Google says “no” to sexy

Is it 2010? Because it feels like 2010. What with arbitrary app approvals, app purges, and moral responsibilities and such.

Just before the weekend, Google sent out a notice via email and G+ to inform developers of updates to the Google Play Developer Program Policies. The general theme of the update is a notable crack down on deceptive ads and practices. However, inching closer and closer to Apple-esque territory with each policy update, Google also revised its stance on adult content, stating:

Sexually Explicit Material: Apps that contain or promote pornography are prohibited; this includes sexually explicit or erotic content, icons, titles, or descriptions. Google has a zero-tolerance policy against child sexual abuse imagery. If we become aware of content with child sexual abuse imagery, we will report it to the appropriate authorities and delete the Google Accounts of those involved with the distribution.

…because apparently you can’t simply say “we don’t want porn” without following it with a hyperbolic association.

Seriously? That’s like saying Due to allergies, cats are not permitted in our house. Anyone caught skinning a 3 day old Bengal tiger cub alive will be reported to the authorities. 

jackie chan meme

Developers have 15 days to comply with the new policy, else see their apps removed from Play. While we’re disheartened to see Google further villianize legal content and the adults who create and consume it, we appreciate their efforts to be clearer with developers as to the content allowed in their marketplace. At the end of the day, it’s Google’s app store and they can stock their shelves as they please. We just hope that Google chooses to enforce these new rules consistently, without awarding big brands preferential treatment over the same type of content. We’ve seen it happen before elsewhere, and it isn’t fair to put developers on such precarious ground.

Displaced by Google?

MiKandi was built on the belief that adults should be treated like adults. That means enabling them to download and purchase the legal content they desire on the devices they own. It also means providing developers a safe environment to share their adult applications with our 4.5 million customers worldwide. We may be a small app store, but we’re proud that we treat our developers and customers fairly and equally. Any developer affected by this update are encouraged to join the MiKandi Adult App Store. We look forward to working with any developer displaced by Google.

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Unpleasant Horse Rejected by Apple App Store

To the team at 4thandBattery, Unpleasant Horse is pretty much bad ass. Like the Honey Badger, this crazy Horse don’t give a shit. EW what’s that? Chains? EW! What’s that? A half eaten Apple? Anyway, grind on, Unpleasant Horse!

Want to develop adult apps?

Hey there App Stars!

Are you available for hire?  Do you want to develop some porn apps for adult studios?  Shoot us an email at developer{at}mikandi{dot}com.  Let’s talk.

As the world’s first and only mobile porn app store, MiKandi is approached by numerous adult studios and content producers looking for mobile app solutions.  And while MiKandi doesn’t develop individual apps, we want to bridge the gap between porn studios and app developers.  In fact, we just hosted a workshop in Las Vegas for AVN covering just this topic.

As such, we’re building our resource list of developers to refer studios to.  When we are contacted by studios, we’ll vet out the project first, including the proposed budget of the client.  Then we’ll turn to our developer list with that information.  If you’re interested, MiKandi will make the introduction, and if things go well, you and the client will enter a deal with each other.

If you’re developer of native mobile applications and are interested in joining our resource list, send us an email.  Please include your portfolio, and areas of expertise (games, UI, animation).

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your porn app store,

Private releases official GameLink Android app on MiKandi

Adult video-on-demand provider has launched its first uncensored Android App on , the World’s First App Store for Adults. Available to download for free, GameLink’s ‘turn your phone into a vibrator’ mobile application comes preloaded with free adult entertainment videos, an extensive adult toy catalog and a gaming feature that allows users to manipulate a graphic to turn their phone into a vibrating adult toy.

How it works

  1. Go to with your Android phone to download and install the MiKandi App Store;
  2. Search for Gamelink;
  3. Download the application and it will be automatically installed;
  4. The application appears as an extendable adult toy on the Android phone’s screen, by touching the screen you can vary the length of the toy which also increases the intensity of your phone’s vibration;
  5. The application comes preloaded with free adult entertainment clips.  Users can also visit to make additional purchases.

Divabot. The other type of Android… sorta.

You gotta love the creativity behind the brilliant minds of the Japanese.   At Japan’s Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, they’ve developed the world’s first robot pop star.  Yep, that’s right.  She can sing and she can bust a move.  That’s taking the term, “doing the robot” to a whole ‘notha level!

Divabot (the name they’ve dubbed her) uses special software to precisely mimic a human singer’s head movements and facial features and synthesizes notes with Yamaha’s Vocaloid software.  Talk about Japanese innovation.  Eat your heart out SURALP Humanoid Robot!  The students at Sabanci University Robot Research Laboratory Platform in Turkey have created their own robot too… just 8 years and 1 million dollars later.  You think they could’ve made it a bit sexier, no?

Want to experience more Japanese innovation?  There’s all sorts of goodies to experience!  Next time you’re with your buddies, create a forced awkward situation for everyone and watch some creatively uncomfortable Hentai. It will bring you and your pals closer as a unit.  Trust.

You can read Gizmodo’s story of the World’s First Robot Pop Star, Divabot, here.

Juniper Research: 2015 global adult mobile market $2.8B

Last month, MiKandi was asked to participate in a report entitled “Monetising Adult Mobile Content” by Juniper Research.  Many interesting points are available in the whitepaper, such as the current global market of adult text-based content, adult downloads, adult subscription based services, and adult video chat ($1.8 Billion in 2010).   Furthermore, the forecastpredicts that mobile video sex chat, such as Sex Chat Live, will account for more than half of all adult revenues by 2015. We’ll check back in a few hours with highlights and our take on the forecasts. In the meantime, you can view the whitepaper or purchase the full report here.

App Judgement: 5 Hot Sex Apps

What?  No MiKandi reference?  And what’s this about Seattle being “the world’s epicenter of social awkwardness”?  Why I oughta…

iPhone Blocks Nipples – Android Apps Allow Porn

How did we miss this one?  Look for the MiKandi shout out at the 2:30 mark.  Mee Kandi?  Muh-Kahndi?

Things women do online: Watch porn, gamble

If you find the above words shocking, JUST SHOCKING, then you might as well push your seat back, stand up, and walk your dainty soul away from the monitor now.  Because we’re about to treat your thoughtsicles to wonderful imagery of the fairer sex partaking in your favorite online pastimes: porn and gambling.  I’m also picturing a whiskey tumbler of Midleton with an ice cube on the desk.  And maybe reefer.  Mmmm… yes.  This is relevant to my interests.

comScore recently released a study entitled Women on the Web, in which the online behaviors of adult women (18+) are tracked and revealed.  Many things we already knew and/or assumed.  Such as: women shop and spend more dough online than dudes, they make up the majority of casual gamers (card, puzzle), and they are more likely to frequent social sites.  However, the online landscape is always evolving and so are the behaviors of the men and women who use it.

The rise of social networking has prompted women of all ages to engage in a host of associated online activities, such as photo-sharing, gaming, video viewing and instant messaging. All of these activities have benefited from their linkage with Social Networking sites in terms of their ability to attract new female users. Social retail, especially since it combines two activities that are already firmly in the mainstream of women’s Web activity, may be the next frontier in this evolution.  Social networking is also emerging as a key driver for women in the mobile sphere.

I can feel your eyes skimming over this post, looking for the good stuff.  Okay here it is.  Among the findings, comScore also reported that when it comes to Adult XXX content, a significant percentage of women demonstrate an interest in it.  Shockingly (not really) the percentage reach is not as high as men’s.  What is even more interesting is the rank order in the context of women’s overall Internet usage.  Health, Apparel, and Family & Parenting sites all rank lower than Adult XXX sites.  And when it comes to online gambling and Lotto/sweepstakes, women and men are pretty much head to head.  BOOYAH!

We mentioned this before, and we’ll say it again: When you’re designing your adult apps, do not neglect the female consumer.  MiKandi’s resident lady-perv Jennifer McEwen had to say this:

I review the apps in our market all the time.  And while I’m happy to see higher quality apps roll in the market, I’d like to see more adult apps that aren’t centered around video clips.  I’d kill to see a kick ass adult casual game or social app in MiKandi.  Give me BeJeweled XXX, Angry Naked Birds, Penis Toss, Fucksquare.  And reward me for being active in the apps with clips of free content, or virtual goods to keep me coming back everyday.

You heard the lady.  Get crackin’.

TechCrunch: iPad app gets past Apple’s ‘no porn’ rules


Aw come on!  This ain’t porn.  We’ll show you porn.

The iPad app for the UK tabloid, The Sun, somehow snuck around Apple’s strict “no porn” rule and managed to get nekkid tittays in their full glory on the iPad (say it again- tittays!).  Don’t get crazy now, because by the time you read this it will probably be long gone from the App Store.

The app featured one of the paper’s infamous Page 3 Girls.  Page 3 girls are female glamour models who pose topless or nude for the British tabloid.

But just in case, because who knows with Apple’s arbitrary approval process, here’s the link to iTunes.  The app will run you £4.99.

We say, save your money, and get a real porn app on MiKandi.

Read more.