AIPDaily Does Weekly App Review with MiKandi Adult App Market

Getting Your Adult Apps Noticed

One of the challenges for many developers, of any app store or app market (or whatever you’re allowed to call it these days) is app visibility.   Getting an app in front of as many eyeballs as possible is extremely important.  We understand the value of this and know our success at MiKandi is highly based upon the success of our developer community.  So we’ve been introducing ways to help market these sinfully delightful byte sized treats.  Just recently we launched Direct Inward Linking, so our developers could drive more customers directly to their MiKandi adult app.

So this week  we paired up with the awesome team at AIPDaily – an adult industry news site,  to post their reviews of content from our adult app market.  Working together on a weekly basis in the upcoming weeks, we hope to spotlight our talented developers and create as many adult app stars as possible!  Check out a snippet of their first review, on the controversial iBoobs app below.

iBoobs App

iBoobs started as an iPhone Application, but we all know how Apple applies strict restrictions on adult content for their app store. Later on the iBoobs app was added to the Android market after a couple of days, the lite version received many downloads, somewhere between 10.000 – 50.000, but what does the app do and why does it attract so many people…


To check out  the entire review, click here!  Be sure to check back in weekly for more adult app reviews in the weeks to come!

For developers interested in getting in on the action, please submit an inquiry with your apk included to or

Sexy Stripper Battery Widget

Battery Widget

Click here to get the Sexy Stripper Battery Widget now.

This is a 2 X 2 widget for your home screen.

* Girl’s clothes fade off piece by piece as battery meter goes down!

* Puts battery % in STATUS BAR when battery is low.

* Blinks LED yellow when battery is low, red when battery is very low.

* Beautiful professional models!

REQUIREMENTS: Android 1.5+

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Sexy Stripper Live Wallpaper

This sexy live wallpaper features a hot girl shaking her butt awaiting your touch. Tap it & the benjamins start falling.

Tap on the screen to make it rain and watch her shake her sexy booty for you!

Brought to you by Raw Themes.  You can buy this app for 99 Gold in the MiKandi App Store here.  Also see more live wallpapers from this developer here, here, here, and here.

Make it rain!

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Featured App: Pocket Hottie

A Hottie in your pocket – whenever you need her!

From the makers of the popular Virtual Hottie series, comes
Pocket Hottie! Only for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Show all of your friends – they will really love this App!

Totally wild, fun, and downright sexy!

There is nothing like this on the app store.

This cute blonde responds to your wishes,
and will even do a little dance for you, in full 3d!
You can rotate around her, change her outfits, and even change
her breast size! Never before on the App store has this been
possible in 3d, but now with Pocket Hottie, you can
experience the possibilities!

Make sure not to be a gentleman, or she’ll get mad at you…


- Fully 3d and animated, rotatable 360 degrees

- Change her clothing

- Make her naked

- Watch her breasts bounce up and down

- Rotate her in 3d

- Change her breast size with the “Bewbage Slider”

- She can blow you a kiss

- Watch her shake it

- She’ll slap her booty when she’s a bad girl!


- More outfits

- More hair colors

- More motions

REQUIREMENTS: Android 1.6+