MiKandi featured on YourStory.com

MiKandi on YourStory.com

This week started off on a great note- a terrific article on MiKandi on YourStory.com,  India’s leading and most comprehensive online platform for startups and entrepreneurs. Obviously, we’re flattered with the article and the fact that the author noted MiKandi’s commitment to being a next-generation adult company.

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While Vine blocks porn, MiKandi gets VinePorn


As we all know, social media + porn = tru luv. Except in the case of Vine, Twitter’s popular video sharing app. Last week, Vine told porn “I’m just not that into you” when it updated its Terms of Use to prohibit adult content.

From Vine

For more than 99 percent of our users, this doesn’t really change anything. For the rest: we don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet –– we just prefer not to be the source of it.

Launched in 2012 and later acquired by Twitter for a reported $30 million, the app enables its users to create 6-second looping videos to share with followers. Not at all surprising, users immediately began sharing adult content. Given Twitter’s openness to adult content on its micro-blogging service, I’m sure many (myself included) hoped the micro-video service would follow suit.

The company came under fire last year when explicit material made its way onto the Editor’s Picks list. While not going as far as prohibiting nudity and sexual content, Vine began filtering sexually-related hashtags. Users who wanted adult content could still find it by following specific Vine accounts, particularly pornstars, who are true social media gurus. But even with filtering in place, creative hashtagging meant adult content was still making its way through to public feeds. After time, Vine had enough and updated its terms to prohibit all adult content throughout the network.

VinePorn Screenshot

Recently VinePorn, an adult app that specifically filters only porn in Vine, made it’s way into the MiKandi Adult App Store. The app collects the adult content on Vine that is usually filtered and unreachable. As of this morning, I was still able to view nude and sexually explicit content direct from performers through the app.

Vine asserts that this update only affects 1% of its users. Given that VinePorn’s development team, PornLockr, is part of that 1%, I reached out to them for comment. Here’s what PornLockr had to say.

What are your thoughts on the recent ban of adult material on Vine?

Twitter prohibited adult content on Vine, most likely as a way to remain in the app markets after getting branded with a 17+ age rating. Surprisingly, they noted that only 1% of users on Vine are posting content of an adult nature, I find this doubtful. It’s more likely they don’t really know exactly how much porn is on Vine considering it’s not always tagged and they’re probably relying on data collected by accounts being labeled as explicit. I’m sure it’s much higher than 1% and I know that people have a rising interest in watching short adult clips; users want to see quick sex videos during their busy days and they want to follow the activities of their favorite porn stars and cam girls.

How does this development affect your app, VinePorn?

There’s still a large amount of adult content being uploaded to Vine, regardless of the new policy, so we’ll continue consolidating links on VinePorn for users to easily access. We also plan to allow users to upload videos and GIFs to our servers with Vine and VinePorn accounts soon, so those turned away from Vine will have a service available to upload sex clips to a community more accepting of adult content.

I’ve noticed that a lot of users on Vine who upload adult content are quickly setting their accounts to private, I’m sure this will be the trend going forward; users screening followers to prevent their account from being reported and soon after suspended. So for those interested in a Vine alternative; VinePorn is available, accessible through the MiKandi store.

We’ll be posting updates regarding VinePorn features and development to http://vine.pornlockr.com

MiKandi treats adults like adults

Are you a developer with an adult Android app? We’d love to hear from you! Our 4.5 million customers world-wide are waiting for your adult app. Visit us at developer.mikandi.com to learn more about MiKandi, the app store that treats you like an adult.

Link Love: Wearables SDK, Android/Windows tablet, Android versions


Wearable developer tools coming in two weeks

Android makes its way into wearable tech with the announcement of a wearables SDK in the works. The software development kit will enable developers to create Android software for wearable hardware, and is slated for release in just two weeks.

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Asus dual boot

Google cited as bothered by Android-Windows hybrid

Google is reported miffed by the Asus dual OS Android/Windows laptop-tablet. Not even kind of surprising- Microsoft hasn’t openly opposed the device. Hell, who would blame them?

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Android 4.4 KitKat now at 2.5%, Jelly Bean tops the chart at 62%, 2.3 Gingerbread drops to 19%

Every month, Google updates its Platform Versions page to show its Android operating system’s adoption rate. Currently Android 4.4 KitKat is at 2.5%, Jelly Bean (4.1, 4.2, 4.3) takes the top spot at 62%, the slightly older version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Link Love: Android myths, Yandex Kit

Debunking four myths about Android, Google, and open-source – ZDNet.com

You can take Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code today and make your own version of Android today. If you want to, you can even take a page from CyanogenMod’s book and make an Android that works with multiple devices instead of being tied to one vendor’s smartphones and tablets.

Contrary to Edelman’s claims, you can also build commercially viable operating systems off Android without Google Mobile Service (GMS) apps. Or, at least, you can try to. That’s exactly what Mozilla is doing with Firefox OS. And, Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch started out using CyanogenMod Android for its foundation. Indeed, it still uses Android during its initial boot up.

Case in point…

yandex kit

Yandex offers apps-and-services bundle to help others build non-Google Android devices - Gigaom

Enter Russian web giant Yandex, which has spent the last couple of years developing alternative services for those manufacturers who are trying to build an own-brand system on top of AOSP. On Wednesday, the company unveiled what it calls Yandex.Kit, a firmware package that includes email, mapping, a browser, a 3D launcher, and Yandex.Store, which boasts around 100,000 apps.

MiKandi’s Milestones in 2013


We’ve been very busy bees this year at MiKandi, and as a result, 2013 proved to be a banner year for us. From our V4 makeover to Google Glass porn to the first third party Chrome Apps store, and everything in between, we’ve made a lot of moves to help move the adult industry and tech forward- and we’re just getting started.

Without further adieu, here’s a look at 2013 in review.

November – Awards, Awards, Awards


MiKandi Nominated for Five XBIZ Awards

Industry news source XBIZ announced their nominees for the 2014 XBIZ Awards. Guess who made an appearance five times? Yours truly!

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October – Third Party Chrome Apps

mikandi mint list

Introducing MiKandi Mint, the world’s first third party Chrome App Store

True to form, we’ve kept it 18+. But here’s a look at the first ever third party Chrome App Store.

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July – Google Glass Porn is Here!

Andy San Dimas and James Deen with Google Glass

MiKandi Releases First Google Glass Porn

MiKandi collaborated with leading adult entertainment media organization, XBIZ, to release the first Google Glass porn. The video features porn superstar James Deen, and 2011 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year, Andy San Dimas, each donning a device to record the first-ever, two-way POV Glass porn.

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June – Google Glass Porn App Tits & Glass


Introducing Tits & Glass, the world’s first Google Glass porn app

Tits & Glass enables Google Glass users to share racy content from their devices directly to other Glass users and online at TitsAndGlass.com, where they can browse, comment and vote on their favorite content.

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well that escalated quickly

UPDATE: Google bans porn on Glass

Our Google Glass porn app Tits & Glass went limp when Google slyly updated their policy to prohibit porn on Glass.

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colbert repot

Google Glass porn bans gets Stephen Colbert’s attention

The news of Google banning our adult Glass app, Tits & Glass, caught the attention of Stephen Colbert, who had something to say to the Internet giant on this episode of The Colbert Report.

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jay cinista tits and glass

Tits & Glass is back!

While pornographic material will not be allowed or accessible on the Tits & Glass app, you can share and access sexy POV content on our website. To get the party started, we’ve preloaded the app with Glass-safe images.

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May – MiKandi Gets Google Glass

Google Glass on MiKandi Porn App Store

Google Glass Porn Coming to MiKandi

As attendees at 2012′s Google I/O conference, MiKandi was eligible to be among the first to explore Google Glass. And boy, did we explore.

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April – MiKandi Gets a Makeover

MiKandi V4MiKandi heats up Android with a redesigned adult app store and mobile porn theater

After months of hard work, we released a sizzling update to the MiKandi Adult App Store, Theater, and web portal. Redesigned from the ground up, the new and improved MiKandi boasts a complete interface overhaul, faster performance, broader device support, and showcases content from the world’s most popular adult brands - HustlerElegant AngelBrazzersPrivate and much more.

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February – Our Little App Store Grows Up


MiKandi hits 3.8 Million Installs

In February, we announced that our world leading adult app store and mobile streaming subscription service for adult entertainment, reached 3.8 million device installs with over 1 million registered users. The fact that we grew to this size organically, without any advertising dollars, is especially inspiring for us. It goes to show what happens when you focus on offering great customer service and treating adults like adults. We’re thankful to all of our customers and fans who’ve supported us over the past three years.

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Hustler Joins MiKandi

The Hustler Boob Tube App turns your Android device into a porn remote control, making it extremely easy to enjoy Hustler porn on your connected TVs.

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MiKandi Nominated for Five XBIZ Awards

This week, industry news source XBIZ announced their nominees for the 2014 XBIZ Awards. Guess who made an appearance five times? Yours truly!


2013 has been a milestone year for us at MiKandi- full of blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids. This year, we hit 4 million installs of our app store with over  8,000 adults apps in our library. In April, MiKandi V4 launched with a complete design overhaul, faster delivery with SendFaster, and in-app feedback integration. A few months later, MiKandi made headlines when we announced we were developing an adult app for Google Glass. Two weeks later, Tits & Glass the world’s first adult Glassware was released to the public. Shortly after, we teamed up with XBIZ, Andy San Dimas, James Deen, and Vice.com to film the world’s first adult video shot with Google Glass. And just last month, we released MiKandi Mint List, the first third party Chrome App Store of any kind. But because we’re MiKandi, Mint List is 100% adults only, curating the very best of adult web.

Needless to say it’s been a very busy and exciting year. We’re honored and ecstatic to be recognized for our hard work and dedication to innovation in the adult industry. And to be included among such great company is the cherry on top. Thank you to XBIZ and our industry peers for nominating MiKandi in these categories:

Mobile Company of the Year

Innovative Web Product of the Year (Tits & Glass)

Innovative Web Product of the Year (MiKandi Mint List)

Progressive Web Company of the Year

Mobile Site of the Year

The XBIZ Awards coincides with the industry’s top trade events series of the year, XBIZ 360, which will take over the entire property of the W Hollywood Hotel Jan. 22-25 for an unprecedented lineup of events dedicated to exploring the future of digital adult entertainment, movie production, pleasure products and retail.

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Promote your adult apps in MiKandi

It’s been almost 4 years since MiKandi launched to the world the first app store for adults. Since then, we’ve grown to over 4 million users with over 8,00 adult apps, serving nearly every country on the planet. That’s a lot of apps for a lot of people.

Naturally, developers want and need tools to help their apps standout. Well, we’re here to help you get your quality adult app in front of our customers. Here’s how.

Direct Inward Link

Each app you publish in MiKandi has its own direct inward link. When your app is published, we’ll send you an email with your app’s link. It will look a little something like this: https://mikandi.com/app/7937

If a visitor has MiKandi installed, this link will send them to your app’s screen in the MiKandi app store.

If a visitor doesn’t have MiKandi installed, it will prompt them to install MiKandi, then will take them to your app’s screen in MiKandi.

If a visitor isn’t on an Android, it will direct them to your app’s page on mikandi.com, where they can share the page on Twitter and Reddit.

These links are perfect for your website, blog, Tumblr, and Twitter. Be wary of Facebook as it’s the least adult-friendly social network. For an example of a developer who utilizes their direct inward links, check out @ChaturbateApps on Twitter.

Featured Apps

Every Monday, we update our Featured Apps list. Everyday, we search our adult app store for trending apps, popular apps, and fantastic new apps to put on our list. But some apps may fly under our radar. If you have a great app that you feel will resonate with our customers, send us an emailtweet, or leave us a post on our Facebook page. We’d love to take it out for a spin.

App of the Week

app of the week example

Past App of the Week

Our second weekly campaign is our App of the Week. Every Friday, we send a notification to our customers of the week’s great deal. Generally, we ask developers to offer their app at a discount during their weekly run. If your app meets our requirements for featuring, and  you’d like it to be considered for App of the Week, shoot us an email.

Adult App Reviews

adult app review

Adult App Review

On top of our Featured List and App of the Week, we regularly review apps on our Tumblr blog. We use Tumblr to communicate with our customers, while using this blog to communicate with our developers and press. Are you on Tumblr? Follow us and we’ll follow back! We’d be happy to let our customers know where to find their favorite adult app developers.

How to get featured

How do we determine what apps we want to promote? Below is a brief guideline of what we look for. If you feel your app is a good match, we want to hear about it.

1. Go native

MiKandi customers come here looking for adult mobile apps, not mobile sites. So we want to promote native adult-themed applications. However, you can build some pretty cool apps on HTML5, so we’re more than happy to consider an HTML5 based app. What we won’t consider is a mobile site wrapped in an APK that just directs users to a paysite.

2. Be Different

Think outside the content viewer box. True, a lot of apps we promote are video or photo viewers, but what really gets our attention is something a little different. Like Taint Wrangler and the Pyramid of Poon, Bang with Friends, iXtagram, Schoolgirl Run, or Strip Girl Crossing Cups.

3. Use our tools

MiKandi is building a community of adults enjoying a unique experience around adult mobile communication. There is no other market quite like it and your participation in the community only makes it stronger. The more you use the tools we provide (direct inward linking, MiKandi Gold, in-app billing API, Reporo adult ads, content packages), the stronger you make our family.

Got a media kit?

A media kit makes it that much easier to help us promote your app. If you’ve got a video, more screenshots, some press releases, and quotes, please forward it to us.  While you’re at it, add us to your media contact list and let us know whenever you release a new feature, release more apps, or have some big news. Got contracted to develop an app for a hot adult studio? Dude! We want to know!

What we’d love to see in your media kit

  • A safe-for-You-Tube video
  • Press release
  • Screenshots- both NSFW and SFW
  • Safe-for-Facebook images in 403×403 pixels and 843×403 pixels

Not a MiKandi Developer?

MiKandi is the app store that treats adults as adults, and we see ourselves as your partner. That’s why we’re continuously building tools to help you distribute and market the adult apps that your customers want. Can’t find a payment processor that will let you sell adult content? We built that. Want to send customers directly to your app in an app market? We built that. Want to up-sell content with in-app billing? We built that too.

Join our family at developer.mikandi.com today. We look forward to seeing your adult apps in our app store!




XXX Truth or Dare Launches DareTwo App on MiKandi

dare two

XXX Truth or Dare TM, Multi Award Nominee for their Adult Games have now launched their exciting and “massive” new DareTwo Android App on www.DareTwo.ca and www.MiKandi.com as announced today on Holli and Michaels Swing Show on Playboy Radio.

“The all New DareTwo App encompasses everything we put into our games and more. The DareTwo app carries over 400 interactive Truth and Dare’s for our players said Pam (Mrs. XXXTruthorDare), Founder of XXX Truth or Dare. “But this is not your standard Adult app though. We have based the app on complete interaction with one another, no movies or massive pictorials, just good, old fashioned interaction” Pam adds, “We have found that playing our game with others is where the eroticism, fun and of course action is, and most of that action is very hardcore”.

“We have also added in a very wanted 2 packs for singles, which are the Bar Hook-up Pack (my actual favourite) and the Party Pack, which guides you on meeting new partners and this is on top of the XXX Pack for couples, the Swingers Pack and the Girl on Girl Pack. Simply something for everyone!

The DareTwo Android App is available on MiKandi.

Nominated by AVN in 2012 and XBIZ in 2013, XXX Truth or Dare’s games have now gained cult status by Swingers and Vanilla’s alike, catering to heterosexuals and LGBT with 8 complete games and now their DareTwo App.

Follow XXX Truth or Dare on Twitter for more fun.

While you’re at it, follow us too!

MiKandi App Permissions Explained


When you download any Android app, you must allow the app certain permissions before it can install on your device. Here is the list of permissions MiKandi asks for before you install, and why.

Your Personal Information (read sensitive log data)
This gives us access to MiKandi log data only. It does not give us access to log data of other apps. We retrieve this debug information so we can help improve the app, such as when the app crashes or other login problems.

Network Communication (full internet access)
MiKandi needs internet access to stream content and apps to you.

Storage (modify/delete SD card contents)
This allows you to manage (install/uninstall) free apps on your SD card though MiKandi.

Phone Calls (read phone state and identity)
MIKandi uses this permission to track different versions of Android, so that we can do a better job of serving you content that is optimized for your device.

System Tools (retreive running applications)
MiKandi uses this permission in order to install and manage applications that you download through MiKandi.

Network Communication (view network state)
This tells MiKandi if you are connected to the Internet via 3G or WIFI.

My Accounts (discover known accounts)
This allows MiKandi to securely store your account credentials on your device.

Google Glass Porn Coming to MiKandi

MiKandi visits Android HQ

Google Glass on MiKandi Porn App Store

Update 1: MiKandi Debuts Tits & Glass, World’s First Google Glass Porn App

Update 2: Google Quietly Revised Developer Policy, Bans Google Glass Porn

Update 3: Tits & Glass is Back!

Update 4: MiKandi Releases First Ever Google Glass Porn Video

We just picked up a pair of Google Glass! We’re thrilled to be one of the first (if not the only) porn store to start creating apps and content with Google Glass.

With close to 8000 adult apps in the market today, we’ve seen the future of adult entertainment and it’s awesome. It’s the live and personalized experiences that are driving revenue and innovation today. Some adult studios may be waiting on the sidelines to see how popular these get, but this is the kind of technology that gets us extra excited in the morning.  Watching porn or movies in general on Google Glasses is not quite there yet (and believe me, that’s the first thing we tried), but we love the idea of a very natural, wearable smart device that can create intimate, two-way adult experiences remotely.

Sharing POV porn is now even faster and easier than holding up your camera phone or using higher quality cameras like GoPro. How fun will it be to tap into your favorite porn star or cam model’s glass video stream? Or go down the rabbit hole further with us and imagine when devices, like Google Glass, can communicate with sex toys. That brings virtual sex to another level.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’re just excited to play around with them and start recording some pink parts.

So who’s POV do you want to see?