankful to all of our customers and fans who’ve supported us over the past three years.

Android users can download MiKandi for free at http://mikandi.com, no registration required, and browse the adult app store’s catalog of thousands of applications. Alternatively, non-Android users can access MiKandi Theater, dubbed the “Netflix for porn”, on their smartphone or tablet by visiting http://mikandi.com/theater. All new customers enjoy a free 7 day trial with no registration or credit card required.

Featured App: iClit

Are you God’s gift to women? Here’s an app that can put you to the test! Released today in the MiKandi App Market is Iclit, from the developers Pampuni.

Find out who amongst your friends is the best at satisfying a woman.

- A fully featured game
- A pocket 3D vagina to fool around with
- Turning-on sound effects
- Vibrating on orgasm
- Score chart-indicating the most skilled player

You can get the app in the MiKandi App Market for 198 Gold.

More NSFW screenshots after the jump! [Read more...]

A Year in the life of Adult Apps – INFOGRAPHIC

People often ask us for stats and to talk about how we’re doing as a company and as a 3rd party app market on Android. We’re pretty happy to share basic stats with folks and are proud to say that we’re growing really well and that being a 3rd party app market is a real possibility.

Despite spending NO money on marketing and having NO distribution through the other Android App Markets (hey Amazon, we’d be happy to offer your app store to our customers if you offer ours to your customers ;-)), we are seeing new users each and every day. Well over a million folks have used our app market for adults and while that might pale in comparison to other popular stores, we’re pretty excited about the fact that over 200,000 people use us each month and download an average of over 5 apps per person. We’re just getting started, but it’s a pretty great start.

We’ve learned a lot in the past year and we’re continuing to improve our value to our customers on a daily basis, due in large part to our large and active developer community. Without the thousands of developers publishing their hot apps every month, we wouldn’t be what we are and we’re very grateful to them all for their support and dedication. We are happy to pay an ever-increasing number of developers each month – they are proving that consumers pay for adult entertainment willingly, when the offer and delivery mechanisms are right.

As we start developing against our roadmap for 2012, we thought we’d share some of our most interesting data more broadly. As we said, we think it paints a bright future for 3rd party app markets in the Android universe. There’s a lot of potential out there for focused teams!

One funny coincidence: DC ranked highest in the entire year for greatest number of searches and requests for “deep throat” related apps.   Perhaps they are still looking for the true secret informant in the watergate scandal?

MiKandi, The Adult App Market 2011 Infographic

Banned from Apple and Google, MiKandi Welcomes iBoobs

iBoobs Uncensored in the MiKandi App Market

Not too long ago, the interwebz was inundated with tech articles, blog posts, and comments around Apple’s not so transparent app approval process.  What ensued after was an aggressive app banishment of “explicit” content from Apple’s app store.   The aftermath left many developers without a happy home, the creative genius of the iBoobs’ team included. (Impatient? Get the app here now)

In a noble fashion, iBoobs bounced back (see what I did there?) by taking advantage of Android’s open OS and released an Android version of their popular app to give the people what they really wanted… the freedom to choose ‘awesome’ without limitation.

Cue Triumphant Anthem: *Eye of the Tiger* …slow fade, then… Stop.

Unfortunately this small victory was short-lived.  According to the developer, Mystic Game Development, the uncensored version was banned from the Android Market and the lite version was cut off from all Admob ad services.

Third Time’s a Charm

Enter MiKandi, the world’s first and only app store for adults, who today welcomed the controversial app with open arms. “The great thing about the Android OS is that even if you can’t get iBoobs from the Android Market, you can still get this and other uncensored adult apps through MiKandi,” says co-founder Jennifer McEwen.

Adds the Mystic Game Development team,

We’re very happy that there are alternatives to the very closed-minded app market and app stores of Google and Apple. We hate to see that both of those big companies deal with their developers in terribly bad ways. Working with the MiKandi team gives us freedom and appreciation. We don’t feel like just a number in the big pool of developers.

MiKandi’s uncensored approach has resonated strongly with developers and adult mobile users, now generating over 500,000 app downloads per month. This week, MiKandi released its Direct Inward Linking API enabling developers to drive new customers directly to their app detail pages within the app store. Want iBoobs? Click and ye shall find.


Saweeeeet, right? Well, don’t take our word for it…