Google says “no” to sexy

Is it 2010? Because it feels like 2010. What with arbitrary app approvals, app purges, and moral responsibilities and such.

Just before the weekend, Google sent out a notice via email and G+ to inform developers of updates to the Google Play Developer Program Policies. The general theme of the update is a notable crack down on deceptive ads and practices. However, inching closer and closer to Apple-esque territory with each policy update, Google also revised its stance on adult content, stating:

Sexually Explicit Material: Apps that contain or promote pornography are prohibited; this includes sexually explicit or erotic content, icons, titles, or descriptions. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child sexual abuse imagery. If we become aware of content with child sexual abuse imagery, we will report it to the appropriate authorities and delete the Google Accounts of those involved with the distribution.

…because apparently you can’t simply say “we don’t want porn” without following it with a hyperbolic association.

Seriously? That’s like saying Due to allergies, cats are not permitted in our house. Anyone caught skinning a 3 day old Bengal tiger cub alive will be reported to the authorities. 

jackie chan meme

Developers have 15 days to comply with the new policy, else see their apps removed from Play. While we’re disheartened to see Google further villianize legal content and the adults who create and consume it, we appreciate their efforts to be clearer with developers as to the content allowed in their marketplace. At the end of the day, it’s Google’s app store and they can stock their shelves as they please. We just hope that Google chooses to enforce these new rules consistently, without awarding big brands preferential treatment over the same type of content. We’ve seen it happen before elsewhere, and it isn’t fair to put developers on such precarious ground.

Displaced by Google?

MiKandi was built on the belief that adults should be treated like adults. That means enabling them to download and purchase the legal content they desire on the devices they own. It also means providing developers a safe environment to share their adult applications with our 4.5 million customers worldwide. We may be a small app store, but we’re proud that we treat our developers and customers fairly and equally. Any developer affected by this update are encouraged to join the MiKandi Adult App Store. We look forward to working with any developer displaced by Google.

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Introducing MiKandi Mint List, the world’s first third party Chrome app store

World’s First Third Party Chrome App Store

After months of hard, dedicated work, we’re pleased to announce MiKandi Mint List, the world’s first third party Chrome app store. Mint List is still in beta, but we promise to deliver the best of the adult web, curating HTML5 apps, themes, and extensions from premier adult brands around the world.

Our mission is to aggregate and deliver the best adult experiences online. While we’re fully committed to Android and the power of native apps, Mint List is our push into HTML5. The majority of our visitors, including many non-Android users, discover MiKandi from the Chrome browser. Unfortunately, the difficulties we had developing an alternative Chrome App store raise concerns about the openness of the HTML5 app ecosystem on Chrome.

Apple-esque Restrictions from Google

Although Mint List is a safe alternative Chrome web store for adults, we discovered restrictions after soft launching last Wednesday. Previously, we were able to write flags to the registry to enable installs. Google’s Chrome update last week significantly reduced the ability of third parties to deliver their own app. We were able to build a workaround solution but it appears that Google intends to tightly control the delivery of HTML5 apps on Chrome. In order to install apps outside of Google’s official Chrome Web Store, users must first download and run the Mint Installer, a simple application that enables installs of Chrome Apps from MiKandi Mint List at

mikandi mint list

With Chrome, Google cites security issues and user protection as reasons to justify the restrictions in its latest update, but we sense a broader policy change. With these latest updates, Google has lost the balance between openness and security with Chrome. People love Android because it always strives for this balance. The Mint List App Store for Chrome is about extending that mission on the web.

Powerful HTML5 Chrome Apps

We knew we wanted to explore the Chrome space earlier this year when Google announced Sundar Pichai would replace Andy Rubin as head of Android. Today, Pichai oversees Android, Chrome, and Google Apps. For months, we saw signs that Google intended to converge their services, technologies, and device. This became all the more evident to us with Google Glass and Chromecast, both of which unify Android and Chrome through HTML5.

Chrome Apps have evolved from browser dependent to fully functional offline desktop applications. By utilizing the device’s hardware and new desktop-inspired user interface designs, Chrome Apps open up the previous limits of online-computing and allow for heavier applications. These apps take advantage of cloud computing by updating and syncing across devices online, and remaining available offline in some cases. Because they are built with web technologies, such as HTML5, Java, and CSS, Chrome Apps offer a lower barrier to entry to develop apps with near-native experiences.

Get on the Mint List

We’ll be uploading more adult Chrome apps, themes, and extensions in the upcoming weeks. Studios, performers, and developers interested in featuring their adult HTML5 apps, themes, and extensions on Mint List are encouraged to email us at The promotional video for Mint List is available on the company’s YouTube channel (


Infographic: The fall of Apple

The fine folks over at shared this infographic with us today highlighting the fall of Apple and rise of competitors. It’s interesting to see that Apple’s streak of bad luck may be changing with the help of subscriptions.

Subscriptions are something we think a lot about. After all, aside from ad revenue, that’s how the adult industry survives. And judging by the purchasing behavior and straight out requests from many of our customers and developers, it’s something you guys want in the MiKandi Adult App Store and Theater.

What do you think? Is Apple falling, and if so, can it recover?

The Fall of Apple

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Playboy Launches Censored App for iPhone – This is an April Fool’s joke, right?

This is a joke, right? Someone please tell us Playboy hasn’t launched another censored app in the Apple iTunes App Store. We mean, they know Android is the dominating mobile OS, right? And that no one really reads Playboy for the articles, right? Right? Are we missing something here?

No boobs

No boobs

Maybe we are, because today Playboy announced the launch of it’s subscription based app in iTunes. The application is devoid of all the goodies that made Playboy great (i.e. soft pink parts), and fills it with fashion tips.



“It forces us to use our imagination to be a little bit more creative,” Playboy‘s Josh Schollmeyer, Director of Digital Content, told USA Today. You spelled BORING wrong, Josh.

On top of that, Playboy focused solely on iOS and completely ignores Android, the only mobile OS that actually lets them develop applications worthy to be called Playboy! REALLY?!

Nah, this has gotta be a joke. Well played, sirs. Well played.

well done

How is Apple tackling user generated content?


Today, Market Watch published an article regarding apps that display user generated content and Apple’s still seemingly arbitrary app approval process. It’s like 2010 all over again! We can’t believe that, in 2013, developers still have questions that Apple doesn’t want to answer.

Same old, same old

Back in 2010, Apple infamously purged the Apple App Store of all “adult” apps. While it was pretty obvious to developers and customers that porn apps are not welcomed in the app store, no one expected Apple to lay down the ban hammer on bikini apps, CGI jiggling censored boob apps, and fart apps. Were the apps immature? Arguably. Adult? No way.

Link: Geekwire asks MiKandi Is the iBoobs app even porn?

Although we and many others felt Apple took it too far, we did appreciate that the company was finally making it a littler clearer about what kind of apps were allowed in their market. We invited developers to join MiKandi, the world’s first and largest app store for adults, and welcomed thousands of adult apps with open arms.

Tackling user generated content

This time around, it’s user generated content that’s rubbing the app store the wrong way. Earlier this year, Twitter’s video app, Vine, fell under fire when users began uploading short pornographic clips. As a result the app was slapped with a 17+ rating. Image sharing app, 500px, was initially banned from the Apple App Store before receiving a 17+ rating, and the Tumblr app, although not banned, also sports a 17+ rating. In all cases, Apple deemed it was simply too easy for users to upload and find adult content. To that end, Safari should get its own 17+ rating as well. It is quite possibly the easiest way to find porn on the iPhone. Well, save for a certain MiKandi Theater (accessible on iPhone and iPads!). But Apple show favoritism? Say it ain’t so!

What’s a developer to do?

If your app has user-generated content, what are your options? Unfortunately, when it comes to iPhone apps, we don’t have an answer. Everyone looks forward to Apple setting clearer guidelines around the apps they will accept and reject. Until then, developers who have been affected by Apple’s arbitrary policies are more than welcome to share their sexy apps in our market.  Register your free MiKandi Developer account today.

MiKandi Theater gains traction, expands offering to support HTML5

HTML5 Theater

MiKandi announced today that following initial success for the launch of its Theater, it has rolled out an HTML5 version of the MiKandi theater. By ensuring that consumers on iOS devices and PCs can access the thousands of hours of content in MiKandi’s mobile theater, the company expects to significantly expand its audience and increase the opportunity available to its studio partners.

“MiKandi’s Android customers are currently enjoying a diverse mix of the world’s best adult videos,” says MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams. “We are thrilled to extend the same experience to our fans using other devices. In particular, people with iOS devices have been asking for us to support them since we launched and we’re happy to finally satisfy their demands and give them the freedom of choice.”

MiKandi has a long history of championing freedom of choice for adults. In 2010, then Apple CEO Steve Jobs infamously instructed adults who wanted access to adult entertainment to “get an Android phone” where they could find the “porn store on Android”, an unnamed reference to MiKandi, the world’s first and largest adult app market. By bringing the MiKandi Theater to iPhone and iPad devices through HTML5, MiKandi is able to respect Apple’s app store rules while ensuring that adults can access the content that they desire.

With more than 2 million Android customers worldwide, MiKandi is the world’s leading destination for applications and videos for adults on mobile devices. In the 3 months since the company launched its theater thousands of customers have opted to purchase videos and subscribe to curated channels. With a simple to understand pricing model and exceptionally high quality video from over 15 studios, consumers are finding that MiKandi’s mobile solution is faster, more intuitive and more personalized than anything else available on the market.

“Adding to the choice of content we offer our customers is an ongoing focus for MiKandi,” Adams continues. “By forging new partnerships with leading adult studios, we can ensure that MiKandi truly has something for everyone.” The latest addition to MiKandi Theater, premium fetish site Bizarre Video, was announced just last month. Bizarre Video joins premier adult studios Elegant Angel, Gamma Entertainment, Wasteland, Pink TV, Burning Angel and more in providing the very best in mobile adult entertainment.

Coupled with MiKandi’s commitment to excellent customer service, the company ensures that customers feel they’re being treated like adults. Whether it’s responding to every customerMi who contacts the company or having a generous policy towards refunds and credits, the MiKandi team has been laser-focused on delivering the kind of experience that just isn’t available from other mobile adult entertainment providers.

The MiKandi Theater is available today to everyone using the free MiKandi app, available at iPhone and iPad customers can access MiKandi Theater at The MiKandi team is already working with other studios to expand the content offerings. Inquiries from adult studios can be directed to

Google Play enforces anti-adult policies, drives developers away

It’s long been known that “there’s a porn store on Android” and “folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.” (Steve Jobs) While that still rings true when it comes to porn apps, it appears we need to make an amendment.

Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone and download MiKandi, the porn store on Android.

Google Play: “We love boobies…. SYKE!”

Since the transition from Android Market to Google Play, Google has beefed up its policy around adult material, and has begun to drive developers of adult apps out of their market. Last week, the market banned the app Reddit is Fun for violating its content policy. Read more on Pulp Tech at ZDNet. We’ve reached out to the developer to ask him to share the app in MiKandi, where we will hug it and pet it and squeeze it and name it George, but we haven’t heard back. Andrew Shu, if you’re reading this- we want you!

While we’re sad to see Google Play follow Apple’s path, we understand why a mainstream market would want to keep adult material out. You don’t want a market that appeals to kids and adults. At least Google gives adults the option to get the apps they want by downloading them from third party sources (e.g. MiKandi, the world’s first and largest adult app market.)

[VIDEO] See our response video to Nixie Pixel – Do iPhone users get the shaft?

Focus is good

Joining the world’s first and largest adult app market has its perks. Developers in MiKandi report higher relevant downloads and installs in our market because our audience is specifically looking for adult apps.

In the past week, we’ve received many requests from developer driven out of Google Play to join our market. And we take them with open arms. It may be the other markets’ “moral responsibility” to keep porn off phones, but at MiKandi, it’s our responsibility to treat adults like adults.

If you’re a developer that has been affected by Google’s decision to purge Google Play of adult material, contact us today at

Do iPhone users get the shaft? YES!

This week, Nixie Pixel asks, “Do Android users get all the smutty apps while iPhone users get the shaft?”

… and not in the good way either, amiriteladies? ;)

Jen at MiKandi gives her two cents.

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Rough night

Cinemax brings softcore porn to Apple App Store

In a clear break of Apple’s strict no-porn policy, Cinemax’s app Max Go has been approved by the App Store. Among other channels, the app includes softcore porn programming, Max After Dark. The app clearly informs users that it includes “frequent/intense sexual content or nudity.” Additionally, only 17+ users will be allowed to download it from the App Store and parental controls are available in the app. In other words, its not hiding anything from Apple.

Apple’s app approval process has long been known to be arbitrary and inconsistent. But we thought that with last year’s purge of racy applications, Apple sent a very strong message to adult companies and developers – adult apps are not allowed in the Apple App Store. The news was disappointing to many, at least Apple was finally giving us a clear answer.

Last year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed that it was the company’s “moral responsibility” to keep the porn off their phones. Around the same time, he took a little jab at us and our beloved Android when he said the following:

You know, there’s a porn store for Android. You can download nothing but porn. You can download porn, your kids can download porn. That’s a place we don’t want to go – so we’re not going to go there.

And then there is Apple’s no-porn policy:

Apps containing pornographic material, defined by Webster’s Dictionary as ‘explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings,’ will be rejected.

So what gives?

Although no indication has been given as to why Cinemax was given the green light, one can’t help but wonder if the programming giant has been given preferential treatment. It wouldn’t be the first time. After the Great Purge of 2010, which included the ban of bikini apps, many were baffled to see Playboy, Victoria’s Secret, and Sport Illustrated Sports Edition available. Yet, even Playboy couldn’t slip some extra skin in their application. As a result, the gentlemen’s magazine developed a HTML5 web app.

At MiKandi, our stance continues to be that the mobile phone belongs to the consumer who owns it and that they should be able to download and purchase the applications that they desire. We may be a small app store market, but we’re proud that we treat our developers and customers fairly and equally.

Get MiKandi today!

If you’re an adult and you’re tired of being told what you can and cannot have on your device, get yourself an Android and download MiKandi. MiKandi is the world’s first and largest adult app market.

You can download MiKandi onto your Android 1.6+ device in three simple steps:

  1. Change your device’s settings to allow installations from third parties. To do this, go to Menu> Settings> Applications and tap Unknown Sources. (AT&T customer? There are some things you should know first.)
  2. Go to on your mobile browser. Tap the blue Download Now button.
  3. Once the download is complete, you’ll be prompted to install. Review the permissions, tap Install, and voila! Our bevy of the world’s best adult apps at your fingertips.

Are you a developer?

If you’re a developer and you’re tired of unclear and arbitrary content restrictions, join the MiKandi family today. Register your free developer account at

Unpleasant Horse Rejected by Apple App Store

To the team at 4thandBattery, Unpleasant Horse is pretty much bad ass. Like the Honey Badger, this crazy Horse don’t give a shit. EW what’s that? Chains? EW! What’s that? A half eaten Apple? Anyway, grind on, Unpleasant Horse!