It’s still all about the apps. Hot porn apps if you ask us :)

MiKandi Adult App Star

After 3 years in the business, when it come to HTML5 vs Apps, it’s still all about the apps. Infamously, the adult industry has been cock-blocked from this massive shift to mobile. The result of all this censorship is a mash-up of WAP sites and dumbed-down mobile websites offering sub-optimal experiences for smartphone customers. When was the last time one of your friends recommended a mobile site? If you have a smartphone, it’s always, “Dude, you gotta check out this app”. Apps still promise more and deliver the best customer experience. Just recently the Wall Street Journal started a series called the Business of Apps and highlighted the surprising numbers behind apps. The article showcases a study from Flurry showing TV and web consumption staying the same, but app consumption increasing rapidly. No surprises here. We’re all multi-tasking on at least 3 devices these days, but the difference is that apps are always with us.

The mobile web may get there in the near future, but  who cares right now when your buddy is talking about all the awesome apps you have to try out. That’s why we’re so excited about 7000 adult apps in MiKandi today. As a next generation adult company, we’re working with thousands of horny hackers and entrepreneurs to finally bridge the huge gap between user expectations around mainstream mobile entertainment and what the adult industry provides.

Don’t get us wrong, as a porn app store , we look forward to the day of freedom when HTML5 and mobile web breaks down the walled gardens of censored apps. In fact, we’ve placed our bet on HTML5 with MiKandi Theater, a iPhone & iPad porn video on demand web app. It’s slick, fast & just works. We’re proud of it. But have you heard about our porn video theater in our native Android app store? Dude, you gotta check it out. It’s slicker, faster and without making any promises, will blow your mind.

How is Apple tackling user generated content?


Today, Market Watch published an article regarding apps that display user generated content and Apple’s still seemingly arbitrary app approval process. It’s like 2010 all over again! We can’t believe that, in 2013, developers still have questions that Apple doesn’t want to answer.

Same old, same old

Back in 2010, Apple infamously purged the Apple App Store of all “adult” apps. While it was pretty obvious to developers and customers that porn apps are not welcomed in the app store, no one expected Apple to lay down the ban hammer on bikini apps, CGI jiggling censored boob apps, and fart apps. Were the apps immature? Arguably. Adult? No way.

Link: Geekwire asks MiKandi Is the iBoobs app even porn?

Although we and many others felt Apple took it too far, we did appreciate that the company was finally making it a littler clearer about what kind of apps were allowed in their market. We invited developers to join MiKandi, the world’s first and largest app store for adults, and welcomed thousands of adult apps with open arms.

Tackling user generated content

This time around, it’s user generated content that’s rubbing the app store the wrong way. Earlier this year, Twitter’s video app, Vine, fell under fire when users began uploading short pornographic clips. As a result the app was slapped with a 17+ rating. Image sharing app, 500px, was initially banned from the Apple App Store before receiving a 17+ rating, and the Tumblr app, although not banned, also sports a 17+ rating. In all cases, Apple deemed it was simply too easy for users to upload and find adult content. To that end, Safari should get its own 17+ rating as well. It is quite possibly the easiest way to find porn on the iPhone. Well, save for a certain MiKandi Theater (accessible on iPhone and iPads!). But Apple show favoritism? Say it ain’t so!

What’s a developer to do?

If your app has user-generated content, what are your options? Unfortunately, when it comes to iPhone apps, we don’t have an answer. Everyone looks forward to Apple setting clearer guidelines around the apps they will accept and reject. Until then, developers who have been affected by Apple’s arbitrary policies are more than welcome to share their sexy apps in our market.  Register your free MiKandi Developer account today.

HUSTLER joins MiKandi with two fully uncensored apps


We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to the MiKandi adult app store — adult entertainment juggernaut HUSTLER. With two fully uncensored applications, adults can now experience on their Android devices the raw entertainment for which HUSTLER is famous.

The applications, HUSTLER All Stars 1 Gold and HUSTLER All Stars 1 Premium, offer customers exclusive videos and photosets of the adult industry’s hottest superstars.  Adults can now enjoy HUSTLER’s all stars the way they’re meant to be seen- hot, nude and unedited.

Starting today, MiKandi’s over two million customers can download HUSTLER All Stars 1 Gold for only 299 Gold ($2.99 USD) and HUSTLER All Stars 1 Premium for 499 Gold ($4.99 USD).

“We are pleased to bring these great new apps to our fans in true, hard-hitting HUSTLER style,” said HUSTLER President Michael H. Klein. “Our apps are well-designed, fun to use and feature large amounts of high quality video and images.  Also, they’re scalable, so we can quickly deliver more to the marketplace.”

Featured App: iClit

Are you God’s gift to women? Here’s an app that can put you to the test! Released today in the MiKandi App Market is Iclit, from the developers Pampuni.

Find out who amongst your friends is the best at satisfying a woman.

- A fully featured game
- A pocket 3D vagina to fool around with
- Turning-on sound effects
- Vibrating on orgasm
- Score chart-indicating the most skilled player

You can get the app in the MiKandi App Market for 198 Gold.

More NSFW screenshots after the jump! [Read more...]

A Year in the life of Adult Apps – INFOGRAPHIC

People often ask us for stats and to talk about how we’re doing as a company and as a 3rd party app market on Android. We’re pretty happy to share basic stats with folks and are proud to say that we’re growing really well and that being a 3rd party app market is a real possibility.

Despite spending NO money on marketing and having NO distribution through the other Android App Markets (hey Amazon, we’d be happy to offer your app store to our customers if you offer ours to your customers ;-)), we are seeing new users each and every day. Well over a million folks have used our app market for adults and while that might pale in comparison to other popular stores, we’re pretty excited about the fact that over 200,000 people use us each month and download an average of over 5 apps per person. We’re just getting started, but it’s a pretty great start.

We’ve learned a lot in the past year and we’re continuing to improve our value to our customers on a daily basis, due in large part to our large and active developer community. Without the thousands of developers publishing their hot apps every month, we wouldn’t be what we are and we’re very grateful to them all for their support and dedication. We are happy to pay an ever-increasing number of developers each month – they are proving that consumers pay for adult entertainment willingly, when the offer and delivery mechanisms are right.

As we start developing against our roadmap for 2012, we thought we’d share some of our most interesting data more broadly. As we said, we think it paints a bright future for 3rd party app markets in the Android universe. There’s a lot of potential out there for focused teams!

One funny coincidence: DC ranked highest in the entire year for greatest number of searches and requests for “deep throat” related apps.   Perhaps they are still looking for the true secret informant in the watergate scandal?

MiKandi, The Adult App Market 2011 Infographic

Turn Your Android into a Skin Flute

Skin Flute, a musical instrument Android application developed by Media Outbreak, gives users the chance to play and make sweet music on their Android mobile devices.

The term “Skin Flute” is a pop culture reference most people have heard at one point or another in their lives. Now, with the release of the Skin Flute Android App, which emulates playing an actual skin flute, mobile users have a chance to test their skills.

The Skin Flute app, developed by Media Outbreak, allows the user to choose a skin and then blow into the microphone while simultaneously using their fingers to touch, slide and play notes on the screen . The creator of this app stated, “We wanted to bring the Skin Flute to the mobile market because we knew it would be a fun gag app for people all over the world. We envisioned a fun party game and we hope people get a good laugh when showing it off. to their friends.” The Skin Flute app has been published on the Android Market for $1.49 & is also available for purchase through the MiKandi Adult App Market.

The Skin Flute is the first app release for local Indianapolis based company Media Outbreak ( Future updates and releases are already planned for the Skin Flute which will provide further functionality not included in the initial release. To stay up to date about the Skin Flute, or to read further documentation, visit the Skin Flute App website @

MiKandi partners with Cherry Media to offer content solution for app developers

Hey there App Stars! Have you got a great start on an adult application but are missing one major piece to the puzzle- legal content? We’ve got more good news for you. Cherry Media S.L., the industry leader for mobile erotic entertainment and MiKandi, the world’s first App market for adults, today launched a highly targeted and unique content service for MiKandi’s App Developer network.

Copyright, shmopyright. Right? Wrong.

When you register a MiKandi Developer account and publish applications, you agree to adhere to US laws and regulations. Among other things, you also confirm that you either own the material you share or you have been granted permission from the copyright owner to distribute the material. If a copyright owner finds their material in your app and determines that they have not granted you permission or a license, they can send us a DMCA Take Down notice to remove your application immediately. Get enough DMCA Take Down notices against your account, and we have to delete your account. Like, legally have to.

Furthermore, your content must be U.S.C. 2257 compliant and by uploading, you confirm that it is. If it’s not, you can be in deep doo-doo with the United States Government. If you’re pulling content off the web without the copyright owner’s permission, you’re running the risk of 1.) piracy, 2.) distributing content that is not legal in the United States.

Save yourself the headache. Get legal content from legitimate sources.

Utilizing Cherry Media’s award-winning and extensive portfolio of consumer focused content and concepts and their extensive global database of glamour, erotic and adult producers, the unique partnership offers a range of content services to effectively accommodate every type of adult App business model.

The content services cover everything from cost-effective content packs for simple gallery type applications through to conceptually based app content creation and right up to fully bespoke production facilities covering a range of leading industry producers globally and top name stars.

Says Julia Dimambro, MD & Founder of Cherry Media

Obviously we have been actively supporting and promoting MiKandi since their launch at the end of 2009 – especially in light of the Apple Store bikini app removal in February 2010. We always expected that we would work together as the App market developed, given our market positions. However, this new service really answers the current demand in the market place. The ‘band wagon’ run to develop and launch apps has highlighted the need for a more strategic and conceptual approach to erotic app development, especially as many developers are working to fixed budgets and monetisation is still challenging.

Tim Adams, Head of Developer Relations at MiKandi, adds:

We have an extensive network of developers, many of whom have fantastic concepts and ideas for applications, but are not necessarily able to realise those ideas due to content logistical issues. Cherry Media can offer not only various content solutions, but can also help developers actively optimise their app concepts utilising Cherry’s 8 years targeted experience of global mobile adult consumer trends.

Learn more by logging into your developer account at Not a MiKandi Developer? Register today- it’s free!

Or visit to see the goods. You can also email for more information on content options and pricing models to best suit your app objectives and budget. Revenue share, fixed-fee and buyout models available depending on app strategy.


New App: Two and a Half Addictions

I know your Android is already WINNING because it’s got MiKandi on it. But is it SINNING?

No?! Well starting today it can be! Check out the latest app to come to the MiKandi Adult App Store Market: Two and a Half Addictions.

Two and a Half Addictions, the first release from video game publisher Mayonnaise Games, was released this week on for the Android device and on for all major internet browsers. In this interactive sitcom, the user will help Charlie Fiend get laid, do drugs, and party the only way he knows how…Hardcore!

Basically, you help Charlie stop pretending like he’s not “a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.” Truly WINNING.

Game publisher, Mayonnaise Games, promises to deliver more game apps to Android users. “This is only the beginning for Mayonnaise Games, and we are proud of this first release,” says Charles Monroe, founder of Mayonnaise Games. “If you like Two and a Half Addictions, just wait for what we have coming next. It will really blow your mind!”

Download the app MiKandi for 199 Gold ($1.99 USD). This app requires Adobe AIR. Not sure if your device does? Check out Adobe’s list of compatible devices.

Unpleasant Horse Rejected by Apple App Store

To the team at 4thandBattery, Unpleasant Horse is pretty much bad ass. Like the Honey Badger, this crazy Horse don’t give a shit. EW what’s that? Chains? EW! What’s that? A half eaten Apple? Anyway, grind on, Unpleasant Horse!

Banned from Apple and Google, MiKandi Welcomes iBoobs

iBoobs Uncensored in the MiKandi App Market

Not too long ago, the interwebz was inundated with tech articles, blog posts, and comments around Apple’s not so transparent app approval process.  What ensued after was an aggressive app banishment of “explicit” content from Apple’s app store.   The aftermath left many developers without a happy home, the creative genius of the iBoobs’ team included. (Impatient? Get the app here now)

In a noble fashion, iBoobs bounced back (see what I did there?) by taking advantage of Android’s open OS and released an Android version of their popular app to give the people what they really wanted… the freedom to choose ‘awesome’ without limitation.

Cue Triumphant Anthem: *Eye of the Tiger* …slow fade, then… Stop.

Unfortunately this small victory was short-lived.  According to the developer, Mystic Game Development, the uncensored version was banned from the Android Market and the lite version was cut off from all Admob ad services.

Third Time’s a Charm

Enter MiKandi, the world’s first and only app store for adults, who today welcomed the controversial app with open arms. “The great thing about the Android OS is that even if you can’t get iBoobs from the Android Market, you can still get this and other uncensored adult apps through MiKandi,” says co-founder Jennifer McEwen.

Adds the Mystic Game Development team,

We’re very happy that there are alternatives to the very closed-minded app market and app stores of Google and Apple. We hate to see that both of those big companies deal with their developers in terribly bad ways. Working with the MiKandi team gives us freedom and appreciation. We don’t feel like just a number in the big pool of developers.

MiKandi’s uncensored approach has resonated strongly with developers and adult mobile users, now generating over 500,000 app downloads per month. This week, MiKandi released its Direct Inward Linking API enabling developers to drive new customers directly to their app detail pages within the app store. Want iBoobs? Click and ye shall find.


Saweeeeet, right? Well, don’t take our word for it…