Google says “no” to sexy

Is it 2010? Because it feels like 2010. What with arbitrary app approvals, app purges, and moral responsibilities and such.

Just before the weekend, Google sent out a notice via email and G+ to inform developers of updates to the Google Play Developer Program Policies. The general theme of the update is a notable crack down on deceptive ads and practices. However, inching closer and closer to Apple-esque territory with each policy update, Google also revised its stance on adult content, stating:

Sexually Explicit Material: Apps that contain or promote pornography are prohibited; this includes sexually explicit or erotic content, icons, titles, or descriptions. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child sexual abuse imagery. If we become aware of content with child sexual abuse imagery, we will report it to the appropriate authorities and delete the Google Accounts of those involved with the distribution.

…because apparently you can’t simply say “we don’t want porn” without following it with a hyperbolic association.

Seriously? That’s like saying Due to allergies, cats are not permitted in our house. Anyone caught skinning a 3 day old Bengal tiger cub alive will be reported to the authorities. 

jackie chan meme

Developers have 15 days to comply with the new policy, else see their apps removed from Play. While we’re disheartened to see Google further villianize legal content and the adults who create and consume it, we appreciate their efforts to be clearer with developers as to the content allowed in their marketplace. At the end of the day, it’s Google’s app store and they can stock their shelves as they please. We just hope that Google chooses to enforce these new rules consistently, without awarding big brands preferential treatment over the same type of content. We’ve seen it happen before elsewhere, and it isn’t fair to put developers on such precarious ground.

Displaced by Google?

MiKandi was built on the belief that adults should be treated like adults. That means enabling them to download and purchase the legal content they desire on the devices they own. It also means providing developers a safe environment to share their adult applications with our 4.5 million customers worldwide. We may be a small app store, but we’re proud that we treat our developers and customers fairly and equally. Any developer affected by this update are encouraged to join the MiKandi Adult App Store. We look forward to working with any developer displaced by Google.

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Google Play enforces anti-adult policies, drives developers away

It’s long been known that “there’s a porn store on Android” and “folks who want porn can buy an Android phone.” (Steve Jobs) While that still rings true when it comes to porn apps, it appears we need to make an amendment.

Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone and download MiKandi, the porn store on Android.

Google Play: “We love boobies…. SYKE!”

Since the transition from Android Market to Google Play, Google has beefed up its policy around adult material, and has begun to drive developers of adult apps out of their market. Last week, the market banned the app Reddit is Fun for violating its content policy. Read more on Pulp Tech at ZDNet. We’ve reached out to the developer to ask him to share the app in MiKandi, where we will hug it and pet it and squeeze it and name it George, but we haven’t heard back. Andrew Shu, if you’re reading this- we want you!

While we’re sad to see Google Play follow Apple’s path, we understand why a mainstream market would want to keep adult material out. You don’t want a market that appeals to kids and adults. At least Google gives adults the option to get the apps they want by downloading them from third party sources (e.g. MiKandi, the world’s first and largest adult app market.)

[VIDEO] See our response video to Nixie Pixel – Do iPhone users get the shaft?

Focus is good

Joining the world’s first and largest adult app market has its perks. Developers in MiKandi report higher relevant downloads and installs in our market because our audience is specifically looking for adult apps.

In the past week, we’ve received many requests from developer driven out of Google Play to join our market. And we take them with open arms. It may be the other markets’ “moral responsibility” to keep porn off phones, but at MiKandi, it’s our responsibility to treat adults like adults.

If you’re a developer that has been affected by Google’s decision to purge Google Play of adult material, contact us today at

Do iPhone users get the shaft? YES!

This week, Nixie Pixel asks, “Do Android users get all the smutty apps while iPhone users get the shaft?”

… and not in the good way either, amiriteladies? ;)

Jen at MiKandi gives her two cents.

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Rough night

Jailbreaking your iPhone determined legal in U.S. – WIN!

Ho.  Lee.  Cow.

A major win for third party iPhone app developers, app stores, and app users.  The U.S. Copyright law has determined that it is NOT illegal to jailbreak your iPhone.

Every three years, the U.S. Librarian of Congress reviews copyright laws in order to make revisions and exemptions.  The purpose of this is to determine “whether current technologies that control access to copyrighted works are diminishing the ability of individuals to use works in lawful, non-infringing ways.”  (

On Monday, the following six classes of works are now exempt from prosecution (from CrunchGear):

  1. Defeating a lawfully obtained DVD’s encryption for the sole purpose of short, fair use in an educational setting or for criticism
  2. Computer programs that allow you to run lawfully obtained software on your phone that you otherwise would not be able to run aka Jailbreaking to use Google Voice on your iPhone
  3. Computer programs that allow you to use your phone on a different network aka Jailbreaking to use your iPhone on T-Mobile
  4. Circumventing video game encryption (DRM) for the purposes of legitimate security testing or investigation
  5. Cracking computer programs protected by dongles when the dongles become obsolete or are no longer being manufactured
  6. Having an ebook be read aloud (is for the blind) even if that book has controls built into it to prevent that sort of thing.

To get you up to speed, earlier this year Apple complained to the 2009 DMCA triennial rulemaking committee concerning jailbreaking the iPhone, and asked for the action to be deemed illegal.  This was in response to a grant filed by the EFF asking that jailbreaking be allowed and kept legal as it improves the overall capabilities of the iPhone.  In essence, Apple telling you it’s illegal to jailbreak your phone would similar to Honda telling you it’s illegal to purchase and install non-OEM parts (hypothetical example).

Obviously, this news touches close to home, as many of you have been asking when MiKandi will be available for iPhones.  As you know, MiKandi is on Apple’s radar, and we know better than to poke a sleeping giant.  It was never our intention to alienate our iPhone fans, but our plans were thwarted until today’s decision was made.  While I can’t say that we definitely will or will not pursue a MiKandi iPhone market either way, I can promise that we will investigate our options.  It is our vision to treat all of our fans, developers, and consumers as adults, and deliver quality adult-themed apps to numerous platforms.


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We love you for your big, bouncy…brains

Here’s one way to beat Apple’s purge of  “overtly sexual” apps.  After the “Poker vs Girls” App was rejected from iTunes, the folks over at Headlight Software, took some notes from Mattel and transformed their app from a big busty blonde barbie of an app into inspirational role models for all the little girls and dainty souls on iPhones looking for a serious game of poker….wait that doesn’t add up.

Either way, kudos to Headlight Software for having a great sense of humor over a frustrating situation.   Btw, MiKandi found your first version more inspirational.


LMAO … indeed, nothing sexy about playing no limit Texas Hold’em Poker against fully dressed career women … who stay clothed no matter win, lose or draw. Choose from eight different professional females … a Doctor, Fighter Pilot, App Developer, Mathematician and more. And just to play it completely safe (never know with Apple’s arbitrary standards), Headlight Software chose to go the total no flesh route with a Burka-wearing female as their icon.

Speaking of censorship

We came across this disturbing projection the other day regarding the landscape of the Internet in 2020.

Internet scholars and high-tech business leaders said the future of the Web probably won’t be as open as it is today, where users can access any information they choose and often for free. Instead, some experts envisioned a future in which walled gardens proliferated or users called for tailored Web experiences where they were willing to pay more for certain services.

Pretty scary stuff.

Hal Varian, chief economist at Google, noted that foreign governments “will attempt to exert more control over the Internet.” The search company recently said it would withdraw from China over practices (it hasn’t yet). He added, “However, I think that these will be relatively small changes, so that the Internet will remain relatively free.”

But Susan Crawford, a former economic adviser to President Obama, warned of a greater threat: “The locked-down future is more realistic as things stand now. We’ve got a very cautious government, an international movement towards greater control and a pliant public. I wish this wasn’t the case.”

Read more.

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