Apple says no to “sexy” – our official POV

Since the beginning of the iTunes App Store, developers have been frustrated with the nature of Apple’s decision-making. It has often seemed arbitrary and has been lacking in communication and specificity. As such, the latest news coming out of Apple is a positive, because it attempts to make their policy a bit more clear – they’re not going to be accepting applications that contain “overtly sexual content”. We applaud their efforts to be more clear with developers.

However, this reinforces a broader issue that is facing any mobile application developer: app stores that decide to reject applications based upon personal definitions of acceptable behavior put developers on very precarious ground. Apple’s decisions to pull applications aren’t limited to the adult or “sexy” market and every developer that we talk with highlights their concerns about the tendency of mobile marketplaces to censor apps at any time. Our stance continues to be that the mobile phone belongs to the consumer who owns it and that they should be able to download and purchase the applications that they desire. As such, we believe that our approach to the mobile application community is easier to navigate for mobile developers. We look forward to working with any developer who has been displaced by Apple in recent weeks.

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PC Mag: “Mobile Apps Get Sexy”

 PC Mag – Mobile Apps Get Sexy

LAS VEGAS—The day after Christmas, when millions of Americans unwrapped their new smartphones, the mobile Web site for porn producers, Pink Visual, saw a 40-percent spike in traffic. It’s obvious that Americans are searching for porn on their phones. At the AVN trade show today, adult content producers said that the next frontier is apps—whether or not companies like Apple are ready for them.

Wireless carriers in the U.S. are very interested in selling adult content, but they need to figure out how to do it without making their stockholders panic, said Farley Cahen, vice president for new media at adult publishing house Digital Playground.

“The carriers are willing and anxious to take adult content on-deck and off-deck on their networks,” he said.

So carriers (secretly) want porn and consumers (apparently) want porn. Most porn houses currently have successful mobile Web sites. Taking the next step to apps enables rich experiences that you just can’t get through a mobile Web site.

For instance, image- and video-based apps could include chapter stops or accelerometer-based shake-to-navigate abilities, said Jesse Adams, president of alternative Android app store MiKandi. App stores could sell adults-only games like the popular Japanese “hentai” lines, or enable social and location-based experiences like strip-club finders.

“The convenience of an app is so much better than that of a mobile site,” Adams said.

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