Elephant Plays with a Galaxy Note

This should bring out your happy.

Turn Your Android into a Skin Flute

Skin Flute, a musical instrument Android application developed by Media Outbreak, gives users the chance to play and make sweet music on their Android mobile devices.

The term “Skin Flute” is a pop culture reference most people have heard at one point or another in their lives. Now, with the release of the Skin Flute Android App, which emulates playing an actual skin flute, mobile users have a chance to test their skills.

The Skin Flute app, developed by Media Outbreak, allows the user to choose a skin and then blow into the microphone while simultaneously using their fingers to touch, slide and play notes on the screen . The creator of this app stated, “We wanted to bring the Skin Flute to the mobile market because we knew it would be a fun gag app for people all over the world. We envisioned a fun party game and we hope people get a good laugh when showing it off. to their friends.” The Skin Flute app has been published on the Android Market for $1.49 & is also available for purchase through the MiKandi Adult App Market.

The Skin Flute is the first app release for local Indianapolis based company Media Outbreak (http://www.mediaoutbreak.com). Future updates and releases are already planned for the Skin Flute which will provide further functionality not included in the initial release. To stay up to date about the Skin Flute, or to read further documentation, visit the Skin Flute App website @ http://www.theskinflute.com.

Galaxy S II: “The Next Big Thing”

And by the way, it’s only a penny on Amazon.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Dear Diary

This is pretty much spot on.

New App: Two and a Half Addictions

I know your Android is already WINNING because it’s got MiKandi on it. But is it SINNING?

No?! Well starting today it can be! Check out the latest app to come to the MiKandi Adult App Store Market: Two and a Half Addictions.

Two and a Half Addictions, the first release from video game publisher Mayonnaise Games, was released this week on MiKandi.com for the Android device and on CharlieFiend.com for all major internet browsers. In this interactive sitcom, the user will help Charlie Fiend get laid, do drugs, and party the only way he knows how…Hardcore!

Basically, you help Charlie stop pretending like he’s not “a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.” Truly WINNING.

Game publisher, Mayonnaise Games, promises to deliver more game apps to Android users. “This is only the beginning for Mayonnaise Games, and we are proud of this first release,” says Charles Monroe, founder of Mayonnaise Games. “If you like Two and a Half Addictions, just wait for what we have coming next. It will really blow your mind!”

Download the app MiKandi for 199 Gold ($1.99 USD). This app requires Adobe AIR. Not sure if your device does? Check out Adobe’s list of compatible devices.

Featured App: Pocket Girlfriend Lite

The #1 app on iTunes now on Android. A hot & sexy girl avatar. She talks; hundreds of funny phrases. She listens; answers questions using voice recognition. She’s interactive and fully customizable. 4 exotic, erotic, cute & steamy outfits. This virtual lover makes a great illusion or prank to tease your wife or girlfriend.

Requirements: Android 2.1

Study: Staring at breasts makes you healthier

Trailer: Microsoft vs Java

Microsoft Vs Java Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos

New App: Dildroid

MiKandi’s very first app!  This a FREE multi-speed vibrator system for the Google Android OS Phone/Device.

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New App: Jiggle Tits n’ Share

It’s tough work, really, spending so much time playing with naughty, fun and creative apps.  We’re really….tired, yeah, that’s it, tired. Spent even :-)

Take, for instance, the “Jiggle Tits n’ Share” app.  It’s an excellent take on the standard jiggle, wobble and bounce app and even includes a “pinch to zoom” function.  What we really like about the app is that the developers are really interested in hearing feedback from you about how to make it more fun, hot and entertaining.  We love it when our developers engage with consumers and listen, so be sure to tell us, or them, what you think of the app.  As one of the hottest apps over the past week in our marketplace, it’s clear that a lot of you are already enjoying it, so stop waiting and go grab the app now.

Find Jiggle Tits n’ Share in the MiKandi App Store under Fun and Games.  Compatible with Android 1.5+