Hyprocrisy, thy name is Apple

Apple proves its a big fat hypocrite this month by approving the image viewer app forChan, then promptly banning it from their market.  Why?  Because apps that have the ability to view porn (whether or not that is what the app is designed to do) are rejected, according to Apple’s Terms.
However, true to Apple’s “My Way or the Highway” attitude, the very friendly porn viewer app, Microsoft’s Bing, remains on the Apple market. 
From Gizmodo

Bing, Microsoft’s dedicated web searcher, must be deleted from the iTunes App Store at once. Why? Its image browsing mode can be set to watch hardcore porn. If Apple wants to follow their own absurd rules, Bing must be obliterated.Seriously, why is Bing still in the Apple store? Its image search engine is perfect to browse porn. Just go into preferences, turn off the adult content filter—one click—and boom, instant hardcore porn browser. And a very sleek one at that, too.

 Would Apple delete Bing, which does what ForChan does but much easier and with much more explicit and unlimited results? My guess is that they won’t, because Microsoft is Microsoft, not a no-name app developer.

They should, however, just to be consistent with their stupid “no-porn” policy. And if we are at it, let’s delete the Camera and Photo album app too, because I can use them to take photos of my naked fiancee. Let’s delete any app that can be used to record and transmit porn images online. Let’s ban the sale of iPhones and MacBooks too.

Or maybe they should do the right thing, because all of this is just stupid: Stop censoring, let people decide what to do with their gadgets and software. At least when it comes to the content that we decide to store or access through our cellphones or computers.


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Finally, an app store that treats you like an adult.  Feels good, don’t it?