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Calling all Rockstar Devs

MiKandi is looking for ambitious people that are interested in a challenging position and who are eager to learn. If you shudder at the thought of adjusting the border radius on the same button for the next 9 months, email us. We promise a career that will be anything but boring.

As a small team, your role with us will be significant. You must be passionate about learning and coding, and willing to try on many hats. We’re obsessed with delivering great customer experiences and you should be, too. Fight for the user.

Due to the adult nature of our business, all applicants must be at least 18 years of age and/or over the age of majority in their jurisdiction. A professional and positive attitude a must! A penchant for blowing shit up a big plus.

Open Positions


Ideal candidate will be proficient in PHP and be familiar with HTML and CSS. Experience with data stores, including MySQL, Redis, etc. desired but not required. An independent person that is able to work well with minimal supervision.

Medical, dental, and transportation benefits provided.

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Ideal candidate will be proficient in Java (specifically Android) with a familiarity in restful APIs. Ideal candidate will also have experience with HTML5 and CSS. Experience with unit testing and other automated testing a plus, but we’ll teach you how to do it if you don’t already know.

Medical, dental, and transportation benefits provided.

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About MiKandi

MiKandi is a fast growing company that thrives on entrepreneurialism and creativity. We provide a cutting edge solution to developing, marketing, and managing mobile applications within the adult industry. MiKandi is based in Seattle, Washington, home of some of our favorite breweries. 

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What?  No MiKandi reference?  And what’s this about Seattle being “the world’s epicenter of social awkwardness”?  Why I oughta…

Summer in Seattle

Some pix of our beautiful summer in Seattle.  We’re thinking we should have a MiKandi Developer Meet-Up here next summer.  Wuddyathink?

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Link Love: Seattle Met covers MiKandi

Last month, Jason Cohen from Seattle Met Magazine interviewed MiKandi co-founders Jesse Adams and Jennifer McEwen.  Below is an excerpt of his article covering MiKandi, the world’s first adult app store.  Follow the links for the full story.

Thanks, Jason!

From Seattle Met:

THE FUTURE OF THE INTERNET is mobile phones and handhelds, and, as anyone who’s seen the musical Avenue Q can tell you, “The Internet Is for Porn”—unless you have an iPhone or an iPad. In February, Apple whitewashed adult-themed content from its app store, be it bikini babes or Suicide Girls. This was great news for Seattleites Jesse Adams, 28, and Jennifer McEwen, 27, two of the founders of MiKandi. Billed as “the world’s first adult app store,” MiKandi is geared exclusively (for now) toward Google’s Android OS, which is expected to outsell the iPhone (albeit, across a greater range of handsets and providers) by 2012.

Read more.