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Video editing in real time: Diminished Reality

Researchers at Technical University Ilmenau in Germany have developed video editing software that lets you “erase” video objects in real time.  The opposite of Augmented Reality, which adds virtual computer generated sounds or graphics to your direct or indirect live view of a real environment (read: it shows you shit that ain’t there), Diminished Reality removes objects from live full motion video (read: hides the shit you don’t want to see).

How it works

The object that you want to erase needs to be detected and selected by drawing circling it.  Then at the rate of 40ms per frame, the above software reduces the resolution of the selected object, removes it, and fills the empty space with the analyzed immediate surroundings of the object.  For graphic designers, think lasso, clone stamp, and smudge.

Being the perv-geeks that we are, we couldn’t help but wonder how to apply this load of awesomeness to adult content.  The folks at Pink Visual have already pioneered Augmented Reality in porn, so we’re curious to see if anyone in the adult industry will be interested in taking DR on.

TechCrunch: iPad app gets past Apple’s ‘no porn’ rules


Aw come on!  This ain’t porn.  We’ll show you porn.

The iPad app for the UK tabloid, The Sun, somehow snuck around Apple’s strict “no porn” rule and managed to get nekkid tittays in their full glory on the iPad (say it again- tittays!).  Don’t get crazy now, because by the time you read this it will probably be long gone from the App Store.

The app featured one of the paper’s infamous Page 3 Girls.  Page 3 girls are female glamour models who pose topless or nude for the British tabloid.

But just in case, because who knows with Apple’s arbitrary approval process, here’s the link to iTunes.  The app will run you £4.99.

We say, save your money, and get a real porn app on MiKandi.

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Pink Visual launches app on MiKandi

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Big news!  Major adult studio, Pink Visual, has launched their first Android app on MiKandi!  You may have heard of Pink Visual recently offering Conan O’Brien a job during the whole NBC/Leno/O’Brien fiasco.  Pity he didn’t take it!  Maybe one day we’ll see a Conan/Pink Visual app on MiKandi.  Just throwing it out there.  :)

“Pink Visual is known as a leading innovator in the adult industry. While many adult studios are still catching up to mobile technology, Pink Visual continues to embrace and lead in the growing adult mobile market,” said Jesse Adams, President of MiKandi.  “We are very excited to welcome their newest app.”

Says Pink Visual:

“We’re very excited about working with Mikandi on this new application.” said Liam Colins, Director of Special Projects for Pink Visual. “The Android platform has impressed us with its versatility and quality and Mikandi has presented a fantastic venue for us to highlight our mobile technology, free of censorship and bureaucracy.”

The porn studio powerhouse has been a trailblazer in the mobile adult entertainment space with mobile sites, and, which offer access to thousands of full-length sex scenes for a low monthly price.

To get this hot new app, open the MiKandi Market on your phone and search for Pink Visual under Entertainment.

Conan gives Pink Visual a shout out on air

Our friends over at Pink Visual have been all over the press lately.  After the news broke that the future of America’s favorite ginge, Conan O’Brien, at NBCwas in jeopardy, the adult company offered O’Brien a job.  And Conan responded to their offer on air! 

Says XBiz:

After the adult company offered “Tonight Show” host Conan O’Brien a job after he leaves the show, Pink Visual received a mountain of publicity from media outlet TMZ and numerous others, which posted an employment offer letter.

But the sweet spot came when O’Brien mentioned Pink Visual’s name in the skit and told viewers that he might just accept their offer. He went on to pepper off more than a dozen possible titles he would get involved in.

“I really am considering this,” O’Brien said in the two-minute skit. “In fact I’ve come up with some possible titles for my first porno.”

Some of the possible titles, O’Brien said, were: “Coo-Coo for Coco’s Puffs,” “Two Hosts One Slot,” “Conan the Impaler,” “the Splay Leno Show,” “Changing Time Sluts,” “Conan the Barbarian,” “Conan Gets the Late Shaft” and “NBC Lawyers Gang Bang: The Backend Deals.”

Q. Boyer, Pink Visual’s public relations director, told XBIZ that the company is elated at O’Brien’s response on the NBC show.

“We were fairly certain our offer would be mentioned on the show, and we definitely hoped for it to be weaved into some jokes and one-liners,” Boyer said. “That said, we wouldn’t have been at all surprised if the Pink Visual brand name had been omitted, and they’d left it at ‘a porn company’ made him an offer.”

Boyer also said that the Pink Visual mention has translated into increased traffic on the site.

“We are indeed seeing a traffic spike from it, and receiving lots of positive feedback, including email from consumers who say they’d never heard of us before last night, but are now instant fans by way of all this.

“I’ve rarely had so much fun in a professional capacity. [It] makes it all the better that the celeb involved in this case is having no shortage of fun with it, himself.”

Pink Visual’s employment offer resulted as a response to the comedian’s monologue the other night, in which he addressed various possible career changes he could pursue if the current programming debacle at NBC forces him to seek new employment.

In the previous monologue, O’Brien joked that me may be leaving television entirely altogether to “work in a classier business with better people, like hardcore porn.”

Click here to watch the clip.