Want to develop adult apps?

Hey there App Stars!

Are you available for hire?  Do you want to develop some porn apps for adult studios?  Shoot us an email at developer{at}mikandi{dot}com.  Let’s talk.

As the world’s first and only mobile porn app store, MiKandi is approached by numerous adult studios and content producers looking for mobile app solutions.  And while MiKandi doesn’t develop individual apps, we want to bridge the gap between porn studios and app developers.  In fact, we just hosted a workshop in Las Vegas for AVN covering just this topic.

As such, we’re building our resource list of developers to refer studios to.  When we are contacted by studios, we’ll vet out the project first, including the proposed budget of the client.  Then we’ll turn to our developer list with that information.  If you’re interested, MiKandi will make the introduction, and if things go well, you and the client will enter a deal with each other.

If you’re developer of native mobile applications and are interested in joining our resource list, send us an email.  Please include your portfolio, and areas of expertise (games, UI, animation).

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your porn app store,

GOTO: Ultimate Lock Screen

Last night, the MiKandi Team attended the Inaugural Android Developers meetup at F5 Networks in Seattle.  In fact, we gave the second presentation of the night.  But I told myself this post wouldn’t be about us, so let’s move on.

The first EVER presenter at the Android Developers of Seattle meetup was Alberto Fonesco.  Alberto and his team developed the “ultimate lock screen”.  If you own an Android (if you don’t, get one soon) you know that the current lock screen is, well, fugly.  It’s like, does anyone have a paper bag handy?  I mean really!  Who let the ugly fucker in here?  Am I right?  I kid.

So Alberto and Co. set out to develop the Angelina Jolie of lock screens, and by George I think they’ve got it.  The app, called GOTO, was Alberto’s first venture in Android app development, and he shared the obstacles the team faced and the lessons learned.  Namely: Droid X is a bitch to work with, so if you have a Droid X and are interested in a better lock screen, it’s best you wait until they’ve ironed out the kinks.

With GOTO, you can scroll through a number of features while your screen is locked.  For example, you’re notified if you have a new message in GMail to attend to.  Only the date, time, and sender are displayed for privacy (good thinking!).  If you want to jump straight to one of the main featured apps/widgets, simply slide the thumb scroll to the icon and release.  To unlock the phone, slide all the way to the right.  If you require an unlock code, no worries: GOTO is compatible with that too.  GOTO plans to make the API available to tie into other social services such as Twitter.

I’m hesitant to say this, but the app looks rather iPhone-esque.  The UI is beautiful, polished, and seamless- something that many Android apps lack.  The attention to detail is apparent and much appreciated.

GOTO is available in the Android Market for $2.99 USD.

Android 3.0 Gingerbread… already??

Android 2.2 just launched and already we’re hearing 3.0 Gingerbread will be out by the end of the year.

Android has grown at an exceptional rate, and has even surpassed iPhone in sales in the US market this quarter, however Android’s fragmentation problem has been a top criticism against Android app development.  And it looks like they have no plans on slowing down.

From EWeek:

HTC has told blogs most Android phones launched this year will get an upgrade to Android 2.2 in the second half of the year. This includes the Desire and Droid Incredible as well as upcoming phones like the Evo 4G, MyTouch slide and upcoming models. Meanwhile, the public has learned from Google’s WebM VP8 codec Website that Android 2.3, the so-called Gingerbread build, could be ready as soon as the fourth quarter this year.

The Android team doesn’t consider this a fragmentation issue because all versions are compatible on all devices respectively (all 2.1 Eclair devices are compatible, all 1.5 Cupcake devices are compatible, etc.), and yes, ok, it’s not Linux-esque fragmentation, but come on you know what they mean. Semantics!

It’s pretty fucking awesome that Android is making impressive progress and doing it at lightning speed.   However, those using 1.5 and older devices are shaking their fists in the air because there is no sign of a version update.  To be fair, the lack of updates on the Motos can be blamed on Motoblur.  But what’s irking app devs is that older versions are still being released alongside the newer versions.

From Technologizer:

In a sense, the Google guy who said that what’s going on is progress, not fragmentation, is absolutely right. The only reason why there are so many phones based on so many Android variants out there is because Google is cranking out meaty Android upgrades at a pace which handset manufacturers are unprepared to deal with.

Android 1.5 shipped in April of 2009; 1.6 shipped in September; 2.0 shipped in October; 2.1 shipped in December; and 2.2 shipped last week. As Google finishes new features, it rolls them out rapidly in small batches, then gets back to work on the next batch–just as it does with a service such as Gmail. But with Gmail, Google can flip a switch and push new stuff out to every user in a few hours. It even managed to accomplish something similar with its own Nexus One phone: People who own Nexuses (Nexii?) with Android 2.1 are already getting the 2.2 update.

All this talk about Eclair, Gingerbread, Froyo and Cupcake is getting me hungry.

Devs: What makes a great entrepreneur?

Do you ask yourself this question?  You should.  If you have an app on MiKandi, or any market for that matter, you’re a entrepreneur.  But are you a great one?

Investor Brad Feld of Foundry Group shares his insight on his blog, in which he says the following:

I get asked similar questions, including the inevitable “what makes a great entrepreneur?”  When I’m on a VC panel, I’m always amused by the answers from my co-panelists as they are usually the same set of “VC cliches” which makes it even more fun when I blurt out my answer.

A complete and total obsession with the product.”

Makes sense, doesn’t it?  You supplied your Product to meet a demand and serve a need.  You had the foresight and ability to create another stream of distribution and revenue for yourself.  Do you have the right attitude to make your business stand out?

We get it.  We’re in the same boat as you.  MiKandi is a small group of entrepreneurs, the first of our kind in the mobile app industry.  And while being first-to-market has definitely given us amazing exposure, we wouldn’t have been able to sustain the momentum without “a complete and total obsession with the product.”  Want to know what we see when we close our eyes?  This.  Day in, day out, we continue to build upon our product, take in feedback from our developer community, personally answer emails, fix bugs (thank you for your patience!), and launch, launch, launch.

Continues Feld,

Not interested, not aware of, not familiar with, but obsessed.  Every discussion trends back toward the product.  All of the conversations about customer are really about how the customer uses the product and the value the product brings the customer.  The majority of the early teams are focused entirely on the product, including the non-engineering people.  Product, product, product.

What is your product and what makes it great?  As your MiKandi Team works on the launch of our brand new User Web Portal, we ask you to log into the Dev Portal, and spend some time to obsess over your app.  Make sure your descriptions are succinct and interesting, upload beautiful app icons and clear screenshots.

If you’re in the process of developing an app, think about how your product adds value to the consumer.  A quick poll of our readers reveal that they are looking for Games, Entertainment, and Comic apps.  Need ideas?  Holla atcha team!  We’re constantly kicking around app ideas, and would love to share them with you!  Email us at developer@mikandi.com, or check out our blog post entitled Give the People What They Want for tips on.. giving the people what they want.

You’ve got a Developer invite code, now what??

Hey there, App Star!

Maybe you’re a bit behind on things, overwhelmed with all of the great app ideas you’ve got running around in your head, or just nervous about the task in front of you: building a world-class adult mobile app.

Maybe that’s what is keeping you from logging in as a developer with MiKandi…

In which case, we just have to say – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????

Hundreds of developers are working away… don’t be left out in the cold!

At this very moment, thousands of consumers are downloading apps from the MiKandi app store.. but none of them are downloading yours! If you’ve forgotten that you requested a developer code from us or just haven’t gotten around to signing up, stop delaying: head to our developer portal, sign in using your invite code and get to publishing those awesome Android adult app ideas you’ve got bouncing around your brain.

How good is your idea? Need some help? Or some content?

We’ve heard from a number of you that you’re experimenting with ideas but don’t like any of them. If that’s you, we just wanted to say: come talk to us!

We’re more than happy to get on the phone with you to discuss what you’re thinking about building, what your ideas are and how to refine them. We’ve already worked with more than 20 developers on their apps, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Do you need content?
If you’ve got a great idea but it requires some content, maybe one of our partners can help you out. We’re constantly talking with content companies in the adult space and they’re definitely interested in working with the right teams of developers to roll out mobile products that will help grow their brands. If you’re a killer technical person, rest assured, your *ahem* services, are in need ;-).

Furthermore, if you’re trying to figure out what kind of content lends itself to the mobile space, we can be a good resource for your questions and brainstorms, so seek us out.

Enter the MiKandi polling app challenge!
Here at MiKandi, we’re very focused on communicating effectively with our developers (we love you all!) and our consumers. In order to do a better job of that, we’d like to offer our consumers a default application when they download the App Store. Would you like to be the app developer who’s featured as the default application to all of our consumers…?

We thought so :-)

So, here’s the challenge: we want an app that polls consumers about the MiKandi app store, their favorite apps and what they’d like to see. In this connected day and age, it’s important to be actively soliciting feedback from users and that’s what this app is intended to help us do.

If you think you’re up to building something that’ll be useful to all of our consumers, hit reply and tell us. We’ll be running this challenge for the next few months, so don’t delay!

It’s time to build your app

Hey Developers:  For those of you still working on writing your apps, we thought we’d take a moment to say:
Hurry Up!!

Seriously, what’re you all waiting for :)?  If you’re waiting, stop wasting time and get cracking – the earlier you’re in the store and in front of consumers, the better!

Since we know that some of you are still learning how to develop mobile apps, we wanted to share some useful Android resources with you. Take a look at the various things that we’ve come across and if you have great resources to add to the list, just hit reply and share with us. Thanks!

Impatient? Here, develop your 1st app, fast!
With this simple tutorial

Getting Started With Android
This starter module will guide you through everything you need to know about making your first steps into developing for the platform. It talks you through the anatomy of the applications, development tools and gets you started on your first ‘Hello World’ project.
Take me there!

Developing Android Applications
Android applications can be developed using the same tools used to develop Java applications. Android’s core libraries will provide you with the functions needed to build high quality rich mobile apps whilst providing you with development tools to make debugging, running and testing your applications much easier. This module will guide you through the development process, outlining the core philosphy behind the Android system and going over the key sections in good detail.
Take me there!

Developer Toolbox
The developer toolbox module will walk you through how to write code that makes the most of the Android systems features, allowing you to create custom components and really get well-versed in the many API’s at your disposal.
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Reference Information
This module is made up of a good collection of reference material specifically related to developing Android applications. Details of the application framework and documentation for the Android core libraries are covered in full.
Take me there!

Help – How do I delete apps?

Inquiring minds want to know:  I tried to move an app to Trash but it’s still on my menu.  How do I delete it?

If you want to delete an app from your home screen, hold down the app for a couple of seconds.  A trash can icon will appear: drag the icon to the trash can.  However, doing this only removes the app from your home screen.  To totally delete an app, you have to go to Manage Applications.

You may need to refer to your device’s manual, but generally you can manage your apps by going to Settings>> Applications>>  Manage Applications.  Select the app you want to uninstall, and hit Uninstall.

But don’t leave without saying a word! If you’re unhappy with an app for any reason, please share your feedback with the developer and us.

  • Email us at mikandi{at}mikandi{dot}com with your feedback.
  • If you need to contact the developer, please email us at developer{at}mikandi{dot}com with the title of the app in the subject header.

We (MiKandi and developers) thank you for your patience. MiKandi launched just 2 months ago to developers only.  We’re flattered by the amount of attention we’ve received from users.  Up until now, developers did not have the space to share adult-content apps.  Therefore, the Adult-Only app market is in it’s infancy.  We encourage you to keep the client on your device, as developers are working hard to create and share quality adult apps.  We expect to see more applications on MiKandi in the upcoming weeks.

Taking Advantage of the Multi Billion Dollar Mobile App Market

24 telecom operators to form Wholesale Applications Community

From: engadget.com

Twenty four telecom operators announced in Barcelona last week that they will be form the Wholesale Applications Community with the support of the GSMA and major hardware manufacturers.  This alliance will “build an open platform that delivers applications to all mobile phone users.”

Says Engadget:

Essentially, the goal of the alliance will be to create a viable, cohesive and open industry platform for mobile app developers. Members of the Community will include AT&T, China Mobile, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, NTT DoCoMo, Orange, TeliaSonera, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and Vodafone among others, and they’ll be supported in their endeavors by LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. The total customers of the group is about 3 billion, giving WAC (our name) some considerable — albeit theoretical for the moment — power. The group plans to work on coming up with a standard for working across platforms over the next twelve months. WAC’s website just went live a bit ago — there’s a link to it below — and the full press release is after the break.

Press Release after the jump.

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