Motorola Announces ‘Project Ara’, a DIY Smartphone


The team behind MiKandi has backgrounds in software development and deployment, product design, and a decade in hardware manufacturing. So when Motorola announced Project Ara, a DIY smartphone that sounds a lot like Phonebloks, we got a little tingly in the pants. While we’re not drawing up a blueprint to pornify Ara, we’re stoked at the possibility of third-party engineers and designers taking a stab at mobile hardware.

From Phandroid:

According to Motorola, each device will come with an endoskeleton or “endo” that holds all the different components together (see above image). And really, skies the limit when it comes to the modules that can be attached to an endo. Hardware keyboard, faster processor, bigger battery, or something different altogether (taser gun perhaps?). Anything you can dream up.

“We want to do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software,” writes Motorola, adding that it’s goal is “to give you the power to decide what your phone does, how it looks, where and what it’s made of, how much it costs, and how long you’ll keep it.”

If this interests you as much as it does us, Motorola would like to put you to work. Over the next 6 – 12 months, they’ll be doing research to shape the direction of Project Ara. You can help by collaborating on special missions. Sign up to become an Ara Scout here. You know we’ve already done it.

MiKandi to Demonstrate Google Glass Porn at XBIZ 360

We’re teaming up with XBIZ, the leading industry news source, once again. This January, MiKandi’s Jesse Adams and Jennifer McEwen will  demonstrate Google Glass and discuss its potential impact on the future of adult entertainment. This past summer, we became Glass’s unofficial ambassador in the adult industry when we released the first adult Glass app, Tits & Glass, followed by a collaboration with XBIZ to debut the first-ever Google Glass porn video featuring adult film stars James Deen and Andy San Dimas.

We’re thrilled to share our experience and behind the scenes details of our Google Glass porn project. First, we’ll be going over the general process of building the Tits & Glass app for Google Glass, which will give attendees a good sense of the limitations and possibilities.

Then we’ll talk in detail about the first porn we shot with Glass, how it came together and the challenges we had. We’ll also share some of the overwhelming customer feedback we received from the video that will be super insightful for anyone looking to explore these high-tech devices. Lastly, we’ll touch upon where we see this heading in the future and what to expect next.

Comprised of a groundbreaking series of seven all-encompassing events, XBIZ 360° explores the future of digital media, adult film, pleasure products and retail.

The conferences will set the stage for the most elaborate XBIZ Awards show to date on Friday, Jan. 24, when it will return to the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, Calif., with adult film superstar Jenna Jameson as the master of ceremonies.

Free registration and discounts are available for a limited time for members of, the industry’s leading social network.

See you there!

MiKandi on 3.8 Million Devices


We’re happy to announce today that MiKandi, the world’s leading adult app store and mobile streaming subscription service for adult entertainment, is now installed on 3.8 million devices worldwide, with 1 million registered customers.

Launched late 2009, our first-of-its-kind app store was met with tremendous support from Android users and developers who needed an adult-friendly app store to distribute their applications. In less than one week, MiKandi was downloaded over 80,000 times. That number jumped to 2 million by the beginning of 2012 with the launch of MiKandi Theater, the subscription-based mobile streaming service of adult content. By July of that year, we launched the HTML5 version of MiKandi Theater for all smartphones and tablets, including iPad, iPhone, and Windows Phone. MiKandi Theater is currently available worldwide to any adult with a connected mobile device.

The fact that we grew to this size organically, without any advertising dollars, is especially inspiring for us. It goes to show what happens when you focus on offering great customer service and treating adults like adults. We’re thankful to all of our customers and fans who’ve supported us over the past three years.

Android users can download MiKandi for free at, no registration required, and browse the adult app store’s catalog of thousands of applications. Alternatively, non-Android users can access MiKandi Theater, dubbed the “Netflix for porn”, on their smartphone or tablet by visiting All new customers enjoy a free 7 day trial with no registration or credit card required.

Unlock the Hotgold channel in MiKandi Theater

hot gold iconIt’s been 9 months since we launched MiKandi Theater, and we’re happy that so many of you are enjoying the best mobile porn streamed directly to your smartphones and tablets. More and more studios are joining and publishing more videos and channels so you can handle your “biz.”

Get a load of this red hot channel, straight from Portugal- Hotgold. Full of European babes who are ready to please, this channel is well worth an unlocking.

Unlock Hotgold in MiKandi Theater today for only 799 MiKandi Gold, and watch it on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, or any touch device.

NEW Channel: Pure Pornstars

New from Cherry Media- hardcore channel Pure Pornstars. This new channel is stocked up with 50 clips of amazing hardcore scenes, with more videos to come (and cum to!).

Unlock the channel today for 799 MiKandi Gold ($7.99 USD), or purchase videos for 199 MiKandi Gold ($1.99 USD), stored safely in the cloud.

Best part? You can now view this on your iPhone and iPad. Go ahead, give it a whirl.

MiKandi Theater gains traction, expands offering to support HTML5

HTML5 Theater

MiKandi announced today that following initial success for the launch of its Theater, it has rolled out an HTML5 version of the MiKandi theater. By ensuring that consumers on iOS devices and PCs can access the thousands of hours of content in MiKandi’s mobile theater, the company expects to significantly expand its audience and increase the opportunity available to its studio partners.

“MiKandi’s Android customers are currently enjoying a diverse mix of the world’s best adult videos,” says MiKandi CEO Jesse Adams. “We are thrilled to extend the same experience to our fans using other devices. In particular, people with iOS devices have been asking for us to support them since we launched and we’re happy to finally satisfy their demands and give them the freedom of choice.”

MiKandi has a long history of championing freedom of choice for adults. In 2010, then Apple CEO Steve Jobs infamously instructed adults who wanted access to adult entertainment to “get an Android phone” where they could find the “porn store on Android”, an unnamed reference to MiKandi, the world’s first and largest adult app market. By bringing the MiKandi Theater to iPhone and iPad devices through HTML5, MiKandi is able to respect Apple’s app store rules while ensuring that adults can access the content that they desire.

With more than 2 million Android customers worldwide, MiKandi is the world’s leading destination for applications and videos for adults on mobile devices. In the 3 months since the company launched its theater thousands of customers have opted to purchase videos and subscribe to curated channels. With a simple to understand pricing model and exceptionally high quality video from over 15 studios, consumers are finding that MiKandi’s mobile solution is faster, more intuitive and more personalized than anything else available on the market.

“Adding to the choice of content we offer our customers is an ongoing focus for MiKandi,” Adams continues. “By forging new partnerships with leading adult studios, we can ensure that MiKandi truly has something for everyone.” The latest addition to MiKandi Theater, premium fetish site Bizarre Video, was announced just last month. Bizarre Video joins premier adult studios Elegant Angel, Gamma Entertainment, Wasteland, Pink TV, Burning Angel and more in providing the very best in mobile adult entertainment.

Coupled with MiKandi’s commitment to excellent customer service, the company ensures that customers feel they’re being treated like adults. Whether it’s responding to every customerMi who contacts the company or having a generous policy towards refunds and credits, the MiKandi team has been laser-focused on delivering the kind of experience that just isn’t available from other mobile adult entertainment providers.

The MiKandi Theater is available today to everyone using the free MiKandi app, available at iPhone and iPad customers can access MiKandi Theater at The MiKandi team is already working with other studios to expand the content offerings. Inquiries from adult studios can be directed to

Fetish Studio Bizarre Video Joins MiKandi Theater

bizarre video Today, MiKandi announced addition of fetish site Bizarre Video ( to the MiKandi Theater. Bizarre Video joins studios like Elegant Angel, Gamma Entertainment, Wasteland, Pink TV, Burning Angel, and others in delivering the very best experience in mobile porn.

The MiKandi Theater is a one-stop video destination for adult mobile entertainment, streaming a growing catalog of adult videos to MiKandi’s 2 million customers. “With over 21,000 monthly unique search terms, MiKandi’s customers know exactly what they want,” says MiKandi CEO, Jesse Adams. “We’re excited to partner with a premium niche studio like Bizarre Video. We’re confident our customers will be as delighted with this latest addition as we are.”

Bizarre Video boasts an impressive collection of hardcore fetish content – including BDSM, bondage, spanking, medical play, rubber and latex, Femdom, and more. The Bizarre Video channel is available in MiKandi Theater today to everyone using the free MiKandi app, available at Customers can unlock the fetish channel in MiKandi Theater for 799 MiKandi Gold ($7.99 USD) for 30 days, and/or purchase videos for unlimited instant streaming for 199 MiKandi Gold ($1.99 USD).

The success of MiKandi’s virtual currency with mobile users has given the adult studios the confidence that users will purchase and subscribe to their content on a regular basis. MiKandi’s 100% customer satisfaction rate ensures that the chargebacks and failed credit card transactions that normally plague the adult industry are removed from the equation. With the billing and distribution covered, studios are free to focus on what they do best – creating incredible content and lasting brands. Studios that are interested in joining MiKandi Theater can direct inquiries to

A Year in the life of Adult Apps – INFOGRAPHIC

People often ask us for stats and to talk about how we’re doing as a company and as a 3rd party app market on Android. We’re pretty happy to share basic stats with folks and are proud to say that we’re growing really well and that being a 3rd party app market is a real possibility.

Despite spending NO money on marketing and having NO distribution through the other Android App Markets (hey Amazon, we’d be happy to offer your app store to our customers if you offer ours to your customers ;-)), we are seeing new users each and every day. Well over a million folks have used our app market for adults and while that might pale in comparison to other popular stores, we’re pretty excited about the fact that over 200,000 people use us each month and download an average of over 5 apps per person. We’re just getting started, but it’s a pretty great start.

We’ve learned a lot in the past year and we’re continuing to improve our value to our customers on a daily basis, due in large part to our large and active developer community. Without the thousands of developers publishing their hot apps every month, we wouldn’t be what we are and we’re very grateful to them all for their support and dedication. We are happy to pay an ever-increasing number of developers each month – they are proving that consumers pay for adult entertainment willingly, when the offer and delivery mechanisms are right.

As we start developing against our roadmap for 2012, we thought we’d share some of our most interesting data more broadly. As we said, we think it paints a bright future for 3rd party app markets in the Android universe. There’s a lot of potential out there for focused teams!

One funny coincidence: DC ranked highest in the entire year for greatest number of searches and requests for “deep throat” related apps.   Perhaps they are still looking for the true secret informant in the watergate scandal?

MiKandi, The Adult App Market 2011 Infographic

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Juniper Research: 2015 global adult mobile market $2.8B

Last month, MiKandi was asked to participate in a report entitled “Monetising Adult Mobile Content” by Juniper Research.  Many interesting points are available in the whitepaper, such as the current global market of adult text-based content, adult downloads, adult subscription based services, and adult video chat ($1.8 Billion in 2010).   Furthermore, the forecastpredicts that mobile video sex chat, such as Sex Chat Live, will account for more than half of all adult revenues by 2015. We’ll check back in a few hours with highlights and our take on the forecasts. In the meantime, you can view the whitepaper or purchase the full report here.