XXX Truth or Dare Launches DareTwo App on MiKandi

dare two

XXX Truth or Dare TM, Multi Award Nominee for their Adult Games have now launched their exciting and “massive” new DareTwo Android App on and as announced today on Holli and Michaels Swing Show on Playboy Radio.

“The all New DareTwo App encompasses everything we put into our games and more. The DareTwo app carries over 400 interactive Truth and Dare’s for our players said Pam (Mrs. XXXTruthorDare), Founder of XXX Truth or Dare. “But this is not your standard Adult app though. We have based the app on complete interaction with one another, no movies or massive pictorials, just good, old fashioned interaction” Pam adds, “We have found that playing our game with others is where the eroticism, fun and of course action is, and most of that action is very hardcore”.

“We have also added in a very wanted 2 packs for singles, which are the Bar Hook-up Pack (my actual favourite) and the Party Pack, which guides you on meeting new partners and this is on top of the XXX Pack for couples, the Swingers Pack and the Girl on Girl Pack. Simply something for everyone!

The DareTwo Android App is available on MiKandi.

Nominated by AVN in 2012 and XBIZ in 2013, XXX Truth or Dare’s games have now gained cult status by Swingers and Vanilla’s alike, catering to heterosexuals and LGBT with 8 complete games and now their DareTwo App.

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Playboy Launches Censored App for iPhone – This is an April Fool’s joke, right?

This is a joke, right? Someone please tell us Playboy hasn’t launched another censored app in the Apple iTunes App Store. We mean, they know Android is the dominating mobile OS, right? And that no one really reads Playboy for the articles, right? Right? Are we missing something here?

No boobs

No boobs

Maybe we are, because today Playboy announced the launch of it’s subscription based app in iTunes. The application is devoid of all the goodies that made Playboy great (i.e. soft pink parts), and fills it with fashion tips.



“It forces us to use our imagination to be a little bit more creative,” Playboy‘s Josh Schollmeyer, Director of Digital Content, told USA Today. You spelled BORING wrong, Josh.

On top of that, Playboy focused solely on iOS and completely ignores Android, the only mobile OS that actually lets them develop applications worthy to be called Playboy! REALLY?!

Nah, this has gotta be a joke. Well played, sirs. Well played.

well done

MiKandi fights for the user

What kind of self respecting nerd pervs would we be if we didn’t make a Tron Pr0n reference?

Playboy did it.   Ron Jeremy did it.  There’s even a full fledged Tron Pr0n parody in the works.

Now it’s our turn. What do you think of our suits? ;)

Much thanks to David at Dutton Flims for helping us on the project.

Playboy does TRON

Proving that nothing is sacred, Playboy has posted an exclusive nude pictorial and behind the scenes video of Game On, a tribute to Disney’s TRON.  We’re not complaining.

From Playboy:

To pay homage to the culture of TRON… we enlisted Playmates Irina Voronica and Sasckya Porto for a futuristic, neon-bathes photo shoot… The TRON: Legacy movie poster says, “The game has changed.”  It sure has- and it’s gotten a helluva lot sexier.

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Link Love: Android Market leaves porn to the pros, and more

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Sorry Steve Jobs.  Porn ISN’T allowed in the Android Market – Mobile-Ent

American Express now lets you swap reward points for Zynga’s purple cows – Tech Crunch

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At least he’s got his “O-Face” down

Playboy recently interviewed John Mayer, and oh boy, he doesn’t hold back.  Mayer treats us to little gems such as Jessica Simpson’s insatiable appetite for sex, his racist penis, and looking at 300 vaginas before getting out of bed.

Mayer has found himself in a world of hurt for some of his insensitive comments.  However, every cloud has a silver lining.  Mayer did manage to say something to pique the interest of adult entertainment powerhouse, Vivid Entertainment, when he expressed his dream to write pornography.

From XBiz:

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Vivid Entertainment has made singer John Mayer a job offer.

Top boss Steven Hirsch sent Mayer a letter offering him an opportunity to work with the adult entertainment company.

The letter reads, “We actively pursue working with highly creative people and you obviously fit that mold. We believe your incredible talent and passion, which have touched so many, can translate into a highly erotic adult film. I think that together we can create a highly unique breakthrough film that will appeal to your millions of fans.”

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