Drive customers directly to your MiKandi adult app

We’ve just released our Direct Inward Linking API, which is a fancy way of saying: anyone can now create a link directly into the MiKandi App Store. This is really valuable for our developers: it makes it easy for mobile users to navigate from your website or marketing campaign directly to your application.

Create your own link in 2 (maybe 3) easy steps

If you’re a developer, and you’d like to use MiKandi’s Direct Inward Linking API to promote your MiKandi app on your website, blog, or marketing campaign, just follow these steps:

  1. Copy this link:
  2. Replace the app id [1588 in the above link] with the ID of the app you’d like to link to
  3. If you’d like us to track your referral activity, replace the referral code [20 in the above link] with your developer ID

In addition to this simple linking method, we’ve created a basic button you can embed on your website or place in your mobile landing pages. Take it for a spin and tell us what you think.

Go on, try it!

If you’re having any trouble with the above steps, or have more specific needs, just send us an email at developer{at}mikandi{dot}com. We’re here to help!

A few more details

  • Not sure how to find the ID of the app you want to link to? In addition to finding it under “Manage Applications” in the developer portal you can find it by searching for the app on the MiKandi portal. The app’s details page contains its ID in the url. Take a look at this adult app’s page. Can you figure out the App’s ID?
    • Yup, it’s 1644 E-A-S-Y
  • When you use this link your visitors will have the following experiences:
    • Android visitors who are currently MiKandi users will be sent directly to the app’s detail page
    • Android visitors who are not MiKandi users will be prompted to download and install the MiKandi App Store. Once installation is complete, the MiKandi App Store will open and take the user directly to your app’s detail page.
    • Non-Android visitors will be directed to the app’s detail page on our website
  • We highly recommend setting consumer expectations when using these links so that they don’t get concerned that you’re making them download something that is unsafe.