MiKandi featured on YourStory.com

MiKandi on YourStory.com

This week started off on a great note- a terrific article on MiKandi on YourStory.com,  India’s leading and most comprehensive online platform for startups and entrepreneurs. Obviously, we’re flattered with the article and the fact that the author noted MiKandi’s commitment to being a next-generation adult company.

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While Vine blocks porn, MiKandi gets VinePorn


As we all know, social media + porn = tru luv. Except in the case of Vine, Twitter’s popular video sharing app. Last week, Vine told porn “I’m just not that into you” when it updated its Terms of Use to prohibit adult content.

From Vine

For more than 99 percent of our users, this doesn’t really change anything. For the rest: we don’t have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet –– we just prefer not to be the source of it.

Launched in 2012 and later acquired by Twitter for a reported $30 million, the app enables its users to create 6-second looping videos to share with followers. Not at all surprising, users immediately began sharing adult content. Given Twitter’s openness to adult content on its micro-blogging service, I’m sure many (myself included) hoped the micro-video service would follow suit.

The company came under fire last year when explicit material made its way onto the Editor’s Picks list. While not going as far as prohibiting nudity and sexual content, Vine began filtering sexually-related hashtags. Users who wanted adult content could still find it by following specific Vine accounts, particularly pornstars, who are true social media gurus. But even with filtering in place, creative hashtagging meant adult content was still making its way through to public feeds. After time, Vine had enough and updated its terms to prohibit all adult content throughout the network.

VinePorn Screenshot

Recently VinePorn, an adult app that specifically filters only porn in Vine, made it’s way into the MiKandi Adult App Store. The app collects the adult content on Vine that is usually filtered and unreachable. As of this morning, I was still able to view nude and sexually explicit content direct from performers through the app.

Vine asserts that this update only affects 1% of its users. Given that VinePorn’s development team, PornLockr, is part of that 1%, I reached out to them for comment. Here’s what PornLockr had to say.

What are your thoughts on the recent ban of adult material on Vine?

Twitter prohibited adult content on Vine, most likely as a way to remain in the app markets after getting branded with a 17+ age rating. Surprisingly, they noted that only 1% of users on Vine are posting content of an adult nature, I find this doubtful. It’s more likely they don’t really know exactly how much porn is on Vine considering it’s not always tagged and they’re probably relying on data collected by accounts being labeled as explicit. I’m sure it’s much higher than 1% and I know that people have a rising interest in watching short adult clips; users want to see quick sex videos during their busy days and they want to follow the activities of their favorite porn stars and cam girls.

How does this development affect your app, VinePorn?

There’s still a large amount of adult content being uploaded to Vine, regardless of the new policy, so we’ll continue consolidating links on VinePorn for users to easily access. We also plan to allow users to upload videos and GIFs to our servers with Vine and VinePorn accounts soon, so those turned away from Vine will have a service available to upload sex clips to a community more accepting of adult content.

I’ve noticed that a lot of users on Vine who upload adult content are quickly setting their accounts to private, I’m sure this will be the trend going forward; users screening followers to prevent their account from being reported and soon after suspended. So for those interested in a Vine alternative; VinePorn is available, accessible through the MiKandi store.

We’ll be posting updates regarding VinePorn features and development to http://vine.pornlockr.com

MiKandi treats adults like adults

Are you a developer with an adult Android app? We’d love to hear from you! Our 4.5 million customers world-wide are waiting for your adult app. Visit us at developer.mikandi.com to learn more about MiKandi, the app store that treats you like an adult.

Google Glass Porn Presentation

We’re Hiring! Join the MiKandi Team


Calling all Rockstar Devs

MiKandi is looking for ambitious people that are interested in a challenging position and who are eager to learn. If you shudder at the thought of adjusting the border radius on the same button for the next 9 months, email us. We promise a career that will be anything but boring.

As a small team, your role with us will be significant. You must be passionate about learning and coding, and willing to try on many hats. We’re obsessed with delivering great customer experiences and you should be, too. Fight for the user.

Due to the adult nature of our business, all applicants must be at least 18 years of age and/or over the age of majority in their jurisdiction. A professional and positive attitude a must! A penchant for blowing shit up a big plus.

Open Positions


Ideal candidate will be proficient in PHP and be familiar with HTML and CSS. Experience with data stores, including MySQL, Redis, etc. desired but not required. An independent person that is able to work well with minimal supervision.

Medical, dental, and transportation benefits provided.

Submit your resume


Ideal candidate will be proficient in Java (specifically Android) with a familiarity in restful APIs. Ideal candidate will also have experience with HTML5 and CSS. Experience with unit testing and other automated testing a plus, but we’ll teach you how to do it if you don’t already know.

Medical, dental, and transportation benefits provided.

Submit your resume

About MiKandi

MiKandi is a fast growing company that thrives on entrepreneurialism and creativity. We provide a cutting edge solution to developing, marketing, and managing mobile applications within the adult industry. MiKandi is based in Seattle, Washington, home of some of our favorite breweries. 

MiKandi’s Milestones in 2013


We’ve been very busy bees this year at MiKandi, and as a result, 2013 proved to be a banner year for us. From our V4 makeover to Google Glass porn to the first third party Chrome Apps store, and everything in between, we’ve made a lot of moves to help move the adult industry and tech forward- and we’re just getting started.

Without further adieu, here’s a look at 2013 in review.

November – Awards, Awards, Awards


MiKandi Nominated for Five XBIZ Awards

Industry news source XBIZ announced their nominees for the 2014 XBIZ Awards. Guess who made an appearance five times? Yours truly!

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October – Third Party Chrome Apps

mikandi mint list

Introducing MiKandi Mint, the world’s first third party Chrome App Store

True to form, we’ve kept it 18+. But here’s a look at the first ever third party Chrome App Store.

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July – Google Glass Porn is Here!

Andy San Dimas and James Deen with Google Glass

MiKandi Releases First Google Glass Porn

MiKandi collaborated with leading adult entertainment media organization, XBIZ, to release the first Google Glass porn. The video features porn superstar James Deen, and 2011 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year, Andy San Dimas, each donning a device to record the first-ever, two-way POV Glass porn.

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June – Google Glass Porn App Tits & Glass


Introducing Tits & Glass, the world’s first Google Glass porn app

Tits & Glass enables Google Glass users to share racy content from their devices directly to other Glass users and online at TitsAndGlass.com, where they can browse, comment and vote on their favorite content.

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well that escalated quickly

UPDATE: Google bans porn on Glass

Our Google Glass porn app Tits & Glass went limp when Google slyly updated their policy to prohibit porn on Glass.

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colbert repot

Google Glass porn bans gets Stephen Colbert’s attention

The news of Google banning our adult Glass app, Tits & Glass, caught the attention of Stephen Colbert, who had something to say to the Internet giant on this episode of The Colbert Report.

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jay cinista tits and glass

Tits & Glass is back!

While pornographic material will not be allowed or accessible on the Tits & Glass app, you can share and access sexy POV content on our website. To get the party started, we’ve preloaded the app with Glass-safe images.

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May – MiKandi Gets Google Glass

Google Glass on MiKandi Porn App Store

Google Glass Porn Coming to MiKandi

As attendees at 2012′s Google I/O conference, MiKandi was eligible to be among the first to explore Google Glass. And boy, did we explore.

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April – MiKandi Gets a Makeover

MiKandi V4MiKandi heats up Android with a redesigned adult app store and mobile porn theater

After months of hard work, we released a sizzling update to the MiKandi Adult App Store, Theater, and web portal. Redesigned from the ground up, the new and improved MiKandi boasts a complete interface overhaul, faster performance, broader device support, and showcases content from the world’s most popular adult brands - HustlerElegant AngelBrazzersPrivate and much more.

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February – Our Little App Store Grows Up


MiKandi hits 3.8 Million Installs

In February, we announced that our world leading adult app store and mobile streaming subscription service for adult entertainment, reached 3.8 million device installs with over 1 million registered users. The fact that we grew to this size organically, without any advertising dollars, is especially inspiring for us. It goes to show what happens when you focus on offering great customer service and treating adults like adults. We’re thankful to all of our customers and fans who’ve supported us over the past three years.

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Hustler Joins MiKandi

The Hustler Boob Tube App turns your Android device into a porn remote control, making it extremely easy to enjoy Hustler porn on your connected TVs.

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Through Glass

Jen GlassLast week, MiKandi’s Jennifer McEwen shared her experience with Google Glass on Android Central’s Through Glass series.


Google Glass is a device of contradictions. It’s intended for communication, but it’s hard to talk to someone on it. It captures and shares moments immediately, but getting the shot just right is cumbersome. It connects you with the world, but could alienate you from the people in front of you. But as with all technology, it is what you make it.

Read the full article Through Glass: Breaking the Ice on Android Central.


MiKandi Nominated for Five XBIZ Awards

This week, industry news source XBIZ announced their nominees for the 2014 XBIZ Awards. Guess who made an appearance five times? Yours truly!


2013 has been a milestone year for us at MiKandi- full of blood, sweat, tears, and other bodily fluids. This year, we hit 4 million installs of our app store with over  8,000 adults apps in our library. In April, MiKandi V4 launched with a complete design overhaul, faster delivery with SendFaster, and in-app feedback integration. A few months later, MiKandi made headlines when we announced we were developing an adult app for Google Glass. Two weeks later, Tits & Glass the world’s first adult Glassware was released to the public. Shortly after, we teamed up with XBIZ, Andy San Dimas, James Deen, and Vice.com to film the world’s first adult video shot with Google Glass. And just last month, we released MiKandi Mint List, the first third party Chrome App Store of any kind. But because we’re MiKandi, Mint List is 100% adults only, curating the very best of adult web.

Needless to say it’s been a very busy and exciting year. We’re honored and ecstatic to be recognized for our hard work and dedication to innovation in the adult industry. And to be included among such great company is the cherry on top. Thank you to XBIZ and our industry peers for nominating MiKandi in these categories:

Mobile Company of the Year

Innovative Web Product of the Year (Tits & Glass)

Innovative Web Product of the Year (MiKandi Mint List)

Progressive Web Company of the Year

Mobile Site of the Year

The XBIZ Awards coincides with the industry’s top trade events series of the year, XBIZ 360, which will take over the entire property of the W Hollywood Hotel Jan. 22-25 for an unprecedented lineup of events dedicated to exploring the future of digital adult entertainment, movie production, pleasure products and retail.

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MiKandi Nominated for Best Adult Company at 2013 ME Awards


Exciting news, everybody! We’ve been nominated for Best Adult Company at the 2013 Mobile Entertainment Awards. We’d like to extend a very special thank you to Mobile Entertainment for their recognition and support.

We’re honored to be nominated for Best Adult Company along side  outstanding adult companies like Cherry Media, Reporo, and BaDoink- all of whom are friends and colleagues of ours. Customers can enjoy the fantastic content from Cherry Media by unlocking the Cherrysauce TV, Pure Pornstars, and Nude Fight Club channels in MiKandi Theater. They can also get the official and infamous BaDoink video downloader in the MiKandi App Store. Reporo supplies our registered developers with an adult-focused mobile ad network, enabling devs to earn ad revenue in their free adult apps. We’ve been nominated for an ME Award twice before, so our fingers are crossed that the third time is the charm. ;) But regardless who wins, we’re thrilled to be nominated among in such great company.

This has been a milestone year for us at MiKandi. In April, we released a complete design overhaul to the app and integrated SendFaster TCP technology to deliver content up to 500% faster. In June, we made headlines when the company launched the first adult application for Google Glass, Tits & Glass. Shortly after, we teamed with adult performers James Deen and Andy San Dimas, and adult industry news source XBIZ to film the first adult video recorded with the innovative device.And most recently, we extended our mission of openness and innovation to Chrome by launching MiKandi Mint List, the world’s first third-party Chrome app store. The Mint List Chrome app store, while still in beta, promises to deliver the best of the adult web, curating HTML5 apps, themes, and extensions from premier adult brands around the world.


MiKandi to Demonstrate Google Glass Porn at XBIZ 360

We’re teaming up with XBIZ, the leading industry news source, once again. This January, MiKandi’s Jesse Adams and Jennifer McEwen will  demonstrate Google Glass and discuss its potential impact on the future of adult entertainment. This past summer, we became Glass’s unofficial ambassador in the adult industry when we released the first adult Glass app, Tits & Glass, followed by a collaboration with XBIZ to debut the first-ever Google Glass porn video featuring adult film stars James Deen and Andy San Dimas.

We’re thrilled to share our experience and behind the scenes details of our Google Glass porn project. First, we’ll be going over the general process of building the Tits & Glass app for Google Glass, which will give attendees a good sense of the limitations and possibilities.

Then we’ll talk in detail about the first porn we shot with Glass, how it came together and the challenges we had. We’ll also share some of the overwhelming customer feedback we received from the video that will be super insightful for anyone looking to explore these high-tech devices. Lastly, we’ll touch upon where we see this heading in the future and what to expect next.

Comprised of a groundbreaking series of seven all-encompassing events, XBIZ 360° explores the future of digital media, adult film, pleasure products and retail.

The conferences will set the stage for the most elaborate XBIZ Awards show to date on Friday, Jan. 24, when it will return to the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, Calif., with adult film superstar Jenna Jameson as the master of ceremonies.

Free registration and discounts are available for a limited time for members of XBIZ.net, the industry’s leading social network.

See you there!

Introducing MiKandi Mint List, the world’s first third party Chrome app store

World’s First Third Party Chrome App Store

After months of hard, dedicated work, we’re pleased to announce MiKandi Mint List, the world’s first third party Chrome app store. Mint List is still in beta, but we promise to deliver the best of the adult web, curating HTML5 apps, themes, and extensions from premier adult brands around the world.

Our mission is to aggregate and deliver the best adult experiences online. While we’re fully committed to Android and the power of native apps, Mint List is our push into HTML5. The majority of our visitors, including many non-Android users, discover MiKandi from the Chrome browser. Unfortunately, the difficulties we had developing an alternative Chrome App store raise concerns about the openness of the HTML5 app ecosystem on Chrome.

Apple-esque Restrictions from Google

Although Mint List is a safe alternative Chrome web store for adults, we discovered restrictions after soft launching last Wednesday. Previously, we were able to write flags to the registry to enable installs. Google’s Chrome update last week significantly reduced the ability of third parties to deliver their own app. We were able to build a workaround solution but it appears that Google intends to tightly control the delivery of HTML5 apps on Chrome. In order to install apps outside of Google’s official Chrome Web Store, users must first download and run the Mint Installer, a simple application that enables installs of Chrome Apps from MiKandi Mint List at http://www.mikandi.com/mint.

mikandi mint list

With Chrome, Google cites security issues and user protection as reasons to justify the restrictions in its latest update, but we sense a broader policy change. With these latest updates, Google has lost the balance between openness and security with Chrome. People love Android because it always strives for this balance. The Mint List App Store for Chrome is about extending that mission on the web.

Powerful HTML5 Chrome Apps

We knew we wanted to explore the Chrome space earlier this year when Google announced Sundar Pichai would replace Andy Rubin as head of Android. Today, Pichai oversees Android, Chrome, and Google Apps. For months, we saw signs that Google intended to converge their services, technologies, and device. This became all the more evident to us with Google Glass and Chromecast, both of which unify Android and Chrome through HTML5.

Chrome Apps have evolved from browser dependent to fully functional offline desktop applications. By utilizing the device’s hardware and new desktop-inspired user interface designs, Chrome Apps open up the previous limits of online-computing and allow for heavier applications. These apps take advantage of cloud computing by updating and syncing across devices online, and remaining available offline in some cases. Because they are built with web technologies, such as HTML5, Java, and CSS, Chrome Apps offer a lower barrier to entry to develop apps with near-native experiences.

Get on the Mint List

We’ll be uploading more adult Chrome apps, themes, and extensions in the upcoming weeks. Studios, performers, and developers interested in featuring their adult HTML5 apps, themes, and extensions on Mint List are encouraged to email us at mintlist@mikandi.com. The promotional video for Mint List is available on the company’s YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YaDDvOTN20).