Practice Safe Downloading


Inquiring minds want to know:  Do I have to worry about any damages to my phone coming from applications from the Marketplace?

It’s important to note that applications on MiKandi are not subject to review and once published, are available within minutes on the marketplace. 

Developers assume full responsibility for everything they publish on MiKandi.  They want to deliver safe, fun, and sexy apps to you.  But things happen.  There may be occasional risks and problems with developer applications.  Therefore, we encourage users to practice “safe downloading”.

What is Safe Downloading?

You should take precautions before downloading anything (mobile or web).  We’ve compiled a short list of helpful guidelines that all should practice.

  1.  Put on your sleuth cap.  Research the developer of the application before downloading.  Applications in the MiKandi marketplace are not created by MiKandi.  Developers use our marketplace to connect with you, the end user.  So before you hop into bed with an app, get some deets on the Developer.  A Developer’s contact information can be found in the app description.  If it’s not, just give us a shout at and we’ll send you the info. 
  2. Read the fine print.  Always read the legal information and privacy policy the Developer provides and review what information they want to collect.  In order to install an app, you will be notified of security permissions the app is requesting access to.  Be wary of apps that request more access than necessary.  Be cautious about sharing your personal information, and click Cancel if you are not comfortable with granting access.  In the end, it’s best to refer to the first guideline and email the Developer with any questions. 
  3. Be cautious who you share your location with.  Some apps allow you to share your location with the Developer, friends, or public at large.  Refer to Guideline #2 and find out why the app you want needs that information.  There are many fun apps out there that require access to your location.
  4. Listen to the tribe.  MiKandi’s review process is driven by the community, as opposed to imposing our own review process. We leave the feedback to our community of users.  Take note of what other end-users are saying about the app you want. 
  5. Report abuse.  Obviously, illegal content is NOT tolerated on MiKandi.  If you discover an app with illegal content, please report the app in question at

Developers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding their application. 

Developers who stock apps on MiKandi are subject to the MiKandi Terms of Use.  All apps are subject to MiKandi’s Privacy Policy.


  1. Alright well I’m trying to download the mikandi store and it doesn’t even prompt a download any suggestions?

  2. Hello Casey,

    Looks like we’re not detecting that you’re visiting on a mobile device. Send us an email at info{at}mikandi{dot}com, and we’ll send you the apk directly.

    MiKandi Team

  3. Need help downloading app.

  4. Hello,

    You can get MiKandi on your Android 1.6+ device by following these three easy steps:

    1. Change your device’s settings to allow installs from third parties. To do so, go to Menu> Settings> Applications> and tap Unknown Sources
    2. Go to on your mobile browser to download. Tap the blue Download Now button
    3. Once the download is complete, you’ll be prompted to install. Tap Install and you’re done.

    It’s important to note that MiKandi is not available on many AT&T Android devices. AT&T has restricted most of their Androids from installing apps from third party sources. However in recent months, the carrier has taken steps to list this restriction. Please see this blog post for more information.

    I hope this helps.


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