MiKandi to Demonstrate Google Glass Porn at XBIZ 360

We’re teaming up with XBIZ, the leading industry news source, once again. This January, MiKandi’s Jesse Adams and Jennifer McEwen will  demonstrate Google Glass and discuss its potential impact on the future of adult entertainment. This past summer, we became Glass’s unofficial ambassador in the adult industry when we released the first adult Glass app, Tits & Glass, followed by a collaboration with XBIZ to debut the first-ever Google Glass porn video featuring adult film stars James Deen and Andy San Dimas.

We’re thrilled to share our experience and behind the scenes details of our Google Glass porn project. First, we’ll be going over the general process of building the Tits & Glass app for Google Glass, which will give attendees a good sense of the limitations and possibilities.

Then we’ll talk in detail about the first porn we shot with Glass, how it came together and the challenges we had. We’ll also share some of the overwhelming customer feedback we received from the video that will be super insightful for anyone looking to explore these high-tech devices. Lastly, we’ll touch upon where we see this heading in the future and what to expect next.

Comprised of a groundbreaking series of seven all-encompassing events, XBIZ 360° explores the future of digital media, adult film, pleasure products and retail.

The conferences will set the stage for the most elaborate XBIZ Awards show to date on Friday, Jan. 24, when it will return to the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, Calif., with adult film superstar Jenna Jameson as the master of ceremonies.

Free registration and discounts are available for a limited time for members of XBIZ.net, the industry’s leading social network.

See you there!

Will Google Glass Change Porn?

Google Glass PornOur friends at XBIZ conducted a survey over the summer, asking folks in the adult industry if they felt Google Glass would be as amazing for porn as everyone else thinks it will be. As we expected, the results showed most were unsure about the future of porn with Glass. In some respects, we agree with them. It’s such a new and innovative device that it’s hard to tell if consumers will adopt it for their everyday lives, let alone for porn consumption and creation.

But here’s the thing- those who believe Google Glass porn is just hype are forgetting one crucial fact. Glass is a communications device. It is not simply a head mounted camera. If the intention is to just use it to film POV videos, frankly that would be a waste of everyone’s time. And to be honest, those who intend to use Glass in that manner alone are not likely to introduce amazing innovations in the adult industry, are they?

More than Porn

Do we think people will prefer to watch adult videos or browse adult sites on Google Glass? No.

But here’s what they will do. They’ll use it to get notifications that their favorite cam model is about to do a live show, and open their laptop. They’ll get pinged that a site they’re subscribed to just uploaded more videos that are tagged with their preferences and unlock their smartphone. Like non-adult use cases, adults will use it to share intimate photos and videos with each other. Models and performers will use it to stream personal videos to their fans. From the seemingly boring and mundane to the steamy and salacious, fans will tune in because it will be, by far, the most intimate and fascinating interaction they can get with their favorite performers.

More than Glass

Google Glass is a big step toward making technology fit more comfortably into our daily lives. Glass will evolve over time and we’ll undoubtedly see more wearable tech thanks to Google’s innovation.

XBIZ‘s senior technology editor, Stephen Yagielowicz, gets it when he says,

Google Glass does, however, remain a very intriguing technological milestone in the merging of man and machine, so it follows that any whiff of humanity will have a sexual counterpart, with this platform far from exempt.

Already there are smart watches with cameras and video recording that sync seamlessly to your phone and sticks that connect your phone or laptop to your TV. We’re beginning to see a convergence of all screens and devices. OF COURSE porn will change. If Google can get consumers to fall in love with Glass, Glass will be the first device to start the journey.

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Infographic: 14 things you need to know about Internet porn

Image: onlinemba.com

Source: Business Insider

Xbiz LA 2011 – Our thoughts

2 weeks ago, a few of the members of the MiKandi team headed down to the sunny climes of Southern California and spent time at the 2011 Xbiz LA conference. Huge thanks to Moe and his team for putting on a great show and allowing us to attend!

A few things we noticed while we were down there that we found particularly interesting and exciting in the context of our focus on the changing adult consumer:

The content producers are more focused than ever on discerning what consumers want

1030We particularly enjoyed the Content panel, featuring folks from Hustler, Digital Playground and Playboy. Hearing that these major brands are very focused on the “long tail” and are tuning the content they produce for each territory they distribute to was really encouraging. As was finding out that some of them are really driving production decisions based upon search engine information. In today’s digital media world, it’s incredibly important to focus on revisiting your consumer assumptions once you collect data and we’re really glad to know that the top brands are right there with us.

From the outset, we’ve found that our app store for adults has a really broad set of demands from consumers and the search data we monitor tells us that consumers are really seeking specific, niche content. We’re excited about what this means for when more of the “long tail” content producers launch apps in the MiKandi app store.

Everyone’s curious about how to make money on mobile

Almost every session we attended ended up bringing up mobile, which is incredibly encouraging. From discussions about price points (there seems to be a lot of concern about lower price points resulting in lower overall revenue) to increased conversion rates, a lot of the industry is discovering what we believe to be true about mobile: consumers are willing to spend significant money on mobile, as long as it’s convenient and the price is attractive enough to avoid thinking about it.

Our cocktail conversations and meet and greet discussions with many of the Xbiz attendees really reinforced that people are nervous that the existing adult consumer expects to get the same premium content, but for a fraction of the price. This worry makes a lot of sense to us, given what’s happened to a significant portion of the core revenue base over the past few years.

However, we firmly believe that mobile increases the number of consumers willing to interact with adult content and increases the opportunity to offer value that the consumers are willing to pay for.

We look at companies like PinkVisual, who took home the award for Mobile Company of the Year AND the Mobile World Congress’s “Future Mobile Award for Mobile Adult” and are really encouraged to see them innovating and experimenting with consumer offerings. At Xbiz we were very flattered to have a number of companies approach us and ask about how to really get serious about creating adult apps this year and we look forward to helping them address this next wave of consumer demand.

(Of course, it doesn’t hurt that PinkVisual already has hot apps in our app store, that PV team is awesome!)

Personalized connections matter more every day

The most compelling theme throughout the conference was that of “personalized connections”. Throughout the 3 days, we heard a lot about how personalized marketing and fostering “real” connections between the brands, the talent and the consumers was what was consistently driving revenue success. The massive revenue streams garnered by dating sites, along with the tremendous growth in the Live Cam industry really supports that consumers pay most for really personal connections. This common refrain is really encouraging – it feels like the most natural place to focus on delighting the adult consumer. As a company focused on “what’s next?” when it comes to consumers and adult, we know that being absolutely obsessed with what matters most to the consumer is how we’ll be successful. Personalized connections are a cornerstone of mobile app development and we’re excited to be working with leaders in the industry on really achieving them.