Motorola Announces ‘Project Ara’, a DIY Smartphone


The team behind MiKandi has backgrounds in software development and deployment, product design, and a decade in hardware manufacturing. So when Motorola announced Project Ara, a DIY smartphone that sounds a lot like Phonebloks, we got a little tingly in the pants. While we’re not drawing up a blueprint to pornify Ara, we’re stoked at the possibility of third-party engineers and designers taking a stab at mobile hardware.

From Phandroid:

According to Motorola, each device will come with an endoskeleton or “endo” that holds all the different components together (see above image). And really, skies the limit when it comes to the modules that can be attached to an endo. Hardware keyboard, faster processor, bigger battery, or something different altogether (taser gun perhaps?). Anything you can dream up.

“We want to do for hardware what the Android platform has done for software,” writes Motorola, adding that it’s goal is “to give you the power to decide what your phone does, how it looks, where and what it’s made of, how much it costs, and how long you’ll keep it.”

If this interests you as much as it does us, Motorola would like to put you to work. Over the next 6 – 12 months, they’ll be doing research to shape the direction of Project Ara. You can help by collaborating on special missions. Sign up to become an Ara Scout here. You know we’ve already done it.

Sneak Peak: Honeycomb & Google Maps in 3D

Google’s mobile chief, Andy Rubin demo-ed a prototype Motorola tablet at the Dive Into Mobile Conference yesterday.  This sweet lookin’ moto-tabs runs on a dual-core Nvidia chip and the newest version of Android, Honeycomb.  Besides showing off some cool UI features, Rubin walked through the 3D version of the Google Maps App, which is said to be a forthcoming update for Android devices.  Some of the awesome-ness this upgrade will bring include: 3D Buildings, Compass Orientation, and Offline Capabilities.

For additional screenshots of this Motorola tablet, check out this article by TechCrunch.

[via ZDNet via All Things Digital]

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Help- My Cliq wants MiKandi!

Inquiring minds want to know:  Why can’t I get MiKandi on my Moto Cliq?

The new MiKandi App Store is not available on Android 1.5 devices, which means Moto Cliq users will not be able to get our goodies.  Boo!  But wait, there is hope!

Cliq users, you can manually upgrade your device to from Android 1.5 Cupcake to Android 2.1 Eclair.  Just follow these instructions from Motorola.  Once you’ve finished, you will be able to get MiKandi onto your device by following these three simple steps:

  1. Make sure you’ve changed your device’s settings to allow installations from unknown sources.  Go to Menu, Settings, Applications, and select Unknown Sources.
  2. Go to on your mobile browser.  Select the blue Download Now button.
  3. Once the download is complete, hit Install.

And there you have it!

New Phone – Motorola Charm

Talk about a serious case of the “If They Mated”.

Last week, Motorola unveiled their latest Android, the Moto Charm.  For those who look longingly at Android but are suffering from Crackberry addiction, this is the phone for you.

The Charm comes equipped with a compact 2.8″ screen, QWERY keyboard, and touchscreen.  It’s also powered by Android 2.1 as well as enhancements to MOTOBLUR.

What enhancements in particular?  Sync contacts, posts, messages, and photos, easy to manage streams (from FB, MySpace, Twitter, GMail, email accounts), and greater customization.  The Charm will be the first device in the US to have these MOTOBLUR enhancements, and will be available on the T-Mobile network “this summer”.