Help- I can’t get MiKandi on my HTC G1!

Inquiring minds want to know: Why can’t I install MiKandi on my HTC G1?

Some of you G1 users are having a tough time installing apps on your devices due to lack of storage space.  This is unfortunately hindering your access to MiKandi.  Boo!

For those of you that are frustrated with the G1′s limited internal memory, Android and Me has 3 ways to get more storage on your device.  Try these tips.

From Android and Me:

1. Gain root access to your phone.  The most direct measure to get apps installed on your SD card is to do it yourself.  You can install a prebuilt environment that already supports apps on your SD card that you have formatted to accept.  Gaining root access does not take much time for the advanced user, but it is not suggested for the beginner.  The mod does prove that this feature is possible, but it needs to be implemented by Google to allow the option.

2.  Uninstall everything and do not purchase paid apps.  I have seen several people and devs say they are going to boycot the Market, but I think that is a little harsh.  I instead suggest that you select the “I need more space on my phone” option when you remove an app.  This information is collected by Google and available to the devs.  If they see a majority of people removing paid apps because of limited space, I think the devs will become more vocal in their support of this feature.

3. Contact Google and make your voice heard.  Previously, one of the biggest complaints against Android was the lack of moderation on comments found in the Market.  It took several months, but after many people complained the feature to mark comments as spam was finally added.  Since then, the number of spam has been significantly reduced.  This does show that if enough people make noise, then priority is given to an issue and it is addressed.  If you would like to share your opinion with Google, I suggest posting on the 3 following threads:

If you are content with the current storage space, then do nothing.  If you would like to see things change, then I suggest you speak out and make a post.

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