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Google bless the U.S. of A(ndroid)

Wooo-wee!  Americans love them some Android.

For the first time since Q4 2007, RIM is not the top-selling OS in the US.  Q2 2010 belongs to Android OS, taking in 33% of the market.  RIM accounted for 28% of the market, followed by iPhone at 22%.

Based on US consumer purchases of mobile phone in Q2, the top 5 Android smartphones were as follows:

  • Motorola Droid (Got it!)
  • HTC Droid Incredible (Want it!)
  • HTC EVO 4G (Got it!)
  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Droid Eris

According to  the NPD Group, who released these findings today, “Verizon Wireless has maintained its lead among top carriers for the last three quarters comprising a third (33 percent) of the units sold in the U.S. mobile phone market in Q2, followed by AT&T (25 percent), Sprint (12 percent), and T-Mobile (11 percent).”

$50,000 for a phone? In this economy?!

Whenever I show someone the above video of a $50,000 Android phone, the response is usually, “… why?”

Why, indeed.

The Ulysse Nardin Chairman, the “First Luxury Hybrid Smart Phone” runs on Android 2.1, and comes in a variety of styles, including a diamond encrusted case.  According to the young lady in the video, the WTF-priced phone is for the ultra rich “who can’t bring their Ferraris into the club and need something equally ostentatious.” (Gear Crunch)

Google Android outsells Apple iPhone

Analysts have been predicting this for quite some time, and if you’ve seen our presentation “Taking Advantage of the Emerging Multi Billion Dollar Mobile App Market“, you would have seen the figures there as well.  The forecast: Google Android will outrank Apple iPhone by 2013.

Reports have been trickling in that Android has already begun to fulfill the prophecy.

Today from Mobile Beat:

Smartphones based on Google’s Android mobile operating system have outsold Apple’s iPhone in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2010, according to a report by research firm The NPD Group. The data places Android, with 28 percent of the smartphone market, in second place behind RIM’s Blackberry smartphone market share of 36 percent. Apple now sits in third place with 21 percent.

Between that and dem fightin’ werdz from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, it seems like there’s a war a-brewin’.  What side will you be on?

Weigh in:

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Google thinking “Mobile First”

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt emphasized the company’s focus on mobile applications.  Stating that Google is now thinking in terms of “Mobile First”, every Google product focusing on high performance mobile phones.

Schmidt predicts that in three years, smartphone sales will surpass PC.  And  it’s not hard to see why.  Do you have doubts?  Next time you’re in a crowded room, ask how many have laptops on hand, then ask how many have cellphones.  The answer is clear.  Mobile is the most accessible, convenient, and private screen.  Its exponential growth is not surprising in the least.

Neither is the push to adopt to mobile.  According to Michael J. Miller from, “mobile web adoption is moving 8 times faster than it did on the PC.”

Google showed off some upcoming applications with tittilating features such as “new forms of voice recignition and instantaneous translation between languages.”

Schmidt suggested there were three historical changes that are driving changes in the mobile computing market. The first is processing power. The Google Nexis One phone has a 1 GHz processor; 25 years ago, it took 100 Sun Microsystems workstations to use that much computing power. This, he said, will continue with developments such as multi-core computing. The second is connectivity. There are now 700 million public servers on the Internet. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing does a Twitter update once an hour to tell the air quality status. And with things like IPv6, we won’t run out of device address space. Speed is improving as well, and LTE is the story of this show, he said, and then the game changes again. Going from 1 Gbps to 5 Gbps, will allow all sorts of new applications. The third wave, he said, is cloud computing – information doesn’t need to be stored on a SIM anymore, it can be In the cloud. Copying is the wrong term, he said, it should be replication. These new applications are “sharing intensive” which lets you build very powerful, interlinked systems.
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Practice Safe Downloading


Inquiring minds want to know:  Do I have to worry about any damages to my phone coming from applications from the Marketplace?

It’s important to note that applications on MiKandi are not subject to review and once published, are available within minutes on the marketplace. 

Developers assume full responsibility for everything they publish on MiKandi.  They want to deliver safe, fun, and sexy apps to you.  But things happen.  There may be occasional risks and problems with developer applications.  Therefore, we encourage users to practice “safe downloading”.

What is Safe Downloading?

You should take precautions before downloading anything (mobile or web).  We’ve compiled a short list of helpful guidelines that all should practice.

  1.  Put on your sleuth cap.  Research the developer of the application before downloading.  Applications in the MiKandi marketplace are not created by MiKandi.  Developers use our marketplace to connect with you, the end user.  So before you hop into bed with an app, get some deets on the Developer.  A Developer’s contact information can be found in the app description.  If it’s not, just give us a shout at and we’ll send you the info. 
  2. Read the fine print.  Always read the legal information and privacy policy the Developer provides and review what information they want to collect.  In order to install an app, you will be notified of security permissions the app is requesting access to.  Be wary of apps that request more access than necessary.  Be cautious about sharing your personal information, and click Cancel if you are not comfortable with granting access.  In the end, it’s best to refer to the first guideline and email the Developer with any questions. 
  3. Be cautious who you share your location with.  Some apps allow you to share your location with the Developer, friends, or public at large.  Refer to Guideline #2 and find out why the app you want needs that information.  There are many fun apps out there that require access to your location.
  4. Listen to the tribe.  MiKandi’s review process is driven by the community, as opposed to imposing our own review process. We leave the feedback to our community of users.  Take note of what other end-users are saying about the app you want. 
  5. Report abuse.  Obviously, illegal content is NOT tolerated on MiKandi.  If you discover an app with illegal content, please report the app in question at

Developers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding their application. 

Developers who stock apps on MiKandi are subject to the MiKandi Terms of Use.  All apps are subject to MiKandi’s Privacy Policy.

The video viewed the world over

Here is our (in)famous video introducing the world to MiKandi, the FIRST app store that treats you like an adult.

In just 1 week, over 100,000 people viewed our video announcing the launch of our Developer Portal.  It’s safe to assume that many of you out there liked what you saw, because today we broke a 6 figure number of downloads.  That’s right, over 100,000 downloads of our mobile client!!

So what does this mean to an adult-app developer?  It means that your adult app will reach over 100K eager users immediately; users who are contacting us daily, asking where all the apps are. 

Unlike other app stores, on MiKandi your apps are not subject to a rigorous screening process that edits, censors, or even restricts them completely.  Upon uploading your app, it is available immediately from the MiKandi mobile client, delivering it to ready and waiting consumers. 

What are you waiting for?  If you’re an app developer, register on MiKandi today and let your app shine.  Contact us at developer{at}mikandi{dot}com with ANY questions or comments.  We look forward to seeing your apps!

1 week, 5 apps, 100′s of news stories and blog posts and… 85,000+ app downloads!


Seriously, wow.

We didn’t expect that folks. If you’re one of the more than 85,000 (man, that count keeps jumping, it’s fun for the team to watch it jump…) people who have downloaded our app store and now find yourself here, wanting to know why there aren’t more apps, we want to say 2 things:

  1. Thank you thank you thank you!
  2. We’re working as hard as we can. Be patient, talk to us, keep checking out the app store and we promise that you’ll be impressed with us.

Last week, we launched, quietly.

We thought we’d be lucky if a few online blogs talked about us and we hoped that we could go out and approach some developers that we know in order to share our site and idea with them.

Really, folks, we just wanted to go talk to developers about making a new category of application: apps without restrictions.

We thought we were keeping it simple.

Then we released, we told some people about it and then…..

all of YOU showed up, downloading our app by visiting on your mobile phones.

(Oh, and a lot of developers did too ;-). If you want to join them, sign up:

It’s been a hectic week here at MiKandi.  We can barely keep up with the requests from developers, we’re working with developers to get their apps published and we’re building out an entire User and Developer portal.

We didn’t really think that so many of you would be interested right away, so we’re cranking as fast as we can to catch up with you. We hope that you’ll be patient with us and help us build something special here: a new kind of app store, the kind that lets you be an adult on your phone.

Thanks again for checking us out!

**If you’re a developer or know one, be sure to have them sign up as a developer with us ASAP:**