Global Android Activations


Check out this sweet data visualization of global Android device activations from October 2008 to January 2011. Peep the spike in American activations at 1:30. Looks like a bunch of you got Moto Droids for Christmas.

We couldn’t help but notice one missing annotation at 1:32. On November 29, 2009 there should be a note that reads “MiKandi Launches”. ;)

It’s all good, we’re just going to go ahead a fix that for them:

Android FTW!

Juniper Research: 2015 global adult mobile market $2.8B

Last month, MiKandi was asked to participate in a report entitled “Monetising Adult Mobile Content” by Juniper Research.  Many interesting points are available in the whitepaper, such as the current global market of adult text-based content, adult downloads, adult subscription based services, and adult video chat ($1.8 Billion in 2010).   Furthermore, the forecastpredicts that mobile video sex chat, such as Sex Chat Live, will account for more than half of all adult revenues by 2015. We’ll check back in a few hours with highlights and our take on the forecasts. In the meantime, you can view the whitepaper or purchase the full report here.

Google Android outsells Apple iPhone

Analysts have been predicting this for quite some time, and if you’ve seen our presentation “Taking Advantage of the Emerging Multi Billion Dollar Mobile App Market“, you would have seen the figures there as well.  The forecast: Google Android will outrank Apple iPhone by 2013.

Reports have been trickling in that Android has already begun to fulfill the prophecy.

Today from Mobile Beat:

Smartphones based on Google’s Android mobile operating system have outsold Apple’s iPhone in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2010, according to a report by research firm The NPD Group. The data places Android, with 28 percent of the smartphone market, in second place behind RIM’s Blackberry smartphone market share of 36 percent. Apple now sits in third place with 21 percent.

Between that and dem fightin’ werdz from Apple CEO Steve Jobs, it seems like there’s a war a-brewin’.  What side will you be on?

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