Ho, Ho, Ho! Merrrry Christmas! Santa delivered some gifts early this year, in the form of some uber-sexy adult apps. If you’re looking for something to distract you from your drunken family members arguing about this years’ election, we have just the thing for you. Christmas In Metropolis by Ktulhu Solutions is a brand-spanking-new edition to the MiKandi Adult Store, and it pairs perfectly with that Brandied Egg Nog you plan on guzzling.

Christmas In Metropolis is an adult hidden object game. Use your fingers to pinch, zoom and explore the scene looking for the 10 objects listed at the bottom of your screen. Once you acquire these items, it’s up to you to distribute them to those most in need. Just click and drag from your inventory to the character you want to give it to. Hint: you really need to be precise about your placement, seriously.

The comic-style artwork by Okunev Art makes the hilarious scenes really stand out, and the attention to detail is awesome. This is really a high-quality, entertaining, lewd game that even got my best friends’ stamp of approval(even a non-gamer couldn’t pull herself away until we had solved the puzzles). Super addicting, and hopefully there will be one for every holiday(we can hope!). Don’t be a Grinch, and get this app on MiKandi for Christmas.


Get Christmas is Metropolis in the MiKandi Adult App Store (free)


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