Coding away

It’s been a hot minute since we gave our readers an update on what we’re doing here at MiKandi. As usual, we’re dressing like nerds, acting like pornstars, and coding away to build products and APIs that deliver you your favorite porn to your favorite Android device.

It’s almost our birthday!

November, particularly Thanksgiving weekend, is a pretty big deal for us at MiKandi. We launched on Thanksgiving Day 2009. In 2010, we launched MiKandi Gold and a total overhaul of the MiKandi App Market. This year, we hope to keep up with tradition by releasing another huge product. So keep in touch with us here, on Twitter, and on Facebook to stay up to date with MiKandi news and announcements.

What about GoogleTV?

Also you may have read on Gigaom that MiKandi has no immediate plans to support GoogleTV. We’re always looking for ways to extend our service to as many screens as possible. While we don’t currently support GoogleTV with native applications, we are working on an HTML5 product so all of our non-Android fans can satisfy their Kandi craving. Because we’re cool like that. ;)

AVN or bust!

It’s pretty lame-sauce that AVN and CES don’t coincide anymore. It’s the end of the Horny Nerd era (with which we fit perfectly). Still, if you’ll be in Las Vegas for AVN, holla atcha app store.

Want to earn MiKandi Gold?

If you follow us on Twitter or have liked our Fan Page, you may have seen some opportunities from us to earn MiKandi Gold. Be sure to follow and like us to say abreast (hehehe…. boobs) of our contests. Don’t worry, we won’t ask for anything too crazy. Just a nipple here and there. ;)

This goes without saying, but to participate (and to download and use MiKandi) you must be at least 18 years of age or over the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you reside, and you must agree to our Terms of Use. Oh yeah, and you must have a compatible device to redeem the Gold (sorry iPhoners).


If we had to sum it up…

Check, and check.

Who else will be in Vegas for CES and AVN in January? Holla atcha app store market!

Meet us in Las Vegas

Hey there App Stars!  MiKandi is hosting a one of a kind workshop this Sunday at the Venetian in Las Vegas.  In order to compete in the evolving online landscape, brands must employ a robust mobile strategy to engage digital consumers.  This session will focus on bringing together content providers and developers of mobile applications.  The workshop will also explore native applications, consumer behavior, mobile app markets, and monetization methods that are unique to consumers mobile entertainment.

Tickets are $100 for the 3 day expo.  Get your tickets here.  If you’re already attending AEE, you can register for InterNEXT free on site.

Go to for the seminar schedule, list or participants, and party information.

Developers: Adult brands want YOU!

Hey there App Stars!

Did you know you’re in hot demand?  Of course you did!  Did you know that the hottest chick in the room is checking you out?  No?  Well, go talk to her!

I want YOU... to build me apps

Where my devs at?

At MiKandi, we’re constantly approached by adult brands looking for quality developers to help them build a robust mobile strategy.  It would seem like there’s a shortage of adult mobile app developers, but given that there are over 600 registered developers on MiKandi, we know that can’t be true.  So we thought we’d reach out to you.  We know you’re sharing your adult apps in our market, but how about developing some apps for adult companies too?  Have we piqued your interest?  Good!

Viva Las Vegas!

MiKandi will be in Las Vegas January 6-10 for CES, AEE, and InterNEXT.  Since most of you are p312v n312dz (perv nerds) like us, we expect to see you in Vegas too!  ;)  While you’re there, come check us out at the Venetian on January 9.  We’ll be hosting a workshop from 3:00-4:00 PM at InterNEXT.  The focus of the workshop?  Playing match maker to developers and adult brands… And giving insight on the behaviors of consumers of mobile adult entertainment, market trends, and monetization methods.  It’s a 2-fer.  1. Make connections with adult studios for future projects, 2. Get insider insight on the adult mobile market.

Unlike AEE, this convention is B2B so there’s no worry of fighting your way through the fans.  To register for InterNEXT follow this link.  Tickets for the three day convention are $100.   Note if you’re already attending AEE, you will be able to register for InterNEXT on-site for free.

See you there!